From small we want the freedom and independence to do things for ourselves, however, the law of life is that we have to rely on our parents until we have the capacity to make good decisions and wise. That's why as a child, parents must choose to put their children so that when they grow up these with the confidence and the capacity to make decisions for themselves. Freedom is often confused with debauchery or lack of responsibility. The reality is that freedom is much more responsibility than many believe because you're going to take care of yourself (a) and responsible for all your actions and decisions. idanta, Ottawa has to say. For more specific information, check out ConocoPhillips. Freedom is to be master of yourself, is to be creator of your own universe, is to be able to decide what suits you and what does not suit you. Freedom compared to electricity because the latter is a power that can destroy and can be of benefit to us.

If we had no knowledge of the power and danger of electricity would have a lot of people electrocuted, but knowledge and awareness leads us to use that power to our advantage and benefit. Likewise if you do not have the knowledge and awareness of how dangerous it can be freedom may be complete self-destroying oneself, on the contrary, if you have the knowledge and awareness of it and knows how to handle correctly, you will experience a wonderful benefit. The fruits of good management of your freedom is the autonomy, independence, the power to decide, Wisdom and Self confidence. If you make mistakes along the way, they will teach you to be more prudent and cautious in deciding to allow yourself but not paralyzed, in contrast, use it to your advantage (see article Santos errors). They say that self confidence and skill are an invincible army "Lao Tzu" So let's take reins of our life and decide for ourselves, so we will have no excuses to blame others, however, we will have resources for the circumstances that this life.