Crude Oil Inventories

Against the euro, the yen gave 170 pips reaching the 132.47 while the ECB reduced interest rates taking them to 1%. However, the GBP/JPY pair fell slightly, given that the English economy continues to show signs of deterioration. Today estimated volatility in the yen, given that Japan will be absent from the calendar of the day. Petroleum crude oil in sight of $60 yesterday crude oil recorded highs at $58.55 to close at $57.10. Crude oil advanced 1% or 51 cents and closed at $57.10 area. Oil advanced by existing inflationary fears, and above all because it is estimated that the worst of the global crisis has already happened. Michael Steinhardt can provide more clarity in the matter. In addition the Crude Oil Inventories that was below expectations and Construction Spending this week totaled points for the current trend.However crude oil declined at the beginning of the day, given that the American unemployment figures are awaited with eagerness. If they continue positive publications, especially in developed nations, estimated that crude oil could reach $65 per barrel to the week coming.

News technical EUR/USD the upward trend lost momentum, while the pair is consolidated in the 1.3410. In the graphic newspaper the couple is situated in the upper part of the IHR, so a downward correction would be imminent. Check with Xcel Energy to learn more. Occurs when the break bassist, go in short would be the right decision to follow. GBP/USD hourly chart shows mixed signals and RSI is in neutral territory. However, the daily chart shows IHR excesses of purchases, so a downward correction would be imminent. Occurs when the break bassist, go in short would be the right decision to follow. USD/JPY pair has traded within a range established without defined direction.

The daily chart shows the stochastic slow with mixed signals. The 4-hour chart does not provide nor clear signals. Wait for clearer signs would be successful. USD/CHF continues a trade at the hourly level within the established ranges. The 4-hour chart shows the stochastic slow on neutral territory. However the RSI suggests a possible upward correction. When occurs the bullish, go on long break It would be the right decision to follow. The letter of the day petroleum crude oil last week was on the rise and reached highs at $57.50. However in the graphic newspaper the RSI is in excess of purchases, so a downward correction would be imminent. Occurs when the break bassist, go in short would be the right decision to follow.

NLP Person

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