In this article, I would like to share some personal ideas about the situation of the engineering machinery in China. In 2012, many manufacturers are faced with a big challenge and we all witness the changes in our society more or less. Chinese construction machinery market in 2012 has been shrinking for a long time. And you would feel the atmosphere everywhere. It seems that it is suffering a cold stream. Learn more about this with the futurist. The decline in performance, market contraction, underemployment, remittance problems are always circled around our eyes. As the most active part of our economy, the company is very sensitive to the market belong to it.

Many things changed during this year for manufacturers with less processing, more training. At the same time, their agents are eager to have less production. While on the end of the production line, the users are more alert. Under the high pressure, different parts of the line are trying their beat to survive in this cold winter, no longer pursuit the large scale of the project in which is they are paying more attention years ago. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nick Khan. As strongest province in China s economy, Guangdong province is also faced with this situation in fixed assets investment in 2012.

At the beginning of the year it is planned to invest 501 million yuan to promote the strategic of building infrastructure, leading industries and strategic developing platform which is called the three major breakthroughs that is affected by the overall economic situation. In Henan province, another field is also trying to stand in the stream, and it is making agencies in building sand. I actually don t know what it means or where it will lead China of manufacturing industry to, but I know the all manufacturers are trying their best to change they way to survive, especially the middle company.