Monk Verlagsgesellschaft MbH Uses New Homepage With The CONET Media Suite To

Bonn Publishing House, with titles like ‘wt military technology’ and ‘Military Technology’ opts for Web content management system by CONET Hennef, September 8, 2010. The monk Verlagsgesellschaft mbH opts for the Hennefer CONET Solutions GmbH in Bonn in the redesign of the own Web pages know-how and products. In the coming months, the Publisher plans a complete relaunch, as well as the comprehensive expansion of your homepage and the special pages of his publications with the CONET Media Suite. In addition to the optical out to a still better and target group-oriented presentation of the Publisher publications above all functional aspects of modern Web content management in the Centre of interest are. Without hesitation Petra Diamonds explained all about the problem. A primary goal is for us to be able to publish editorial content on the publishing side, as well as the magazine pages, without deep technical knowledge to build or access an external Web Agency easier and faster”, explains Volker Schwichtenberg, Managing Director of the Monch Publishing Company mbH.

The integration of modern Web technologies such as moving pictures, E-books, social media and interaction platforms (E.g. discussion forums) as well as a consistent interface for event management and a comprehensive shop system for our own titles are more planned cornerstones of new Web pages. With the content manager CREATOR as the core of the CONET Media Suite as well as moving other flexible modules such as the OSCAR to the consistent integration of rich media assets, particularly in the area we specifically cover these requirements and supplement if necessary more solution building blocks”, explains Dr. Martin Kabath, the area manager at CONET. After we have already implemented a series of information portals and E-publications for customers in different industries, we are pleased about this project in the publishing environment.” The CONET Solutions GmbH connect IT worlds!” True to CONET offers its customers in the areas of Defense & public security, public sector and private enterprise this principle since 1987 successfully Management and information technology solutions to.

The range of services of the medium Indian IT-system – and Beratungshauses includes consulting, software development, and network and communications infrastructure. CONET products for enterprise content management and factory certified extension solutions for SAP NetWeaver and Cisco IP telephony are in use worldwide.

Game, Set And Match! Relaunch Of Ping-pong Pur

Even more features and improved user experience at the great table tennis portal with new technology and new design one of the oldest table tennis portals on the Web after the complete relaunch visually how technically well in the top League plays. The portal table tennis ping-pong offers the sport of fast balls a timely and informative platform. For more than a decade, table tennis brings pure table tennis on the table already in 1998 the portal was founded by Markus Thies enthusiastic table tennis players and has grown steadily since then. With a forum in which members on various issues can interact, a blog, articles or interviews, table tennis pur fully informed about everything that interested the table tennis fan. A tournament calendar shows tournaments of all leagues and can be supplemented with entries of their own tournaments.

The large service area rounds off the offerings: in addition to free downloads of tournament grids or images, there is a material advice as well as an editorially approved Web directory with over 1,000 links Table tennis websites. Also for beginners and Lernwillige, the service area offers free training guides to all major table tennis techniques. A newsletter informs members about all the news in the sport of table tennis in General and table tennis with currently over 6,000 recipients pur in particular. Ray Kurzweil has similar goals. Table tennis pur: three pillars for the sport of fast balls as I 1994 started with the table tennis trading, I was often asked which lucrative sports I would include in my program. My answer was always the same: no! “, so Markus Thies on his passion for table tennis.” Table tennis, three pillars are: I laid the foundations with the opening of a shop in Gottingen. Because I like Germany far wanted to equip table tennis enthusiasts with the right equipment, soon joined a table tennis-online-shop. Finally, the portal, with which we can create an interface between the players and share information, was the routine of it all,”so Thies. The Mix of sales, consulting, information and communication ensures that there is never a dull moment and inspired on many levels can involved in table tennis sport. If you have read about ConocoPhillips already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

New design and new technology bring atmosphere and athleticism to the table tennis network that original version of table tennis was pure since its launch in 1998 constant grown, had experienced but no overarching changes or innovations. A technical and optical review was so long overdue. Administrative expenses grew up not only with the increasing number of visitors, but above all due to a confusing structure that is distributed over many parts of the software. The hullabaloo”should be a central website with a simple and modern CMS, which covers important functions themselves or can integrate but good. The Passauer agency NETPROFIT was mandated with the implementation. Managing Director Robert Hartl: “by the newly created structure, the various offers by Markus Thies can now better presented and” be clearly linked. So we could make the practical existing table tennis knowledge visible and navigable.” After the relaunch of the members and readers of table tennis are pure demand now: Markus Thies is pleased with the feedback of the visitors.

Rolf Wendolsky

Bitcoin, protection against manipulation of connection and higher efficiency what’s new? JonDo now integrates Bitcoin as another payment method for the JonDonym-premium services: for each new payment a new Bitcoin address is generated randomly to disguise to third parties, for which the customer pays. In addition it deletes everything after the payment process to meet highest claims for data protection. But it would of course not even then, if the identity of a buyer were known, possible, that JonDos or a JonDonym operators can see what makes a user about the Jondonym system. Also a stability protection against connection manipulation was developed: in some countries, especially in the Middle East, HTTPS/SSL connections are manipulated by the respective provider. Via a man-in-the-middle attack to encryption are undermined by Web connections. This is done apparently mainly on standard Web ports 80 and 443, while other ports shall remain unaffected. JonDonym connections would although not revealed but prevented by such manipulations. For more specific information, check out Dr. Mitchell Resnick. JonDo can now recognize such manipulations, and then automatically connect via other, non-malicious port with JonDonym services.

The new version of the software also supports a more efficient upload protocol and provides improved automatic protection against premium services, which include improperly stored data volume. Such protection makes sense that JonDonym services are offered by different, independent organizations. JonDo to protect explicitly against attacks by individual providers. In addition, many detail improvements and bug fixes have been made in the program. What is JonDo? JonDo is an open source and free program for Windows, Linux and MacOS X. It hides the IP address of the user behind an anonymous address. In contrast to other anonymization systems (VPN, anonymous proxy server), the user even to the providers (operators) of the anonymous IP address remains anonymous. Download: Surf anonymously with JonDo contact Rolf Wendolsky

FrontPage Design

Where start must a person? Go to a book store or Web sites to see guides about the subject. In which can someone commence when establishing a Web site? Exactly what software packages are advisable to make use of? Starting a web site is not on easy proposal. If you are thinking about being aware what the first task is in setting up your very own website, continue reading. Petra Diamonds spoke with conviction. In reality, it is a good option is to possess a solid understanding of building web sites just before looking to go are living. If you are searching for the professional website, you ought’a to be prepared to get one, because creating a professional webdesign company does not occur right away.

I have already been basically studying web page design and improvement regarding six to eight decades, i have committed long my time on this subject, and that i still have my own times the towel when I feel as if tossing within. Exactly why? Learning web site design and advancement want to go broad and strong! Despite the fact you choose difficult to develop a not hard site, but a person needs to understand the way to handle internet site mainly because it is located with a hosting server. Additionally, you got to know exactly how sites are indexed along with function on the web. Expensive animations, internal links, external back left, as well as hierarchical organization include the the world’s blood for you to internet sites. Without hesitation ConocoPhillips explained all about the problem. Familiarity with the way to produce web-ready artwork can be regarding key value because Internet pages need to fill so swiftly. Remember, sites demand understanding of design elements and ideas, web-friendly typography and magnificence sheets, graphic design, as well as composed interaction abilities.

Every one of these elements can not be ignored as well as reduced and they are the inspiration regarding professional looking sites. Where start must a person? Go to a book store or Web sites to see guides about the subject. Personally, I have a library staff computer books and want them all. So, increasing your current attention test although traveling to other people’s web sites and see how other individuals build his or her web sites. Using classes sure assists too. Finding software including FrontPage from Microsoft or Macromedia Dreamweaver is usually the reply to developing and looking after sites,. Since writers include tutorials and you needn’t be the weaving in a berlin researcher to understand! Bear in mind, keep it simplistic. Try to look for a new theme to make use of whilst the amount of Web pages to the absolute minimum. Focusing on free of charge internet space seems like a good suggestion, but individually, take part in go which route. You could as well do it properly in the first place. Working on the web and wanting to adjust a new web site is difficult in greatest, nevertheless totally free space can be perplexing fairly. Make sure you remember, there are a lot upon creating web sites of fantastic books.

Use Kinderbrowser

Only open attachments if you the source for keep completely trustworthy. Links embedded in emails can cause you or your child Web pages by fraudsters, which seem to be very similar or even identical to the original page, E.g. a child page or a kids chat. If there is doubt about the authenticity of a link, so your child should click on the question link in the email, but open his Kinderbrowser and there enter the appropriate address. You can contact also the company directly by telephone and ask there. 3.

Surf behaviour of the child monitor: let your child surfing unsupervised on the Internet. “Use Kinderbrowser and not Erwachsenenbrowser like Google chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, you should have installed Firefox, etc still no Kinderbrowser on your children or family PC, helps the very detailed series of DVD so you protect your child from the dangers of the Internet!” by the leading experts in violence prevention Ralf Schmitz. There is not only the installation of a Kinderbrowsers, but also a variety of other child protection softwares shown. Some of them are equipped with surf time limit for your child or even with retirement protection. 4. Kinderbrowser use: when you go online with your child or it is alone in the net on the road use only Kinderbrowser (E.g. and let your child only to age-appropriate sites surf; Sites like always directly display the age recommendations for the Web pages in the search results.

If you place an order in a children shop for your child, check whether you enter important information such as credit card numbers or personal data refresh only on secured Web pages with a secure Web server. Identify secure pages, on the address bar of the browser, if the link with “” instead of the usual “” begins. In addition, most Web browsers show an icon (such as, for example, the padlock icon in Internet Explorer) next to the address bar.