Food Science

Deals with the study of food and nutritional issues in relation to production, handling production, distribution, marketing, as well as nutritional matter production and its relationship to health. This concept also refers to the systematization of knowledge about the chemical composition, nature and the preservation of foodstuffs. The science and technology of food places emphasis on this topic to the hours create new products and to control the production of food for high consumption and thus be able to avoid the ingestion of food contaminated with toxic elements (arsenic, mercury, lead). Also serves as the food science and seutiliza to control the nutritional value of staple foods and for the detection of the high water content in the non-nutrient substances. Basically this concept refers to a food technology for better nutrition within the perceptions of pre slubridad established by a regular control. In this field of technology of food laying two theoretical branches, the antropobromatologia which clearly refers to analysis and study of the foods consumed by humans, and the zoobromatologia which is responsible for studying and analyzing the foods from domestic animal species which engineering and food technology is responsible for designing its food.

These two fields of study also worry about setting the nutritional food and as they act within regulated for optimal food diets. Within these aspects the bromatology is responsible for doing a study xahustivo of the chemical composition of foods, their nutritional value, their State of hygiene and sanitation and possible toxicity that they can come to contain in their structural composition. Any reference to a food concept is located within this branch of study, here is truly known as optimal is a food for human or animal consumption. Whether they are organic or artificial production food the food science is essential to produce healthy food and that they constitute an ideal food for human and animal base.

Four Steps

This article is dedicated to you who are looking to develop, mark, and capitalize on products and services business. And it is also dedicated to those marketeros who are trying to understand this new technology and new mentality of exposing an internet business. Regardless of business, product or project that you are trying to promote or expose, a serious and effective marketing is what you’ll need. 1. What market? 2. What is marketing? 3. What to know about marketing? 4 How to plan your marketing? Doesn’t really matter at the level of understanding of marketing that you find, recapitulate the basic understandings will help you to strengthen your own knowledge.

1. What market? The oldest record we have of the market word comes from the word Latin mercatus, meaning a variety of different institutions, social relations and infrastructure where people swap and swap goods, services and products. In simple English, the market is the place where buyers and sellers exchange things of value. The most common transaction is exchanging the money for good. And although the market Word or mercatus dates from the Xll century. Today know very well that the market existed thousands of years BC. This means that the market is a more ancient social structures that were used to not only set the value of the goods according to supply and demand according to global and local needs, but also the market was the place to establish social relationships.

2. What is marketing? Marketing is the process associated with the promotion of the sale of goods and services. It is the process of create, communicate, exhibit, perform and exchange values. 3. What to know about marketing? The cornerstone of any marketing would have to be focused on creating measurable goods that meet needs of customers and consumers to establish strong social relationships. Marketing is considered a science by the considerable influence on society and the many studies that there are about today.