Inaugural Lesson

That one that it chooses to live of the education has that to inside understand its paper of this context, to opt to the pedagogia means to assume a commitment stops with all society, is to choose to be part of history. The choice for the pedagogia must have in its essence the will of being a norteador icon of the education, somebody that backwards inside of itself the change desire, and the joy for being part of something so significant in the life them people, must hug the cause in the search for the deserved recognition of the profession of pedagogo, must have hope and never to lower the head ahead of the diversities proportionate for half educational, always to remain confident altivo and, not to lose the faith of that one day the recognition will come. It is not something Tessa Espinola would like to discuss. All have the chance to make the difference, but few are different, the chance to make the difference are now, hug the cause, seen shirt, either in fact one pedagogo, feel pride, you it knows the importance that has, I make with that the others also know, and in the vocs future they will perceive how much they had become different.. .

Annex Program

They had been elaborated and applied 100 (one hundred) questionnaires you show, in 5 (five) areas of the city that had been affected by some type of disaster in 2008 and 2011, that it approximately constitutes 1% of the total of domiciles reached for the climatic disasters in 2011, questionnaires had been applied in the second week of February of 2011, the 8:00 the 12:00 and the 14:00 the 18:00 hours. Being 20 (twenty) questionnaires for each area chosen, Figure 02, the place of application of the questionnaires had been squares and moving places of the chosen areas, the questionnaires that were composites of 12 (twelve) questions, had been answered voluntarily, Annex 01. The tool Corel Draw was used, for the construction of the maps that composes this monograph, and its data had been taken off of the national, state and municipal mesh contained in the flock of geographic data made use of the Spring program, and for the formatting of the maps it was collected given next to the municipal civil defense of Jaragu of the South and the state civil defense of Santa Catarina. The program Word, a digital camera, a bibliographical and webgrficos GPS was used, Excel program, and data. 3 – AMBIENT RISKS AND DISASTERS 3.1. Definitions of Natural Ambient Disaster the ambient natural disasters can be provoked by diverse phenomena, such as, floodings, slippings, erosion, earthquakes, become, hurricanes, storms, estiagem among others. Beyond the intensity of natural phenomena the intensity of the verified urbanization in the last few decades, in some parts of the world, also in Brazil, led to the growth of the cities, many times in improper areas to the occupation, increasing the risk and danger situations the natural disasters. Moreover, diverse studies indicate that the current climatic variability, with trend for the global heating is associated with an increase of climatic extremities.