Human Resource Management

and 8.0. 2. Classification baselines 1C: Enterprise This classification includes the main (basic) software product line "1C: Enterprise". 2.1 1C: Enterprise 7.7. – The system software allows to solve various problems of accounting and management in enterprises, regardless of their profile. o Trade and Warehouse-designed to accommodate all types of trade transactions and can perform all accounting functions. o Accounting – a universal solution for automation of massive accounting in enterprises. o Salaries and personnel – is a component of the 'calculation' with the standard configuration for the calculation payroll and personnel records.

o pub – Configuration of "Production + Services + Accounts" system "1C: Enterprise 7.7" is a typical solution for the automation of small and medium enterprises, the main species whose activity is the production of goods, services, and wholesale trade. o Financial planning – includes: strategic and operational planning (budgeting), and collecting data on actual implementation of the plan; plan – actual analysis of budget execution, simulation, analysis and forecasting of the financial condition of the organization. o Integrated 7.7 – Includes all the above listed components. Main advantage of using is that it not only maintained a single information space, but also implemented an automatic reflection in the accounting data records management trading activities and results of the payroll with the required degree of detail. 2.2 1C: Enterprise 8.0. -The latest version of the platform for the automation of management and accounting systems to meet modern, market trends o Management of trade-solving, and m objectives of management and operational accounting, analysis and planning; automates trading, financial and warehouse operations o Accounting, is designed to automate accounting and tax accounting, including preparation of a mandatory (regulated) reporting in organizations o Human Resource Management, is designed for comprehensive automation of payroll and implement personnel policies o scp Enterprises – is a comprehensive application solutions, covering the basic contours of management and accounting in a manufacturing plant o Server – Client-server version is designed for use in working groups or across the enterprise.

Trojan Programs

But to be able to fight the enemy, one must know his face – which are malicious programs and how they work. In a rough approximation of a virtual plague can be divided into three categories: Worms. Used for propagation network resources. Not by chance the name of this class was because of the ability of worms crawl from computer to computer, using networks, email and other communication channels. Given its small size, the worms have an exceptionally high rate of proliferation. An unprotected computer can and minutes do not elaborate on the network.

Propagation method is simple: Worms penetrate a computer, calculate network addresses of other computers and send to these addresses their copies. In addition to network addresses are frequently used address book data mailers. Some of these malicious programs often create working files on disks, but can not any system resources except ram. In this and the difficulty of detection. They seem to leave no obvious traces.

Viruses. Well-known programs that infect other programs by adding them to your code to gain control of all applications or a computer. Viruses spread somewhat lower than worms. Trojans or Trojan horses. They perform on computers to unauthorized users action. For example, deleting information on hard drives, the system to hang, stealing confidential information. In this case, Trojans are not viruses in the traditional sense of the term. They do not infect others program and, as a rule, are unable to penetrate the computers, and distributed attackers disguised as useful software.

On Mobile Phones And PDAs

Today’s world closer to us. it is difficult to deliver in the absence of our mobile friend and constant companion. He considered us not only to our assistant, however, still podsoblyaet interesting and nice to his native spare time. All of the above – probably about mobile phones. And no one since no one will be able to challenge the precedent, though perhaps a tiny device placed with us more than anyone, because everyone is willing to exist on relationship. Probably closer has long realized the creators of the additions to mobile devices, and with any of days it is increasingly in the vast Web. Let’s see what the between ordinary telephone apparatus and a telephone or pda. Telephone differs from conventional telephone availability of the operating system (as , Symbian OS); communicator has in fact, found in most cases, operating system, Windows Mobile and perceiving the screen that way as a function of the telephone here closer owns serious rivals, who claim to be the first space according to importance. Therefore, and adding differ dramatically for those devices.

For example, if you type in at least some search engine like something similar to the phrase “for all phones, phones, smartphones and PDAs, then the outcome of the investigation you can not take one a thousand pages of results. In a single, ground, as if to grasp – if set correctly voprostsy, is allowed to get the answers you need. Fun for communicators, and the same as for other units, are formed for this, that we with you were nice Having your native time, as soon as necessary if a wait a long time to live on the road. Today’s numbers and the abundance of games according to genres and styles is so great, though fully able to elect either for yourself exactly what if necessary according to the soul. As mobile fun now, according to said spices are much the greatest of games. Give consent, though much more pleasant to time because of the latest fun than the next just looking at humane tired and grumbling little face in the subway consistent way home.

Files of pda are designed to enhance multi-functional capabilities of the unit, so that for such a nick had a chance yet get more from their own pda. These additions have all chances to be developed as an official, that way, and developed by outsiders. For example, there is such a small utility with support for a host pda with Windows Mobile will be able to view the flash-adding when you visit Web pages. Craft is like an extreme version of Flash the Player from Adobe for pda Windows Mobile owns 7 version, and Intrigues require close 10th. That’s such a nice example of the usefulness of additions. There are so many resources, which has all the pda. On those websites have large collections of games, additions, screen savers, those tunes for a “reasonable” pda devices. If you read continuously improve your phone or want to make elementary that way, that he was unique and differed from the others – then these websites elementary done for you. Nearly all of this addiction with long passes into main handicrafts, and even follow-up work.