Choosing a Software

One of the important and the most frequently asked question is "How to choose a necessary and sufficient software to automate the company?". And in this particular case, to solve problems management and accounting, we consider the most popular in Russia, 1C: Enterprise. Each enterprise in its own individually, on the one hand, and on […]

Human Resource Management

and 8.0. 2. Classification baselines 1C: Enterprise This classification includes the main (basic) software product line "1C: Enterprise". 2.1 1C: Enterprise 7.7. – The system software allows to solve various problems of accounting and management in enterprises, regardless of their profile. o Trade and Warehouse-designed to accommodate all types of trade transactions and can perform […]

Video Games

Modern man is more often resorted to all sorts of relaxing activities. Quite surprising, since we live in a society with a particularly significant amount of stress on these grounds enough to seek out different ways to the nervous tension of such escape. The surest solution to the problem – it's different kinds of medical […]

Trojan Programs

But to be able to fight the enemy, one must know his face – which are malicious programs and how they work. In a rough approximation of a virtual plague can be divided into three categories: Worms. Used for propagation network resources. Not by chance the name of this class was because of the ability […]

On Mobile Phones And PDAs

Today’s world closer to us. it is difficult to deliver in the absence of our mobile friend and constant companion. He considered us not only to our assistant, however, still podsoblyaet interesting and nice to his native spare time. All of the above – probably about mobile phones. And no one since no one will […]