DVD Data

The security of the data in a company is without a doubt something very important, is something that cannot be neglected and is that every day all this more and more computerized, this has long ago taken already to have backup systems. Read more from Mitchel Resnick to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Without a doubt, we must deliver an attack at the time of protecting the data, the used mechanisms, software and used supports are the first step that we must give, but It is this sufficient one? without a doubt, Not to protect thousands of Gb can be as important as to protect 1Mb, but all it does not happen through like realising a backup or if we will have to use a tape drive, a DVD, hard disks etc are many others the factors to consider most important is going to be, As of important it is the security for us? We can invest as necessary? We must sacrifice other resources to increase the security? and without a doubt, the two questions that we would be due to do all That it would happen if lost all the information of my company? and As I can avoid it or to reduce to the maximum that possibility at least? By example, would be ideal to have mirror of the system that maintains those data so important (to cluster) to complement this with systems in future RAID of level 5 already this giving a quite high confidence us, but we have some cases in which this would not serve Fires don’t mention it, robberies, floods, errors of the administrator (if we eliminated a file also is eliminated in all the discs RAID .) attacks of hackers. as we still see they are many fronts that to cover the subject with a hackeo, virus etc happens to have software/hardware preparation and correctly formed to avoid this kind of problems but That we must more do?

Education And Integration

Education and integration: I propose Tedulo Lopez Melndez Education: the sign of the new government I began my expositions to the country warning to him on the serious difficulties of the transition. Although the economic picture will call to us to alarm and drastic forecasts, the new democratic government will have to signal immediate of his way in the overall nature than it will be his intention and essence. He is for that reason that I have said that he must declare the educative emergencia immediately. I consider that the emergencia decree will have to include the total overhaul of the system, a general increase of wages in the educators and a clear commitment of immediate and intensive courses of update and modernization. Additional information at ConocoPhillips supports this article. I already have visualized those courses and would direct that them. It includes the massive use of the technology and the fulfillment to the one hundred percent of a computer into the hands of each boy or sent to school young person, program already initiated hereby government. She is, by all means, complicated the total overhaul of pensa, but except it is it to adapt the body educative to the new realities and paradigms of the 21st century. The financial availabilities will be able to impose stages in the wage recognition to our educators, but it is due to fulfill under the principle of which all we adapted to an education that exceeds to caletre or to the memorization to become a process of formation of men and women.

For it we have the capacity of magnificent professionals who will delineate an educative project that allows us to advance quickly towards a society of the knowledge and an education for the life. The education is intimately ligature to the social question. There are elements of special attention like the scholastic desertion or simply the nonregistry of a boy in a school, problems related to domestic violence or the extreme poverty.

Social Sciences

It is necessary at the time of fusing itself in its reach which represents for different social actors and from the different scopes, coming as much of social sciences, the natural disciplines, the socioambiental movement or the governmental or deprived area, elements that facilitate an understanding and resolution of the distributive conflicts ecological that nowadays face our societies, in the scales local, regional, national and global. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Petra Diamonds. It is excellent to analyze, to discuss and to review the different models from economic development and the impacts that the intensification of the economic processes and production (Ayres, 1969) they generate in the environment and means constructed (societies), especially considering the importance of the biogeochemical cycles, the productive processes, the impacts, fortifying the concepts of intergenerational fairness intra and the plinth in the limitations contained in the productive ecology. In conclusion one is due to consider, that from the ecological economy is argued that the human capital and the manufactured capital are complementary to the natural capital, and noninterchangeable, since the human capital and the made capital derive inevitably from the natural capital of one or the other form. The ecological economy studies how the economic growth this related to the increase in the operation of material and power consumptions. Another point of confrontation between economic economy and conventional economy is the question of the commerce and the environment, because first it considers that an increase in the commerce can increase the damage environmental.

Listening Techniques

Many managers fail in their personal interrelations, with their work party, because they have neglected, have especially not cultivated the tolerance to know how to listen to, very important aspect that it must be known how to handle. Which are the reasons that avoid the one that manages the knowledge to listen? Prevents what it? How to obtain it? , they are topics that must be considered by the manager, if it really wants to help to that is pronounced a total identification with the needs, restlessness that his subalter want to declare to us. In an analysis on this Alexis subject Hill it reports to us, that the ability of to know how to listen to is more difficult to find and to develop that the one of being good signaller, but provides more authority and influence than this last one, says the specialists. utside-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners. If you are good signaller, but she does not know to listen, runs the risk of expressing in eloquent form things that do not interest their interlocutor to him. In addition, it is going to deprive itself to receive information and knowledge that on the other via would not receive.

Treasure Connection

Doubtlessly, this possibility of unloading or of raising information from or towards Internet has made possible the development of new benefits like the digital television or the transference of films, and in the scientific world on has facilitated to carry out experiments line and until transmitting operations live. The great paradox of the previous thing is that a single corporative or even particular user, in Europe, Asia or the United States, today has a speed of connection to the network of networks greater than the one than it has Cuba, a country with more than eleven million inhabitants, who as soon as it has authorized, via satellite, for 65 Internet Mbps of bandwidth for exit and 124 Mbps for the entrance. In fact, although Cuba counts today on access to Internet, this authorization to connect themselves to gave it to her, as if outside a gift, the North American government in 1996, and not by good will, but to operate the Web like one more a route to promote the internal subversion, the terrorism and pressures against the Revolution. From the sprouting of Internet, the United States it has torpedoed the access from Cuba to world-wide the computer science network, and simultaneously it has untied a ferocious campaign against the Revolution accusing it of not giving freedom of connection the same. In fact, because of the laws of the blockade, the country cannot be connected to the international optical fiber channels that happen closely together of their coasts, and must do it via satellite, which is more expensive and limits considerably this resource. In addition, whenever Cuba tries to add a new channel to Internet, the American counterpart must obtain the appropriate license of the Department of the Treasure of the United States. Of similar way, if a North American company wants abrir a new channel to him to Cuba or decides to increase the speed of the connection, also a license must be sent.

Selling Digital Products

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