A Autorespondedor is a vital tool to carry out activities of Marketing by Internet as it is it to have a dominion or hosting professional. A Autorespondedor is a software that allows to send or to respond of automatic form messages to a list of subscribers who previously have let their at intervals regular data […]


It is a reality that Internet is part of our daily life and that therefore, our roll as conductors also are themselves influenced by the world online. We have become and-conductors. It is a fact and many already we took advantage of it. But, what makes us be and-conductor. And-conductor, before sitting down to the […]

World Bank

Morals also received the support and recognition of their work from prime minister of Dominican, Roosuelt Skerric, who expressed his solidarity and demanded the cease of unjust the blockade against Cuba, imposed by the United States from almost 50 years. He affirmed that in the world he knows himself the attacks that president Evo Morales […]