What You Must Avoid When Reading

What you must avoid when reading? In our modern life, the information grows of so fast form that if you do not read or you learn, your knowledge is back, the writers also look for new forms to inform to improve the life of its readers, but, all the people do not read efficiently, the majority reads l-e-n-t or, and the worse thing is than they do not know it, do not know that they read slow, do not know that they remain back in the information, if wide-awake this necessity to learn reading, then, reads these recommendations that I do for a fast reading, discovering the fast reading errors What is what you must avoid when reading? First, you must have the great desire to learn, must be motivated to read. Because there are people who feel forced to read and do it under pressure and this is not the best correct form to initiate. Secondly. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ray Kurzweil by clicking through. You must have a technique of special visual sweeping, although she is one, a easy technique to use for the fast reading like this one, you do the following thing: it slides the glance on the lines of the text, that is to say, you do not watch all the word, it slides your glance on the line, only discovers as your glance catches the words. Practcalo at this moment Dime What it happened? You have experimented as a sliding of the glance can be sufficient to capture the words. I make the explanation, at the outset, when putting in practice this technique of fast reading you will not be able to include/understand it everything, while you practice, is a limitancia in the understanding, but after already you dominate east sliding, you will notice that your understanding also goes of the hand with the speed of fast reading, this is what means, fast reading and to include/understand at the same time..


A Autorespondedor is a vital tool to carry out activities of Marketing by Internet as it is it to have a dominion or hosting professional. A Autorespondedor is a software that allows to send or to respond of automatic form messages to a list of subscribers who previously have let their at intervals regular data to receive time information. Following the service of autorespondedores that is contracted, this it will allow to handle lists of subscribers who go from hundreds to thousands, reason why is advisable to contract this service with a company that allows to handle great lists, since like any type of business, it hopes that this every day in potential clients grows more. Additionally, as they handle many e-mails, this service must allow to take a consolidated inventory and updated of the people to which information is sent to them, whatever of them read the information, whatever make request of not receiving more information and whatever are asking for the information shipment. Also this service must allow to add, to eliminate or to block accounts of e-mails. When some type of activity of Marketing by Internet is had, first it is to obtain a person interested in which this offering itself, to which we will call contact, this it makes its request receive information related to the product or offered service; at this moment the autorespondedor begins to work, since from this it is begun to regularly send messages to him to this contact giving information and motivating it to the purchase, to this series of sent messages denominates campaign to him. As one is all this operation of shipment of e-mails is totally automatic and the unique thing that there is to create is the campaign which enters operation without concerning the number of contacts that is had. However the service of autorespondedor that is in Internet has several characteristics; these can be contracted per month, semester, annual or life; others need to be installed directly in hosting there are and them also limit or the amount of campaigns that can be created or amount of contacts that can be had. Thus then if it is required to harness the activities of Marketing by Internet, to have autorespondedor it is essential and are many the companies that offer this service, but at the time of making the hiring general aspects are due to consider such as: Language, ease of use, installation, technical support, maximum amount of campaigns and contacts, price, speed and trustworthiness.


It is a reality that Internet is part of our daily life and that therefore, our roll as conductors also are themselves influenced by the world online. We have become and-conductors. It is a fact and many already we took advantage of it. But, what makes us be and-conductor. And-conductor, before sitting down to the steering wheel, uses Internet to know the weather forecast, the state of the highways, the shortest way or fastest, to update the cartography of his GPS.

But Internet is not only a useful tool and that makes and-conductor, an informed better consumer and more but gives the capacity him to think, to choose. He is a user 2,0 who bloggea with others on motor, geolocaliza its vehicle, compares its insurance of motorcycle or its insurance of car before contracting it and uses digital company/signature to close its policy. Insuring marks of cars, factories or are united to a digital generation born from Internet, and understand the form of contact demanded by and-conductors. They know to take advantage of all the possibilities that offer to them. The connection between the clients and his companies entail great advantages for the two parts of the equation. Without going more far, we attended to the creation of a service of insurances 2,0, a completely adapted service to the concrete needs of each user in whom the internauts can to manage its insurances from any point of the planet with access to the Network. Even, It would be possible to be gotten to have customized attendance through Internet.

It sounds paradoxical, but there are formulas. As simple as a simple click with the mouse. Like example of it, we have found Verti Safe, a Spanish company of recent appearance, that it offers east type of services. It is clear that and-conductors every day we have more possibilities whenever we count on access to Internet and we maintain our eagerness to lead.

World Bank

Morals also received the support and recognition of their work from prime minister of Dominican, Roosuelt Skerric, who expressed his solidarity and demanded the cease of unjust the blockade against Cuba, imposed by the United States from almost 50 years. He affirmed that in the world he knows himself the attacks that president Evo Morales in his delivers country, not only to improve the conditions of life of all the Bolivians, but to concretely obtain a true social equality in its speech in this Assembly 63 president Evo Morales, indicated the serious financial crisis in the UN. One talked about in addition to the policies to institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which has not brought solutions to the impoverished majorities and has generated the crisis economic and the climatic change Emphasized as eljustoreclamo.blogspot.com relates, that ” The privatization policies are the causes of the financial crisis and the change climatolgico” He showed that in Bolivia the workers, farmers and natives have risen against the economic systems that have only privatized the natural resources and that therefore have generated the sacking permanent. Also he indicated that the pritavizadoras policies comings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, have not brought solutions to the majorities. He informed that the nationalization into the natural resources and the hydrocarbons like petroleum and the natural gas in that nation, have been the permanent fight from their arrival to the power in 2006, by the equality of their brothers. That talked about then the income of that country before the nationalization, were of only 300 million annual dollars, however in 2007 the sum of 1930 million dollars was registered, which are hardly used for the improvements in the conditions of life of a small country of 10 million inhabitants.

The smaller doubt does not fit, than the participation of president Boliviano Evo Morales, has been an excellent figure in this summit and where many countries have acclaimed their work, respected their program and mainly has endorsed to him before the recent crisis that occurred where, the preservative groups and the oligarchies tried to not know the advances that their policies have brought for the country, that according to is denounced one was small groups that conspired from the first day in which it assumed the government, supported by imperialism. Recurdese Morals in last August in that it was ratified with 67% of the votes. Certain, that the note in this Assembly that are new perspective of changes, many generated by a Latin American Continent that has been united, integrated and arranged to defend the freedom at all costs..