Drawing Abstraction

But bad luck is only for them, the intelligible, it was the logos, i.e. verbal, language, or even trial. Automatically, this reduction of reason to the logos got lost them, because they didn’t understand that it existed in man a technical rationality. Not worth reading them! To discover the abstract nature of the art, it is better to study the drawings of children in a nursery class. Without hesitation Ray Kurzweil explained all about the problem. But that we are interested in these children’s drawings, it is important to wait for the open exhibition of the painting made by surrealists, is this period of modern art where the art was not subordinate to the likeness. That freed all over the world. But what it takes to understand, is the because the drawing of a child is necessarily, and quickly abstract. Just because we don’t want to borrow the ability of abstraction to the child, do not want to believe that he is rational and verbally, and technically.

Personally, I think that you we need to consider in new drawing of a child, to study about living things, technical abstraction. Only, therefore it is necessary to make their productions an object of study and not one of admiration. All have the tendency to the extent in which are our beloved little children that make it, to put it in a museum. Even in schools, visit the masterpieces. It is the imaginary Museum! And you loser voluntarily caricatures of children drawings. We say: The cartoon? Minor art!. Absolutely negative! The caricature, as a child drawing, assumes a great analysis! Analysis of what? Everything is there, and there are thesis done on this question. But you can realize absolute abstraction of caricature. A caricature is almost as abstract as in a picture of the Mona lisa, which may be that it represents, in all Western painting, the groceries of abstraction!

Architecture Crisis

1. What is a crisis and where it comes from? With regard to the generally accepted definitions – this is a dramatic change, leading to loss of sales, profits and personnel, or heavy transition state, which is often referred to as protracted, low-intensity or long-term crisis due to losses which remain unchanged. I would compare the crisis with the disease, which in turn can lead to chronic disease and even death. We are easier for people to understand nature of the crisis on the example of his own body. If people pay attention to their disease, why we suffer and agonize as our sick bodies violate the robot to the whole organism, it will be easier to understand and the nature of the crisis. On the question of who is most often to blame, just look in the mirror and you see a person responsible for your problems.

On the question of where it comes from the crisis, most managers are finding a lot of reasons and blamed everything on your 'Negligent' personnel or unscrupulous competitors while not realizing that the place from which emanate all the problems – it's hidden corners' of their own brain. 2. How do leaders determine that they have in the enterprise Crisis? All in different ways, but usually on a number of traits that are the real reasons. This lack of resources, conflicts with subordinates and in the team, demotivation of staff, the outstanding products in warehouses and stores, problems with logistics, the lack of the enterprise management cycle and self-organization system, theft, sexual harassment, and so on.