Technical Data Sheet

Typically, our customers to buy a shower, we will send by fax or e-mail, wiring diagram, this is his chosen kabiny.Delaetsya to prepare in advance the necessary conclusions and to avoid possible alterations. Installing a shower is in a room specially prepared for this, in strict compliance with these recommendations. WARNING! When preparing water for Communications connect the equipment you must install a mechanical water filters, with the degree of purification of 100 md. The water pressure in the water system should be in the range from 1.5 to 5 atm. In case of excess pressure you must install a pressure reducer water. Filters, RCD, pressure reducing water as standard equipment are not included.

Conclusions hot and cold water must have an internal thread and diameter. inches. Diameter sewer pipe 40 -50 mm.Esli conclusion sewage into the wall, the distance from finished floor to the center of the pipe must not exceed 50 mm. If the distance is longer, you have to do poddium. Poddium under the shower in the strict Order must be lined with tiles.

Connect the equipment to the mains must be performed without additional compounds, ie a separate cable from the electrical panel to the equipment. Cable should be copper, three-core, double insulation with a wire cross-section of 2.5 mm square. The output electric cable must be located in a place designated in the Technical Data Sheet and have a grounded receptacle. The cable must be connected to separate, two-pole machine, combined with the current device (RCD). The requirements for RCD: 220V – 240V, with leakage current 0.03 A, 16-25A. For the installation and subsequent maintenance of equipment need space for two rear sides of the cab not less than 50 cm, to provide access to all work sites and aggregates. The ceiling height in the room, prepared to install a shower enclosure should provide clearance between the roof and ceiling shower for at least 10-15 cm in maximum allowable temperature using acrylic shower stalls shall not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. Area for mounting a shower should be cleared of debris and various contaminants. All repairs and finishing work during installation must be necessarily completed, including finishing the ceiling. All communications should be hidden pad, or be removed in the decorative door. This will help avoid gapping product to the wall. Area for the installation should have no protrusions and borders. I hope this article will help you avoid errors and defects, which are sometimes faced by our clients.