She seems to have the expectation, in the empresariado one, of that the reduction of the socket of knowledge technician on Africa occurs by means of previous planning and communication channels with investing potentials. Such measures, associates the development politics, offer, in the medium and in long stated period, propitious conditions for the reinforcement of the commercial relations Brazil-Africa, being basic it Brazil to carry through investments in the African economy, in accordance with report of the World Bank, must grow 6.3% in 2010, that is, above of the goal traced for Brazil, that varies of 4% 5%. Currently, companies of the infrastructure sector and mining are in negotiation contracts involving, the ones that suggest a probable increase in the interchange of merchandises, as well as for the intensification of flow of foreign investments right-handers in direction to Africa. This will be able to not only benefit companies whom they opt to if installing in the territory, but also exporting Brazilians, whom they had attended, in last the seven years, to the triplicao of the number of remittances for the African continent. However, Africa is a continent that is leaving to be in the esquecimento for the globalizada economy, that lived to the edge of the multipolar world, and today, in a world marked for the North American hegemony and for the neoliberal speech, Africa inaugurates one third politician-economic model that, exceeding the socializante nationalism and the projects of liberal democracy of capitalist base, fundiu the authoritarianism with economic liberalism and the integration of the continent in the globalization. .