Theoretical Research

With this, they get the new knowledge, uniting the theory with the practical one in the classroom, thus exerting, an active paper in its professional process and consequently stimulating its learning to the research, taking them it an analysis becoming them critical. She is necessary to understand that without the theoretical knowledge, it is impossible […]

Pablo Robert

With the use of a language more technique in the confection of the maps, the same ones had passed not to be of easy interpretation for that they are not technician in the area, thus the maps could until being seen for the population, but they would not be passiveis of easy interpretation. Click kevin […]

Computer Sciences

From structural changes in the world-wide scene, as the economic crisis, a high index of unemployment contraction, leaving to arise the great picture of misery and world-wide poverty, the ambient organization of the popular movements and questions, makes to appear a new conception of geography. The proposal was firmed in the dialtico method of marxist […]


Being, therefore, historical product, taught geography does not have to neglect of the historizacio of the facts, since the pupil is a historical being that it brings I obtain and in itself a history, and a knowledge acquired in its proper experience. For Geroux (1986, P. 263): In more concrete terms, the students would have […]

National States

The globalization as process with economic dimensions, social, cultural, religious and legal politics, is not something new. We can consider its occurrence, exactly that in primary way, with the great navigations it century XV, period of the mercantilista economy that if extends until century XVIII, where happens the disintegration of the feudalismo for the formation […]


They are some areas of the city that already had been taken by these great plantations. Of ownership of these information, is noticed that the ground is predominantly arenaceous, characterizing itself for the high friabilidade and, consequentemente, a well developed erosive susceptibilidade. RECITAL TERICA-METODOLGICA the research presented here searched in the inductive method of inquiry, […]


She seems to have the expectation, in the empresariado one, of that the reduction of the socket of knowledge technician on Africa occurs by means of previous planning and communication channels with investing potentials. Such measures, associates the development politics, offer, in the medium and in long stated period, propitious conditions for the reinforcement of […]