The Biblical

The rights are equal and protect the spouses and the children, and consequently also the society. The not religious ones accept the divorce; religious, however, on the special one the Christian, bases its restrictions to the divorce, mainly in the religious aspect. The Biblical declaration of that God created the man and the woman to live together, completing one to the other, it is taken as the establishment of the marriage, of the marriage, civil institution. The indissolubilidade of the marriage is seen in this as divine order. Jesus, speaking on the divorce, added: ' ' what God gathered not separates it homem' '. This declaration of Jesus has given reason to much controversy.

It will be all marriage legal, or simply religious, made for God? How many and quanta people if judge to be marrying for the will of God and later they discover to have been to have impossible you promoted this marriage! That generic declaration of Jesus does not have to be applied to each case of marriage union. The necessary Christian to recognize its responsibility for the proper acts. He does not have to launch for the responsibility of God the consequences of its impensados acts. God in the ones of intelligence and feelings. Our feelings must intelligently be controlled for the reason and used. To be only married for feeling itself attracted sexually for somebody of the other sex is to act purely as animal. To try to win the solitude being joined itself it another being from fear to only see itself alone is very risky. To be married to obtain freedom of the paternal yoke is immaturity.

To use the marriage as weapon for the enrichment or as some young they make to have supports who them is infantile. Many other pueris reasons have that it renders unhappy many lives. To search the marriage in these bases is to candidatar it to a possible divorce.