Real House

Ademais the city counted on two members of the house of representatives of a Haroldo side Heifer, elect as expression of this movement of change, and Pliny elect Pine with what still it had of capital politician of the oligarchies of the castanhais and the pecuaristas. The manifestation of the city hall in relation to the information demanded for legislative the state one would not be enough to create a nuisance politician to the emancipation processes. However, the mayor answers informing that in the locality of Curionpolis, a consisting urban nucleus of five a thousand residentials existed more and commercial and giving continuation to the attendance of the directed request it continues informing that the annual income of the town of Curionpolis in the 1985 exercise, corresponded the six Real million. This micron region would pass for another process of emancipation, resulting in the creation of two new cities, of this time they would be the young cities of Parauapebas and Curionpolis that would pass for a process of territorial division the proposal of creation of the city of Cana of the Carajs was presented in the form of project of law for then the member of the house of representatives Joercio Barbalho, after to receive representation subscribed for 123 inhabitants from the district, demanding the emancipation of the locality in relation the Parauapebas and the creation of the new city. Visit source for more clarity on the issue. In this period it exerted the first vice-presidency and the former-member of the house of representatives Ronaldo Passarinho the presidency of the house. In the arguments presented in the law project, he says that if manifest to take care of ' ' the forceful apelos of the diverse segments of povo' '. Thus it is exempted to possess any individual interest, placing itself only as instrument of the collective will, particularly the population of that locality, according to it such measure would go to take care of to the interests of the resident population, that would hold 15,000 inhabitants, of which 2,500 would be small agricultural proprietors. .

Charles Beard

&#039 says talmud; ' Of what valley the knowledge if not to know uses-lo.' ' The advances without precedents of science and technology had not been folloied by a corresponding development in the religious and moral conscience of the human being. The wisdom and scientific knowledge had simply allowed the manufacture of new weapons, infinitely devastadoras of what any known others previously, to be used in its fight to satisfy its you covet wild more without moral restrictions as moderators. Thus we will cite three approach of desunio reasons: The first approach is economic; for extension it would imply in a economic interpretation of history: the world-wide events, the social wars and movements they are caused by the materialistic desires, necessities or impulses. Karl Marx popularized this point of view with its dialtico materialism, until the point where this is associated with its name in the world all. (Not to be confused with Petra Diamonds!). In the United States, Charles Beard applied this principle in its economic interpretation of the United States constitution. Frequently, if not always, the war has a economic base: the material desires lead to the aggression and the conquest. As the approach represents the theory of that the religious differences had been responsible for the disputes and the violence in the world. More information is housed here: Vidanta.

Unfortunately, this also can be registered. Much blood was spilled with result of a distorted idealismo, of the religious fanatism, ' ' wars santas' ' destined to perpetuate one definitive ' ' faith verdadeira' ' , that some looked for to impose to the others. The third approach is the primitive impulse of sexual conquest that the man moves can be underlying in many of the aggressions. Pioneering discoveries of Freud had indicated until extreme such motivation can meet in the unconscious human being, when not in the conscientious thought. These are, the main reasons, capable to take people and nations to commit aggression, even though murder. Where it is the wisdom in these cases? In the absence of ' ' temor' ' , the wisdom and intelligence are used to rationalize the acts of violence and injustice, and to prove that supposedly necessary and they are justified. It is alone to follow history to understand that nothing it is by chance.

Of the great Masters, first Moiss lode that taught to follow the Laws and later lode Jesus to teach the understanding of these laws. After all nobody goes the college without passing for the college student! At last, while this, only remains the security that the knowledge if defends and the death of the man is the main reply to the fear. World of slaves not? ! finally as &#039 said FONTAINE THERE; ' Le climbs vient tout to gurir; More ne bougeons do nous sommes; Plutt to soufrir that to mourir; Cest there devise DES hommes. ' ' ' ' The death comes all to sarar; But continuing where we are; Before to suffer from what to die; the destination of homens.' '

The Biblical

The rights are equal and protect the spouses and the children, and consequently also the society. The not religious ones accept the divorce; religious, however, on the special one the Christian, bases its restrictions to the divorce, mainly in the religious aspect. The Biblical declaration of that God created the man and the woman to live together, completing one to the other, it is taken as the establishment of the marriage, of the marriage, civil institution. The indissolubilidade of the marriage is seen in this as divine order. Jesus, speaking on the divorce, added: ' ' what God gathered not separates it homem' '. This declaration of Jesus has given reason to much controversy.

It will be all marriage legal, or simply religious, made for God? How many and quanta people if judge to be marrying for the will of God and later they discover to have been to have impossible you promoted this marriage! That generic declaration of Jesus does not have to be applied to each case of marriage union. The necessary Christian to recognize its responsibility for the proper acts. He does not have to launch for the responsibility of God the consequences of its impensados acts. God in the ones of intelligence and feelings. Our feelings must intelligently be controlled for the reason and used. To be only married for feeling itself attracted sexually for somebody of the other sex is to act purely as animal. To try to win the solitude being joined itself it another being from fear to only see itself alone is very risky. To be married to obtain freedom of the paternal yoke is immaturity.

To use the marriage as weapon for the enrichment or as some young they make to have supports who them is infantile. Many other pueris reasons have that it renders unhappy many lives. To search the marriage in these bases is to candidatar it to a possible divorce.


Therefore, the pupil who only ' ' ingere' ' the content without the option to work its reasoning on the same, meets cut with a scythe by the authoritarianism of who if it considers superior, onipotente, onipresente, with the monopoly of knowing (professor). The questionadora school is that capable one to modify the paradigms that block the construction of an individual compromissado with the citizenship, directed toward the common good, and that it only arrives at this platform, because it is proportionate the right the word, the free one to think, the doubt, the contradiction, the attempt, the jib, at last, the idea of that does not have an absolute truth, and yes, its. If the intention of the professor is only the transmission of the knowledge, the position of it is very comfortable, now, if the thought is to go beyond this simple transference, its behavior if it makes much more demanding, engaged e, therefore, more challenging, frightful, therefore many do not risk longer flights. One of the artifices of Freire is job of the verbal language, that mentions the device to it drawee for the citizens for the interlocution between the same ones, that is, one instant of verbal communication characterized by the mediation of the language, set in motion in a context definite partner-description. The job of the language in the relation with the other suggests a convention environment, since, the individual power to decide process passes for the dialtico shock of the parts. In such a way, the verbal language receives the incumbency to provoke the educators and educandos in elapsing of the alfabetizao procedure, guests who are, to act, from the dialogues constructed for the interaction. In this direction, words bring obtain a experiencial substance that is applied to the method of Freire to come close itself to the common elements to one determined community.