The Crisis

Our relations in the social sphere and business must operate according to the same laws of nature. The problem is that now it are not doing, then our current crisis. As soon as mankind ceases to be a set of separate individuals and to become a single system, it will begin to be governed by the relevant laws: the laws of unique and comprehensive systems. Already we are not forgiven by those things that before we could escape. Continue to live in the old way is like jumping from the roof of a skyscraper and expect the best.

They have changed the rules of the game: now, instead of using one another as separate individuals, we have to take care of all elements of a tiered system. And until we do, the crisis will continue. There is an effective method that can make us easier the process of change: public opinion. Everything will be much easier when the channels of communication, the press, media mass communication and Internet explain you to people that we are all parts of a single system. In an agreement, an individual loss is the loss of all, and the benefit of an individual is the benefit of all. The way in which billions of dollars are being poured into the economy today is like pumped with painkillers to a person seriously ill. On the other hand, we have to change root our approach, replacing the I that is currently at the Centre of our worldview, by society.

However, this society will not be a mass of separate elements, but a family. A perfect world just imagine that all your around them are close relatives, and you sincerely want all of them to be happy. It helps them, and they feel and behave in the same way towards you. In addition, we receive from our financial institutions all the necessary help to maintain that lifestyle. This is the way of achieve a balance with nature. The laws that operate in a loving family are the same as we are now breaking, of a single, comprehensive and perfect system. As soon we know these laws and begin to follow them, will not continue to face us against nature, and this, in return, will reward us with prosperous social and economic systems. Dr. Phd Michael Laitman is Professor of ontology, PhD in philosophy and Kabbalah, with master’s degree in cybernetic biology. Author of 40 books on authentic Kabbalah. Founder of Bnei Baruj and Institute Ari, in Israel, dedicated to the teaching of the Kabbalah wisdom for free. Bnei Baruch has become a global organization with students from all parts of the world. Its members are dedicated to the research and dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Information at. KAB. Info. KAB. TV/spa. Laitman. It is Blogs related technology information, cities and exclusion. An experts point try in a seminar in Tenerife the ‘ multi-faceted chocolate experts After Caifanes for you Rockulto productions Market Minds Otra ChocoZona Alan Greenspan: The Crisis Spanish word of the day: However what remains of the left? the newspaper el salvador sv the Federal Reserve (Fed) will keep interest rates low for Alan Greenspan: The Crisis The Big Picture Blog Archive Alan Greenspan: The Crisis