The Means

The citizens possess individual freedoms and autonomy for its choices, therefore if she makes responsible for its success or failure, while these speeches of world without poverty run the reality of life of many, leaves escancarada the misery situation and shows the failure of the capitalist politics. II Soon historical of the Brazilian educational politics. ) Approaching the decade of 50 the 70. escolaridade as process integrator was very spread out in the phase where the new technological processes needed hand of qualified workmanship for its manuscript. These new on technological ways to the education denoted the development. This phase, for the necessity of formation of hand of qualified workmanship for the work, despertou the relation between education and economy. This necessity to characterize workmanship hand was favorable to the work market, for the development that the education propitiated when preparing the workers for the means of production and the new technological processes.

This necessity also became opportune to the State, for the economic contribution of the education, that was had as basic factor for the development goals. In this period, ahead of as many points given as positive on to the education, the pertaining to school systems had been become enlarged of significant form. education came as prerequisite in the attainment of a job, therefore the time subsequent to the second war where the world was in reconstruction, was opportune to have diligent apt will deal it with the new processes and technological innovations. The qualified worked one was certain source of incomes. Of form that to characterize the work force, it was of certain, a considered factor essential. During 50 years e60 aeducao strong was spread as development source. the expansion of the schools came as powerful form of social integration. The variation, in terms, that the education presented in this period, came as contribution for the economic growth in Brazil.