The Roads

That is, the entire road infrastructure will pay to maintain and operation of the road. Not hard to imagine that such a payment method can bring to the owner of the road is much more substantial profit than direct tolls citizens. But what is especially important for users for us, all roads will remain free. Moreover, even the cost of petrol at filling stations and roadside value of all goods and services will not change because the price is ultimately determined by competition and by supply and demand. And the competition will only increase. Cost of goods and services play in price formation in this case a minor role.

This will only change income roadside businesses. They have to pay a fair share of their profits to the owner of the road, due to which they actually exist. But as the indirect road users will pay for travel on the roads, paying for gasoline and other services, then just step simultaneously with the introduction of the above legislative initiatives would repeal the tax on roads for cars. In this case, the owner of most of the Russian roads can and probably should remain state. But the methods of property management at the same time would be more effective. An important advantage of this scheme to that currently exists, even while maintaining public property is that the money for maintenance and development of roads coming into an enterprise owning expensive than through taxes, directly bypassing the state budget. It is also important that the usual scheme of toll roads fare at the entrance is only possible on country roads.