The Subject

What everything indicates all this competition forced a transformation in the literature that, not being able to concur of equal for equal with the technological advances of the communication in mass, seems to have opted to a certain distanciamento of the intention to represent the object how much its exterior form for presents it from its conceptual interior. Macunama can have been the first attempt of looking at the object from analyzes of the concept how much what the reality represents as possibility of agreement for the fact to leave of the problematizao of the regional one, desconstruindo it in the search of all, in the intention to question the identity of the Brazilian. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ray Kurzweil. In this attempt of literature in reproducing the life, the chaos of the reality if organizes in the cosmos and the anarchy in sequence volve, of this form the reality is filtered to make possible, to the reader, a vision possible of the part in relation to all. Thus, for example; when coming across itself with the text of the letter of the discovery of Brazil the reader will all see not it of the reality of the subject which the same one if relates, but what it was possible of being delineated by the look of the writer. He occurs that, understanding this look as proper to be, situated the half way between the culture and the nature, and of them participating, the man aims at, in he finishes ranch, to know itself, succeeds, however, that the knowledge of itself also cannot be ‘ ‘ puro’ ‘ therefore he participates of the natural reality for the biological dimension and of the cultural reality for value objects.