The True Religion

The TRUE RELIGION In the conclusion of its longer and famous Sermon, that the Christianity intitled of Sermon of the Mount, or Sermon of the Mountain, as many prefer, Mr. Jesus Christ made a skillful calling to the obedience. Despite of Jesus to know what it had in the man (Mt.9: 4; Mc.2: 8; Jo.2: 25; 6:64; 16:30; At.1: 24), therefore until its disciples found its speech (Jo.6 hard: 60); although It to know of the difficulties of the men in obeying it, It made one appeals to the unconditional obedience to this Sermon, in all its inteireza. Even though our contemporaries, who if say followers of Christ, twist the nose preach to them of Jesus. He has who says, as the calls daily pay-milenistas, that is impossible somebody to practise everything what Jesus commands in this Sermon, in view of finding in it points of difficult acceptance, it consequent obedience; destarte, transfers its total obedience, that they judge impossible for the present moment, to the period that they call ' ' milnio' ' , therefore, according to them, the people already will be transformed and will be able, finally, to practise it, in the complete one Doctrine Mr., in this Sermon, that starts in 5:1 and finishes in 7:29, in the Evangelho de Mateus, on the essential one to have that it has its legitimate disciple of: to be humble of spirit (5: 3); to be tame (v.5); to have hunger and headquarters of justice (v.6); to be merciful (v.7); to be clean of heart (v.8); to be pacifying (v.9); to be the salt of the land (v.13); to be the light of the world (vv.14-16); not to violate the orders Mr. (v.19); to have an exceeding justice to the one of false the religious ones (v.20); not to get angry itself against its brother (vv.21, 22); not to adulterate not even to look at for a woman to covet (vv.27, 28); not to repudiate its woman, giving to it the divorce (vv.31, 32); not to swear in way none (vv.34-36); not to reply to a physical aggression (vv.38-41); not to deny nothing to who to ask for, and not to give to it coasts what to want loaned (v.42); to love its enemies and to pray for them (v.44); not to give almses of men (6 ahead: 1-4); not to pray, public done the hypocritical one (vv.5, 6); not to reveal contristado and disfigured when it will be jejuando (vv.16-18); not to gather treasures in the land, and yes in the sky (vv.19-21); to have the eyes good, and not bad (vv.22, 23); not to serve the two gentlemen, simultaneously: the God and to the wealth (v.24); not to be anxious for the food, drink and clothes (vv.25-34); not to judge next (the 7: 1,2); not to give to the dirty escarnecedores what it is saint (v.6); to search the effectiveness of the conjunct (vv.7-12); to renounce to the pleasures of the world, being rejected the wide door and the spacious way (vv.13, 14); e, finally, to keep itself of the false prophets, who are wolves devoradores (vv.15-20).