The Who Of Who Of German IAM Auto Parts Distribution

The “who is who of the German distribution of of part of” is an industry overview of the largest German car parts wholesalers in the poster format. The process of concentration and internationalization in part wholesale progressing further. As an orientation aid has wolk after sales expert created a poster with important structural data the biggest IAM part distributoren in Germany. Presented the 30 largest parts wholesalers that are total with sales of about 5.5 billion. at wholesale selling prices are the most important economic factor in the German independent aftermarket. The poster gives an overview to the revenue size of parts wholesalers, belonging to a collaboration and the related trade and workshop systems based on the graphical representation.

In addition, each part wholesalers with a short company profile is described, which provides among other things information about number of employees as well as locations and sales. In talks with operators crystallized always common need for a clear and straightforward overview, in particular: as a quick information for foreign business partners about the German parts distribution/workshop system landscape as a background information for strategy -, goal – and budget talks in the international management group for the staff qualification as general information for the awareness-raising of sales and marketing employees in industry and trade in the increasing competition. The poster comes in the format of DinA 0 as four-color. The price is plus VAT depending on the print version (with/without re-packaging or company logo 35 to 75) incl. shipping Learn more and order at: the who-is-who the German iam-teiledistribution.html?