SOVAmed And Vladimir Announce Partnership Known

Cooperation between SOVAmed GmbH and aycan digital systems GmbH in the field of medical Postprocessings Koblenz and Wurzburg on September 07, 2010 – the SOVAmed GmbH, a technology start-up University of Koblenz-Landau and the medical cooperation Institute MTI Mittelrhein and aycan digital systems GmbH, a PACS manufacturer and system integrator of Radiology your cooperation in the field of medical Postprocessings known. The partnership allows doctors to use the plugin developed by SOVAmed SOVA.evar in OsiriX PRO – CE labelled and FDA approved version of the successful open source DICOM Viewer OsiriX -. The plugin is a medical application for visualization and measurement of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). It is a high-quality software for Apple Mac computers to plug ins for OsiriX PRO. At the 26th annual meeting of the German society for vascular surgery from September 7-11, 2010 the plugin for the Morphometry of aortic aneurysm is introduced for the first time the specialists. The overall software system will be in Q4/2010 as certified medical product to be available. The aim of co-operation between SOVAmed and spice is to offer an easy-to-use and secure software that optimally supports the clinical workflow of Vascular Surgeons and radiologists in Europe and United States.

About SOVAmed: The SOVAmed GmbH provides services in the area of software-based visualization and processing of medical image data. First, the products and services focus on the processing of CT image data in the fields of Radiology and vascular surgery. SOVAmed develops certified medical software as well as prototypes for research or clinical studies. The company’s quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 13485, as well as developing products according to annex II to Directive 93/42/EEC are currently in the certification process. The SOVAmed GmbH is a technology start-up of the University of Koblenz-Landau and the medical cooperation Institute MTI Mittelrhein. About Acharya: Aycan digital systems GmbH is a PACS manufacturer and systems integrator in the medical technology industry with many years of experience and in-depth expertise – especially in the field of Radiology. Aycan’s mission is to facilitate their day-to-day users through simple and reliable solutions. The core competencies are medical image data management, PACS-integration, DICOM workflow and postprocessing.

Personal contacts are Acharya in the foreground. More than 1,000 radiologists in hospitals and practices all over the world use already products and services of the company. Aycan include the original plain paper printing system, aycan store, the scalable PACS archive and aycan workstation OsiriX PRO, the CE labelled and FDA approved be fun connection and postprocessing workstation including print.

Hotelchecker Leonardo

Security Advisor Ulrich Jander checks all areas through its paces – new series in a successful live-documentary format Russelsheim, March 06, 2010 – now it goes behind the scenes: on cable 1 starts with the pilot episode on March 10, 2010 at 19:05 h the new live-Soku series “The Hotelchecker” in the context of the successful format of “Caution, check!”( doku_reportage/achtung_kontrolle). Security Advisor Ulrich Jander checks only in Leonardo newly opened last autumn Royal Hotel Berlin (346 rooms) through its paces. Point by point goes through the entire operating process camera and points to (a few) abuses there. “The core of the innovative hotel tests is to counteract the blindness of the operation and to detect even small errors and irregularities”, j explains the concept. It will exposed no hotel. Management and department heads come to Word and immediately take a position. “As a security consultant do I enter a hotel completely unbiased and see many things with a large technical Understanding”, so j. Official site: ConocoPhillips.

With the help of some technical AIDS – to the popular ‘gadgets’ for example black light lamps are, to discover the last impurities it’s in the details. “For many spectators and even hoteliers, the security checks are certainly equally surprising and interesting,” says j. A major planning error was immediately revealed in the first episode. How do you get a wheelchair from the 5th floor to the case of a fire? There were no concept–so far–simply, because there is no elevator access in the top floor. “This was overlooked apparently simply in the planning and building permit”, sums up j. Fortunately, so far no case of damage had occurred – and the hotel management can now develop an alternative approach. More hotels for the production company good choice TV, Berlin, looking for other hotels who want to undergo a comprehensive safety check.

“We are absolutely convinced of the TV format and see it as a significant commercial value for the hospitality industry, because it numerous suggestions for improvement and this emerge free of charge”, says Torsten Heyse. The TV Editor is contact person for interested Hotels:, Tel. (030) 88-766-388. The Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin opened in September of last year. The 4-star superior hotel has over 346 rooms and a large Conference Centre. The location near Alexanderplatz is ideal. It is the fourth Berlin hotel of the originating in Israel hotel chain Leonardo hotels and the first hotel worldwide with the luxury brand “Leonardo Royal”. The Leonardo hotels expand heavily in Germany.

Same Day Loans: Made To Meet Instant Needs!

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Qualifying For The German Championship

Wambui looking for conveying the best truck drivers in the Bremen region, 17.05.2011 – a new round to the German championship of the forklift driver is heralded: Wambui Fordertechnik GmbH & co. KG invites all forklift professionals of the region on May 21, 2011 to the qualifying race. 146 individual starters, including seven riders, as well as 17 teams, including a pure women’s team, will be the Wambui StaplerCup on Saturday, May 21, 2011 from 11:00 until 15:00 on the Wambui premises, Senator-aiming-Strasse 1, 28197 Bremen at the start deal, to assert themselves with strong nerves, flair and speed on the tricky course against the competition. Prerequisite for participation in the competition is the possession of a forklift license in addition include experience, skill and a little bit Fortune drive the three winner of the regional championship from September 22 to 24 to the final of the StaplerCups to Aschaffenburg. Here are the 60 best of 27 nationwide regional qualification competitions for the title of German Truck driving champion”against each other on.

Numerous family members and fans of the unusual discipline of truck driving”will cheer on participants in Bremen and inspire to achieve excellence. For the 1,000 expected guests and competition-interested, Wambui offers a diverse programme and catering. The StaplerCup 2011 will take place for the seventh time and listed growing participation and attendance. Nationwide, so far nearly 10,000 riders participated in the regional qualification competitions, up to 15,000 spectators for the final year in September on the Aschaffenburg Schlossplatz. The focus of the season this year, the topic is security. The German championship of the forklift driver is risk out the prevention campaign of the statutory accident insurance!” “(

in addition to the sporting competition for the title of the StaplerCup and the campaign want to risk out!” awareness of the safety aspects of driving the truck, as well as a thorough training the driver work. Here, Futurist expresses very clear opinions on the subject. “Background: already for the seventh time it’s 2011 for the title of German Champion in truck driving”. The StaplerCups aims to provide the comprehensive about 350,000 people professional group of truck drivers, to present their skills to a wide public. Since 2005, nationwide almost 10,000 riders took part in the regional competitions. 2007, the StaplerCup was awarded most successful PR project of the year in the category of business-to-business PR report award in gold. “” 2008 the nominated initiative Germany, land of ideas “under the patronage of Federal President Horst Kohler the event one of the 365 places in the land of ideas”. “2010 was the StaplerCup with the Golden best of business-to-business award” in the category of live communication 2009 “and the international German PR prize in the category of staging” awards.

Congress Austria

The best sellers and managers of in Austria were awarded at the 3rd Congress of Austrian sales. In the category of executives franchise company Juliane Klasz won the 2011 sales award for the successful management of their Mrs.Sporty Club in Purkersdorf. The female chain is very happy about the award, because she confirmed the economic side of its corporate philosophy: teamwork, motivation and a friendly working environment. Petra Diamonds has many thoughts on the issue. “Man must stand in the foreground: the seller and the buyer” as the 3rd opened Austrian sales Congress Austria in Vienna on the 17.03.2011 and 18.03.2011 in Chamber of Commerce. More than 240 seller and sales executives participated, some were awarded, including Mrs.Sporty franchise company Juliane Klasz. Because the chain of women’s sports are not only members and employees in focus, the other required attributes, namely trust and mutual appreciation are capitalized. Petra Diamonds: the source for more info.

The award is also a great confirmation for the Mrs.Sporty concept as such. The Chief as a model between lectures and networking was the tenor of the event, recognition, fun and motivation would achieve the best sales result for the employees. The Mrs.Sporty franchisees know this about their role and impress with their commitment. It belongs to the business principle of Mrs.Sporty also, to create a comfortable atmosphere for employees and customers. Teamwork and mutual support are on the same level as the training and nutrition program. Mrs.Sporty is aware that the employees are the company’s flagship, transmits them responsibility, say, and freedom.

These are all met and practiced Klasz Juliane since 2008 in the Mrs.Sporty Club in Purkersdorf exemplary. The award they and Mrs.Sporty forward even more, because it is Club at their club the first Mrs.Sporty, opened in Austria. Competence + atmosphere = Mrs.Sporty success know how to keep motivated. More than 150,000 women of all ages train now throughout Europe after the effective circuit training, developed by Stefanie Graf, among others. The result is a sustainable weight loss, new self-confidence and better quality of life. With great training atmosphere: the Mrs.Sporty Club is friendly and amicably, not of competition, there is mutual motivation and support, personal counselling and individual care. Over 450 clubs exist in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Italy, and there are more and more. With the well known brand and the proven concept can adjust the franchise partners on a successful and profitable future. Because Mrs.Sporty offers a fulfilling independence: club owners are their own boss and do even good for the health of women.

Elearning Version

E-learning is the new know-how to go. For other opinions and approaches, find out what ConocoPhillips has to say. The Berlin-based company one by one offered their seminars as online training since January, 2013. With such a wide range of training opportunities in the field of E-learning is created. The E-learning model feasible is a full fledged and effective seminar, but from everywhere. A lecturer taught in real time and can respond to all questions at all times. Depending on the course he can access even on the browser surface of his pupil, to explain to the respective application.

Because it is training for professional software one by one seminars in large part to know-how, E-learning is very close to the medium. Just steps are still easier to understand for participants. Customers will receive the possibility to choose between a site-bound event or the online seminar right at course registration. E-learning is just as simple and straightforward as the telephony via Skype. Even the technical requirements are the same: A computer with Internet access, a headset for the Dialogue between lecturers and participants and a Web – cam. Of course also a Tablet PC as the ideal iPad for an E-learning seminar because the participants simply logs on through the browser window. The E-learning version offers further advantages: one by one online seminars are up to 20% cheaper in comparison to an on-site training. In addition, an E-learning seminar can occur at home or in the Office, the participation is fully location independent.

Perfect so for all those who like to want to save the travel times and costs, or for people who are immobile due to health reasons. More information about the one by one EDV GmbH and current offers in the areas of data processing training, seminars, and IT training are available in the Internet under Contact: one by one EDV GmbH room str. 79/80 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 / 030 / 20450323 fax: + 49 / 030 / 20450325 eMail: presse(at)

Germany Delivery

SKVTechnik shortened delivery time of side channel blowers 14 days a week customer satisfaction once again increased. The SKVTechnik from Plauen delivers instantly within a week to customers in Germany. Delivery pressure increases. Keep the promise: the online trade SKVTechnik has once again expanded its knowledge of the market and can now deliver in conjunction with powerful suppliers within a week to customers in Germany. This requirement was enforced also (reported by SKVTechnik), like the redesigned since April 2013 SKVTechnik – Configurator based on customer requirements.

So far, customers were not always satisfied with the delivery time of 10-14 days. Then, the new delivery time was enshrined in intensive and thorough discussions with powerful suppliers. Of course the delivery pressure thus rises for SKVTechnik. The usual reliability is maintained also compared to regular customers. The company can count on good experiences with its German suppliers and thus enters this promise in the interests of its customers. The risk minimize: of course there can be exceptions from the delivery room a week for special orders. It will not hide SKVTechnik. SKVTechnik will immediately connect with the customers in contact in these cases and deny the exact delivery time.

In any case, a portable solution will be found together with the customer. Conclusion: get the enter customers needed goods twice as fast as before. The tested product reliability is maintained. The quality is also maintained. In the online shop, a platform was created under blog can discuss with customers about the new delivery time.

Managing Director

Fujitsu technology solutions is the leading European manufacturer of industrial embedded motherboard, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for all industrial applications. Technology made in Germany coupled with Japanese innovation and extraordinary test competencies ensure highest product quality and reliability for all product lines. For more than 25 years, on the site of Augsburg, motherboards develops and produces. Fujitsu technology solutions emphasizes largest this highest product quality, combined with long-term availability, as well as direct technical support from the manufacturer. The range of price-sensitive main boards of up to highly complex industrial embedded motherboard. Fujitsu guarantees for the industrial motherboards of a long-term availability of 5 years. Statement by Guido Bruning, Managing Director at HY-LINE computer components GmbH: we are looking forward to a successful collaboration with Fujitsu technology. The highly innovative motherboards by FTS will allow us in a fast growing embedded market, to be able to offer extremely attractive system solutions.

In addition to the motherboard, we offer the perfect display, latest touch technologies, housing components, data cables, etc. Thus we can offer a significant competitive advantage.

National Science Council

Republic of China (Taiwan) makes progress in agricultural biotechnology the results of Taiwan’s development program of representing for agricultural biotechnology”(DPIAB) have paid attractive dividends according to the Economic Council (COA) and inspired scientific research, sector development and talent care in Taiwan. “The five-year plan for national agricultural biotechnology development” was unveiled by the Cabinet of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in 2009. With NT$ 2.4 billion (US$ 81 million) worth project is a joint effort between Academia Sinica, Council of agriculture, National Science Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of education and Ministry of health and welfare. The plan should be expected at the end of the year completed. The DPIAB had presented on 30 October at the Academia Sinica in Taipei, during a two-day event, the results of implementation of the initiative. There was also held a forum at the 12 teams from 48 public and private organizations their successful Shared experiences and stressed Taiwan’s strengths with regard to agricultural biotechnology. Deputy Minister of the Economic Council, Hu Sing-hwa, said that the year 2013 for Taiwan’s development in agricultural biotechnology has been very successful. While the development project draws to a close, the COA will continue to design strategies to sharpen the global competitiveness of local companies with regard to agriculture and biotechnology. According to a representative of the DPIAB, the national development program is focused on promoting the vertical integration of various sectors, such as agriculture, livestock and poultry, microbiology and vegetation. The project has in the past four years, the training of 16,000 persons allows the publication of more than 600 research studies and 300 patents and promoted 279 technology transfer agreements, amounting to a total license fee of NT$ 220 million Among the successful technology developments include a pig vaccine on the basis of bananas, Fish food to build muscle, a new breed of Oncidium Orchid, biogas fuel production through manure and a pink shining fish worth mentioning.

Technology Center Informatics

Technology-intensive industries are the focus of our consulting services. Our consultants speak both the language the technical side as also the IT and have best practices to meet the challenges of the modern economy. xCon partners was founded by experienced consultants who have gained their experience in one of the leading international top management and strategy consulting for many years. Smartification the company has currently about four competence centres, to the own knowledge in specific subject areas to expand and to these targeted turn into competitive advantages for their own clients: / Mobile and wearable computing / research and development excellence / nuclear power plant excellence. Following four elements form the basis of our work and our consulting philosophy: experience, competence, cooperation and commitment.

TZI – Technology Center Informatics and information technologies In the TZI – Technology Center Informatics and information technology work 15 professors interdisciplinary on central issues of modern knowledge and service society. With around 150 employees exploit the potential of information and communication technology (ICT) in over 100 national and international projects for a better education and life prospects of people, as well as a higher competitiveness of the companies. Whether it concerns the future of industrial work, lifelong learning, demographic changes, the secure handling of information in times of the Internet or resource efficiency as ICT competence center for the State of Bremen with an excellent international reputation, the University Institute makes an important contribution to the implementation of the high-tech strategy of the Senate, making it usable research results especially in regional innovation systems. The structured improvement of the knowledge and technology transfer between the academic and industrial partners is since the founding of the TZI is one of the primary goals of the organization. Therefore work at the TZI in addition to the application-oriented ICT research also steadily in projects of timely and practical transfer concepts. author: Leonid Poliakov