Water Pressure

Solve a problem maintain the desired pressure in the water network necessary for the safe operation of dishwasher, washing machine, helps circulation pumps. The gas pressure can only be considered when choosing equipment, giving preference models adapted to local conditions (an example can serve as a gas water heaters and boilers ariston, equipped with special functions). The selected temperature is maintained at the pressure of water (Boilers GENUS), a continuous modulation of power in the circuits of heating and hot water and electronic temperature control are carried out using a special sensor. So stability is achieved by working in low pressure water and gas. Sometimes pipelines, a so-called "" – air tube, which also displays the device, in particular, pumps out of action.

To prevent it necessary to carry out deaeration, or removal of gases from continuous flow of water. It is an essential step in water treatment to protect the power equipment and pipelines against corrosion. Air, which is present in the system in the form of large bubbles (free air) removed with different air vent. To provide for their installation must be at the stage layout strapping equipment. The demands manufacturers to appropriate devices included in the of piping (pressure gauges, air outlet, filters), may suggest a service technician. Maintenance work in the manual devices typically contain policy guidance to be to know and service workers, and consumers, as they relate to both installation and operation.

Most of those intended for the consumer, are simple. For example, all of the pump can only be when it stops. With respect to gas columns need to know that attempts to self-purification of scale – an infusion of vinegar or other cleaners – are strictly forbidden. Self-improvement or manufacture of spare parts is also not permitted because only original spare parts and accessories are certified by the manufacturer, provide security for the consumer: they are tailored in size, were mandatory testing, made of material required, etc. Keep in mind that to cause the master need not only when disaster struck. It is very important to observe the time prescribed in the Regulations for carrying out routine inspection and replacement of parts, expired. This is the key to long work sophisticated home appliances. Modern equipment is designed and constructed already given In order to service representative had access to any band instrument. When you purchase "smart" devices, which are generally easy to use, the owner can be sure that the device itself would give him to know about failure of one or another part. Technology for smart-house is equipped with display system breakdowns. To automate the management process, for example, referred to downhole pumps sq, concern grundfos offers control units cu. With their help, two-way communication with the pumps and total control. And in the event of a fault (voltage drop, overheating, overvoltage), in the case of dry running and other emergency indication as to help himself user and the master to determine the cause of malfunction. Modern technology, particularly equipment for engineering systems, private homes, can help solve many problems. However, you do not must not forget: that the equipment was always in order, a qualified approach. Its basis is an accurate selection and professional installation. And as an add-in should perform regular maintenance and timely service. Press office of the company "Grundfos"