Who Pays All Renewables?

Who pays for it? -Renewable means of payment who pays it all – so it is unnerving in the media now, probably for weeks, and become the focus of all talks and political discussions. What is meant is the conversion of energy supply to the clean, safe, environmentally friendly energy supply. Can no longer really be a sillier question and the misleading here is that just the questioner media that transport them, politicians, their consultants, economists, economists, etc., know perfectly well and those who don’t know it yet, help fog’s political machinery, confuse this. To leave no doubt as to the correct answer – here it is: the consumer and the taxpayer. It is each proportional to scan the fog here, one and the same person – we all know. This person will pay on consumption and the overlying taxes, so exactly two times. Please no doubt to come, it is actually so.

This is not somewhere written down, it is the logical conclusion has always been applicable and only Truth and law. This is logical and real, the question must be: “that is how expensive, how much must we pay? A mathematical model calculation, can bring enlightenment here. This flimsy discussion that now heats and dumbing people down – just a few years behind more nuclear energy, which prevailed energies should be, possibly via an additional, higher electricity prices rising so constantly and dynamically, with or without renewable. It is easy to the children, and this question as they say in the vernacular: “Who pays for it,” costs how much money that, for the entire time of the discussion of “professionals, politicians and consultants” – Yes, it is to the children. Ultimately it paid all back an and the same person, the consumer who is at the same time taxpayers. Thank you very much. When these people stop with the speeches and speeches and act? How long should we us now listen to this brain-cracked nonsense and read? But there are also here, as always, what you so not going to believe- an alternative. We nationalize the bridging technology, is the only nuclear power plants, perhaps equal worldwide all – due to internal security and the threat posed by you, that on the basis of hundreds of evidence.

These now popularly, as new owners, also place bridges technology and all profits that exist here, in renewable technologies, directly and without any delay invested. After this heroic deed, all reactors by the network are taken and disposed of together with all nuclear waste on the moon. A Variant, the mysterious way, never someone seriously has taken in the eye. A perfect solution that loosely and without delay, could our politicians all together on the current green trip through a constitutional amendment with similar speed, as the bailout and nationalisation of Hypo Real Estate, here is about life and death, enforce. This is a neat solution. Frankly, a little Communist, but for very practical. A suitable system: Global primary care for people and Nations – the way to another company Seite%20Download.html Wolfgang Bergmann