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Still, as the authors above, the protocol does not decide names of neighbors for standard, you has to qualify the discovery of net in all the computers of the sub-net. One another one and last disadvantage is that the LLMNR cannot be used to decide names of computers beyond the local sub-net. Mickin and Northrup (2009). 6.CONSIDERAES FINAL Is verified that the process of resolution of names facilitates the way of as the users have access the resources in the net. >. Instead of using numbers, you write the name of the resource and for it brings of this process exists mechanism that convert the requested name into addresses IP? s.

In corporative nets the main protocol of resolution of names is the DNS (Serving of Names of Domain), however in companies that they do not blunt of devices for the implantation and sustentation of the DNS searched for standardized solutions and of easy implementation. In the environment case of nets Microsoft ones of the main protocols of resolution of names it is the Netbios. As visa previously, the protocol makes possible the computers customers in the same net if to communicate without the necessity of complex configurations. However, the Netbios protocol is known that for using the process of resolution of names for diffusion (request is sent to all the computers in the net) cause a traffic of considerable net being able causes errors in the accesses to the resources of the net. Still, we understand not the support of the Netbios protocol the version of the IPv6 protocol. In this direction, Microsoft if pledged in to project by means of RFC 4795 a protocol of resolution of names of easy implementation, insurance and that of this support to the IPv6. The LLMNR makes possible the computers Seen Windows, Windows Server the 2008 or superior possibility to create a group of computers for communication without the necessity to exist the DNS.