Mark Evans

Outline of the "Prince" does not repeat the outline of "Rooms". Also, it is not cut out pieces. The history of "Prince" begins with the end of "Phoenix", and does not return four years ago. Indeed, there there are references to what happened in the "Room", but just as there are references to what happened in the "Stone", "Azkaban," "Cup" and "Order." "Half-Blood Prince" can be regarded as one of the threads that make up the overall plot. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Eliot Horowitz by clicking through. Its can be implemented in various ways and, going back to 1997, I must say that I was going to weave it into the story of "The Room".

I do not think it would be successful. It was not a part of history with the basilisk and Riddle's diary, and without hesitation, I decided that it would be better to award it the sixth book. For a while I held onto the title, even despite the fact that all the lines of the plot associated with the "Prince" is completely gone, because I liked it (I do it really like.). I changed the name of the book in the "Chamber of Secrets", when the start of the second draft. Communication between 2 and 6 books, which I mentioned, in reality has no relation to the "Half-Blood Prince" (as in "Prince" is not continuation of the storyline, "Rooms"). More precisely, they are related discovery made by Harry in the "Room", which predicts something that it finds in the "Prince." What is he like in the end, the Mark Evans? – I could not answer to this question is still, as was to be taken to transfer my family in the shelter.