Successfully Manage The Shift

How can companies ensure a smooth transition and enforce a change? How can companies ensure a smooth transition and enforce a change? The research shows that companies with rigid processes and a strict work ethic poorly adapt to ongoing change. Research from towers Watson has called some properties, which determine how a company can effectively manage the shift: lead, communicate and measure. According to Phil Merrell Tower Watson, many companies find it very difficult to cope with major organizational changes. Tower Watson’s research shows that less than 50% of the companies in the position are to act within their budget and follow a schedule. Especially companies that successfully manage change, approaching the process in a logical and systematic manner. Companies define their goals and implement controls so they cope with the change. The executives with Experiences in the field of management training have developed clear directions for employees, which significantly streamline the management of change. The top executives must communicate clearly so their visions.

This must used to ensure that the employees understand the future development as, as the Manager. Therefore the employees do not understand often, why the Organization must go through such a transformation. The Manager must be very sensitive to such reactions in this case, need to speak with the staff and take them to the uncertainty. For this purpose, so that the change can be achieved, communicate effectively in written and spoken form is essential. The executives must so constantly talk with the staff on the future course of action, so that everyone understands the company to proceed.

It is also important that important information of regarding major decisions on this train are shared with employees. When the passing crucial Information maintained, leads always to the confusion and uncertainty. At upcoming changes, the employees are questioning always new and unusual approach. As a Manager, one must be open for this kind of questions and take time to explain the future of the company. If this employee questions are answered, the uncertainty and the confusion will disappear. The Manager, that they as gently shape the change for the employees and therefore the resulting effects of change does not properly observe and measure risk. The measurement of success is extremely important and requires setting clear, realistic and measurable goals. Therefore Manager should constantly monitor the progressive change and thus the effects, so they can determine whether the change has paid off. Managing the process of change is to look at the long term and that is why it is very important that the Manager clearly lead the Organization and a focus. If a lot of time, effort and money invested be the Manager in their visions and intentions should be very determined and sure. If the change processes are mastered and your company successfully to run, it is certainly helpful to attend management-training courses with a special focus on change management. Jonathan Beth