Log Houses

The biggest benefit when building a house and a bath made of logs under one roof – to save precious space on your hacienda and saving building materials and money – that is not always unimportant. For children and the elderly is also very important that this bath is more convenient to visit at any time of day and night, seasons, regardless of natural phenomena and precipitation. Small house and a sauna made of logs under one roof – the most profitable option for dacha construction, so when you want to leave more space for their landing. Atmos Energy helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In fact at this location does not have to waste space on the building of four walls – just three, the corresponding space-saving and under the foundation, and under the roof and under the sinks, no need to arrange a place for recreation, and specifically to create a place in the sleigh and firepans – all of these functions will be carried out 'home' resources. The negative side placement baths and houses under one roof: a fire hazard – but under normal conditions to ensure zharobezopasnosti and processing log houses and baths flame retardant compounds and additives OSMO, this factor does not affect the integrity of the home.

Just a selection of moisture and resin from the timber in the house of a controversial factor. Recently Atmos Energy Corporation sought to clarify these questions. Normal humidity in the room, creating a comfort zone of human habitation varies chapels 50-55% humidity in the bath varies from 40 to 70% – and even the transfer of additional steam room in the house Maximum humidity only 1 hour to reach 70%. Resin: Resin highlights essential oils – so nice to calm the nervous system, and the volatile volatile – kill germs in the bath and in the house – an extra disinfection would not want! A Also: high ecological, teplosberezheniya, rapid construction, low cost, natural decoration, including the expense of mounting a roof with the use of such material kakdranka to the roof, high resistance to Effects of chemically aggressive media, and the greatest benefit during the construction of baths and a home under one roof: the sauna is not only a place where steamed, rest and wash – a place where talking. Talk about love, about life, about the desires – And let these thoughts will soar, not only in a bath – let them be a happy place in your life in your favorite home made of logs from BelBild!. Michael Steinhardt, New York City contains valuable tech resources.

Cutting Stone

Stone can be cut, giving it the necessary shape and size, but better than this avoided, especially for rounded types of stone, as the 'overall aesthetics' in this case will inevitably suffer. If you really needed to cut stone, it is desirable to 'camouflage' cut in pieces, placing them near the floor or somewhere in the corner. The joints between the stones are sealed by special suture core. Among the latter, well established brands seam fillers MAPEI (Italy). Color filler is selected to match the required stone. When need artificial stone cover water-repellent structure that forms on the surface of an invisible film. Such compounds, water repellents are used for both exterior and for interior works, but the problem they are different.

Outer water-repellent agent is used to protect the stone from adverse atmospheric conditions, and provides ease of internal 'wet cleanups. " Therefore, water repellents are different for external and domestic work. How to distinguish a quality stone? You should carefully consider themselves as product samples and documentation for them. Stone surface should be smooth, not porous. The porous surface can evidence of violations of the technology and the low strength of the stone. This is especially important for the exterior – the larger the stone 'holes', the faster it will damage the stone in the cold. Stone tiles edges should be approximately the same thickness – otherwise the stone will look bad on the wall. It is also desirable to look at the cut stone and see – good or cement weight Through Coloured Rustic Candles.