Sheet Metal Paints

For example, galvanized sheet metal paint can not be an ordinary alkyd paint, as a result of alkaline surface alkyd paint oxidized and lose their encircling the property. The result – Paint peeling occurs from the surface. For painting galvanized steel sheet to use specially designed for such purposes, industrial paints, which contain corrosion inhibitors. […]

Sergei Tsvetkov

Organization, to use English varnishes anyway back to us. Since the imported goods – all the same pig in a poke. I will say more: the Swedes buy our train to handle the stairs – do not maintain their structures, as Russian fire regulations in our country are very strict. Foreigners pay much attention to […]

Digital TV

Probably many of us have heard the XXI century called the century of digital TV. According to the Russian Government, our country already in 2015 will fully switch to digital broadcasting. Here we are with you today will try to approach This phenomenon is called from inside and find out what digital TV is better […]

Construction and Repairs

All decoration and building work is done the best specialists in the field of construction, decoration and repair. Accumulated experience and high quality of work will make your office or home apartment as comfortable and modern. All types of work include a range of different services that will help not only to create a modern […]

Romantic Bedrooms

The idea for a romantic bedroom number 1: make your bedroom into a slightly minimalist style. The absence of a large number of bright distractions and sharp corners calms and pleases the eye. Draw the walls of your bedroom soothing pastel colors. Pick a color of the furniture and bedding. The idea for a romantic […]

Construction Tools

Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a huge selection of construction tools – from traditional, proven over centuries to the latest innovations. Distinguish professional and amateur (Household) tools. Due to the intensity of the use of professional tools are made of better quality, durable, wear-resistant materials. Unprofessional tool more simple and cheap often universal and versatile, […]

Assess Long-term Thermal Thermal Insulation

In developed countries, plastic foams for over 50 years are used as thermal insulation products in the form of rigid plates. Long-term heat-engineering parameters of plates made of extruded polystyrene (XPS) were improved the evolution of blowing agents (BA). Products made of polystyrene foam without Freon (CFC, HCFC, HFC) to until the end of 1950. […]

Carpet Waterproofing

Feature exploited in the roof that its base should be rigid. Otherwise not be able to maintain the integrity of waterproofing. The base may serve as a concrete screed, which creates the necessary slope for drainage, or decking. Insulation on a roof will experience increased static and dynamic loads, and therefore must have a high […]

Classic Wooden House

The classic version of the log-wood house – the structure with self-supporting walls, or, more simply, a wooden frame. These log homes are classic wooden frame. Of course, they are different projects appearance, methods of logging and log technical parameters, but building them on a common pattern: the same flat logs stacked on each other […]

Laying Solid Wood

Laying solid wood – a new birth with new technology. Massive board is likely ancestor of all modern covers of wood flooring. Wooden flooring solid wood arranged long before the the first mentions of the floor. More recently, solid wood just born again in his new application. Board recently was synonymous with the cheap and […]