The Things

What works is to think of what you want. As we just said it is the key to build the future you want. What is authentically te importa? To perform your inventory it is necessary that you do so totally focused. You must create the things that you want to have, do, be, with people you want to share it, where and the feelings that will determine your life. You will be surprised what happens when you have a clear representation of what you wish for. Your neurological system is programmed to do so.

There are things that time ago want to and that have not yet managed to: want to change your job? What a job that you like? Carry out one project that you both want? Do you want to advance in your current job? Do you want to finish those studies you have earrings? What physical conditions would you change? What traits of your character would you correct? What beliefs makes while you want to develop? With whom would you improve your relationship with your partner, a family member, friend, co-worker?. What hobbies would like to change or develop, sporting, artistic, scientific or other? Would you like to do, independent of your work or obligations? Closest to you who do think that need your help and how you can give it? Do you want to change some aspect of your situation, mental disorder, addiction permanently? Or, are they new jobs, projects, wishes, dreams that you had never thought? How much money would earn in a given time? What knowledge or skills you would like to expand or acquire? What aspects of your health you could improve? Who you want to be, now and in the future? Do you want to find partners, or new friends, colleagues overcome your loneliness? Which adventure would you like to live? Which country would you like to know? What experience would you like to experience? Profound and lasting change you produce in your life? Do you want to start again some activity, feeling? Do you want to perform some frustrated illusion? As you can see to set your goals you can resort to your unfulfilled desires, to your memories, or give freedom to your mind, your imagination and creating of new. You can create new desires, illusions, projects that you’ve never proposed. You don’t need to limit your goals or