How To Buy A Computer

I have often asked the board: "where to buy a good computer in Orel?" Many times personally helped and explained for novice users how to do it just and what principles should be relied upon. Want to share their observations. The basis of advice offered in this article is the assertion that you are not a computer guru, but have only a general idea about computers. It's about desktops, although the general principles will also apply to laptops and subnoutbkukam. Therefore, this article will be useful for a wide range of users.

Proceed. First, you need to decide to purchase, ie, Why do you need a computer? Depending on the objectives purchases need to take further action. 1.Ofisny computer 2.For child's learning 3.For professional work (programming) 4. Station (games and entertainment) Office computer involves working with Microsoft Office software package, or analogs, printing and scanning center. Many believe that this problem needs a powerful computer, but it is not.

Moreover, for these purposes, you can easily pick up used, the crisis is especially important. Look newspaper free ads or city portals. Sistemnik (system unit) is worth taking a hands on money is in the 4000 – 8000 rubles, depending on your needs. lcd monitor is better to take a (new), but one of the cheapest. lcd monitors to eye on much safer than the tube. 17 inch will cost you around 4500 – 5500 rubles. The printer is better to choose a laser, despite its high price compared to inkjet counterparts. This will allow further save on printing and service. The price of issue 3500 – 5000 rubles. The scanner is recommended to buy a separate device. Children are the flowers of life, and that they will not wither before his iron the other – do not confuse the computer for learning and play unit is to invest as Comp bought than one year. When a child becomes conscious and learns to control and limit the time spent in front of the monitor will be to upgrade and buy the game vidyuhi. For professional advice of one – to put into your computer. You're going to earn from it. The monitor preferably 22 inches wide. Current programs have many features panels and they take place on the screen. For their location is convenient to use a widescreen monitor. This is a subjective opinion, developed in the course of work, and listen to it or not you decide. Gaming computer is comparable with the beautiful a powerful sports car. Prestigious and expensive. The important criteria here are: a fast processor (multi-core is not necessary but desirable), faster ram, a modern gaming graphics card, monitor with a high contrast and minimal response time. For better perception of the gameplay can get gaming keyboard, mouse, steering wheel, joystick. The above tips are shared. They aim to encourage make the right decisions. If you have any doubt – contact the seller – the consultants and tell them the purpose of purchasing and budget. They will certainly help. And if you are afraid of fraud, then the Call from the shop a friend programmer. Happy shopping!

President Calderon

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Choosing A Laptop

If the look and design more or less clear – everyone chooses the 'clothing', relying solely on your taste, then in choosing the 'stuffing' (system configuration) to rely on the opinions of a sales consultant at least recklessly. Purchase planned not cheap, and a consultant – the person concerned. hetic response will follow. In addition, the laptops – is often Brand-device and on the future Upgrade can not dream of – cheaper to buy a new laptop. Which processor to choose? The vast majority of models of portable computers are collected on processors from Intel. At amd, age-old rival Intel, also has mobile versions of processors for notebooks, but the proportion of laptops, which they completed, is negligible (at least in Russia the situation is such). What makes a mobile version of the processor from the processor for desktop systems? The first energy-saving technology, which allows prolong battery life. At Intel – it's Speed Step, with amd – Power Now! However, the essence is the same: in ac mode the processor runs at full capacity, providing maximum performance, but as soon as the computer is moved to on battery, the processor runs in polsily. Unlike the mobile variant of the following – increased twice as second-level cache that improves processor performance.

ram Buyer interested in, what amount would be sufficient, we recommend you start by answering the question: 'Enough for what? " Answering the second question first, it is easy to answer at first. And really, why we need a large amount of 'RAM'? In if you plan to work with most modern operating systems and software packages, your machine will need as much ram. In the case of its lack of some programs simply refuse to run, and the operating system will create on the hard disk huge file size. Engine hard drive, in turn, will keep spinning, consuming battery power. So we would advise in any case not to save on computer memory. Video System It includes a graphics controller with video memory and the computer display. In thin ultraportable laptops are usually establish a display with a diagonal, at least 14 ', whereas in standard notebooks meet more screens.

This is mainly done in order to reduce the size of the product. Resolution in thin models often do not exceed 1024×768 pixels. Portable computers are purchased is usually not for graphics, but for office tasks (at least, this opinion leading manufacturers), so that even the most modern laptops can be found graphics card 'comes from the last century. " But with the advent of next-generation graphics chip, this situation is changing rapidly and there are laptops, equipped-art video cards. Hard Disk Consumption power does not depend on the hard disk, so it is better to select a drive bigger (good prices on them are not exorbitant). In the notebook uses special 2.5 "HDDs with reduced power consumption.