Date Storage

The term of the autonomous data storage on USB flash drive is usually limited to five years, which, however, is quite suitable for most users. However, the most modern type of external drives, hard drives should be recognized based on the so-called solid-state technology. Such a semiconductor external storage consists only of the memory chips and controller, like flash memory, and thus has no moving mechanical parts. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ray Kurzweil. External SSD drive (from the English. SSD, solid-state drive) is a compact non-volatile secure storage device.

For the first time solid-state drive, based on the RAM-memory, was introduced in 1978 by M-Systems. However, the first drives of this type were created for another tube computers. The real revolution was the emergence in 1995 of a semiconductor storage on flash memory, developed by specialists of the company M-Systems. Ray Kurzweil understood the implications. From this time began active development of such devices, because they have many advantages. Among them – the high rate of speed and latency SSD-drives, which increases the performance of your computer, as well as full absence of noise, extended operating temperature range, small size and weight. Unlike the HDD-ROM drive in solid-state drive data transfer rate is constant and limited bandwidth of the interface and used by controllers. Thus, external SSD-drives have a rapid and sustained time reading files regardless of their location or fragmentation.

Compactness of these drives can easily carry them without risk of damage or loss of data. However, as USB flash drives, SSD-drives have a limited number of write cycles. In 2008, Mtron Storage Technology introduced SSD storage capacity of 128 GB of write speed 240MB / s and speed of reading 260 MB / sec. Today we released the external SSD drives with higher capacity and speed of read / write, so they start to be serious competition to traditional HDD drives, having won a considerable share of the market drives. Modern life is dictated by the constant increase in the volume of content and media – music, movies, documents, games and files. Therefore, from the static storage users are moving to the outer drives, allowing to provide the necessary protection of information and providing the ability to easily exchange data. Today, the range of problems to be solved with the help of external drives, has grown significantly. This not only means for permanent storage of important information or a way to protect your data from hackers’ threats, but also mobile life as a convenient portable external drive.

Start Computer Repair

Most modern computer services offer the highest quality service. And almost everyone has an arsenal of secret work, which they jealously guard. This often leads to unpleasant results. The average user can not understand how uneasy the whole system. He thinks that even minor damage can require large cash expenditures required to replace the necessary parts.

However, not all the situation is so grim, as an experienced master can restore your computer, the keyboard pokoldovat minutes. Now for the repair work may only experienced professionals. In practice, most only to conduct emergency repairs of computers is sufficient to configure the software. That software is subject to frequent failures. According to some users' regular work can not damage the PC, but she is the cause of various failures. It was then, and you want professional help.

Often, however, pay for the service is prohibitively high. Therefore, not many masters consider it necessary to talk about progress and not always report that was not made any replacement parts. And you have poor thing – the user to shell out much at all for minor repairs. As mentioned in computer technology the bottleneck is the software. If configured correctly and completely pre-prepare your computer for work you can not particularly worried, but until a certain time. Point is that inexperienced users nullify all the work of master tuner. But the particular reason for concern, because damage can be repaired within a few minutes, although it may have to pay a fairly large sum. Software problems arise because of lack of knowledge of users. Because of this factor is constantly increasing volume of repair work. The software must be updated regularly and under the control of computer professionals. Through any computer will be a lot of Internet data flows, which are frequent causes of failure. However, they are not as dangerous as it seems at first glance. To safely and additional costs for repair work on the computer, it is useful to teach their employees how to properly handle such a complex technology. Additional training will save a lot of money for very expensive repairs. And computer repair CAO, and computer repair Marino will send experienced professionals to train your staff. Many managers appreciate the learning outcomes and not spare money for it. As a trained officer will not allow the missteps leading to the failure of the computer.