Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, And Chad Smith Form Supergroup

Chickenfoot: Only Germany concert on July 7, 2009 in Hamburg only Germany concert on July 7, 2009 in Hamburg Satriani: we are in this band genuine stage animals gathered “(tme) the era of the supergroups seemed to be over. Finally, it’s been quite a while that All-Star-Bands such as cream, blind kept faith, the Traveling Wilburys, or Asia with a premium-line-up sensation. But also in the rock music: often comes unexpectedly. And actually not a music connoisseur could really expect this band… All the geniesserischer are flicking fans with his tongue. People such as Hal McRae would likely agree. Because behind seemingly innocuous and modest band called Chickenfoot world stars, legends, without exception are absolute masters of their trade: guitarist Joe Satriani (for many of the world’s best guitarist, temporary member of deep purple), singer and guitarist Sammy Hagar (ex-Van Halen), bassist Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen), and drummer Chad Smith (red hot chili peppers). Certainly, the cast has the potential to set new musical standards. More than that, These Formation offers musical dynamite.

Because while you can assign uniquely virtuosic Hard Rock Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, Chad Smith and especially Joe Satriani introduce experimental Funk and fusion nuances in the new Super Quartet. Moreover, each and every one of these formation existing only from Assen has impressive showman qualities. On the performances of this slightly different pile of chicken it will be so very excited. The provisionally only Germany concert held on July 7th in Hamburg in the Grosse Freiheit 36. “The large guesswork about the musical path of the chicken feet fired singer Sammy Hagar with a self-conscious quotation: people who have heard our first own songs, said: that sounds like Led Zeppelin you guys are just as good! if no comparison, you can… be proud” A statement, which also makes it clear that here four egomaniacs at work are not, but real team player. The multiple Grammy Award nominee Joe Satriani becomes less concrete: Each of us has his own experiences and influences. This is a colorful mix.

“But I can tell you much: it will be tough, it is classic.” Satriani which was before his solo career by including Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Steve Vai guitar teacher, forward especially to the live concerts with Chickenfoot: we have gathered in this volume genuine stage animals. The concert-goers are wondering, the show is fantastic.” Chickenfoot a Line-Up of superlatives: Joe Satriani Guitar: whether solo or with bands such as deep purple, Joe Satriani, always boasting virtuosic musicianship. His brilliant Legatos earned him multiple Grammy nominations. Sammy Hagar vocals & guitars: Songwriter, guitarist and showman, Shouter: Sammy Hagar wrote not only as Van Halen singer many chapter in rock history. Michael Anthony bass: from Van Halen (until 2004), bass foundation of studied musicians coined generations of bass players. Chad Smith drums: as a drummer for the red hot chili peppers got Chad Smith to world fame. In addition he provided include Johnny Cash, Glenn Hughes, fishbone and John Fogerty powerful Groove. Mario Mendrzycki & Henning Togel present: Chickenfoot single concert in Germany 07 July 2009 Hamburg / Grosse Freiheit 36 tickets has begun.

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Getting acquainted with Decoder'om (Darren Beale), Technical Itch find it invaluable support and as a result of their joint collaboration is born first EP Mark, called Plasmic Life. The next step is mark the opening of Mark's own record company Tech Itch Records. The label for a long time does not get out of a deep underground and is the real support is provided by Kenny Ken, always uses Releases Tech Itch Rec. in his broadcast on London's Kiss FM. This brings Product Tech Itch respect and, of course, fame. There comes a high point: the label pours more and more new releases, basking in the glory, but Mark is contracted with the legendary record company Moving Shadow. Here on Moving Shadow, he earns reputation, which characterizes its dynamic, high-tech and at the same time, biting style of writing songs.