Nexsan System

This ensures that expandable, reliable and their budget adapted appliances available are our customers.” Bali Kasiviswanathan, Director storage solutions marketing, Microsoft the storage 3.0 concept IDC expects that the amount of data generated every year by companies continue to rise in the next five years to 55 to 60 percent. The information it will be according to US analysts primarily long-lasting and unchanging content (fixed content), produced primarily with Microsoft products. To keep the flood of data in hand, an expansion of the existing storage capacities is essential: currently, the market researchers assume that this must be multiplied over the same period to ten times to keep pace with the development. In addition calls to IDC to take distance from the existing idea to store information based on applications or buzzwords. Rather, new techniques were asked which classify data according to their value to the company and to archive.

Following storage 3.0 concept products must be standards compliant, common hardware and software solutions based therefore according to the analyst, which are equipped with intelligent features, rule-based work, and are offered at a reasonable price. An object-oriented file system and a multi-tiered storage architecture are more required characteristics. Already today many individual solutions on the market available, which take into account the storage 3.0 concept are,”explains Benjamin S. Woo, Vice President of IDC’s storage systems and one of the two authors of the IDC report titled storage 3.0 the next revolution in data storage. But so far products are made wait, assemble the individual modules and working as a closed system. Solutions like Assureon, the Nexsan and Microsoft collaborate, combine the ideas formulated in the storage 3.0 vision for the first time, because they dovetail with each other an object-oriented file system and a rule-based architecture in a common system.” The Assureon appliance from Nexsan with Assureon offers Nexsan a safe, equipped with intelligent archiving solution.

The disk-based storage system combines self-auditing, self-healing-, content addressable storage-(CAS) and ILM techniques with other patent-pending security, search, privacy and synergies. The appliance designed from the ground up for the permanent disk-based storage, as well as the management of fixed content and compliance information, is ideal for companies that need to improve their business practices or comply with legal requirements. Assureon works like all Nexsan products with the in-house developed energy-saving AutoMAID-(automatic massive array of idle disks) technology, the inactive over time hard drives automatically into sleep mode transferred. Compared to traditional fibre channel solutions power consumption per Petabyte Storage by the dreissigfache can be thereby reduced. Information will be requested on the plates in the sleep mode”are stored, these are available almost immediately. This ensures a consistent level of performance with minimum energy consumption. The cost for air conditioning and power consumption can use the space-saving Assureon archive solution in the data center, thus lower. Tina Billo