European Standards

In Europe, since 2003, introduces single 'European standards illumination en 12464-1', detailed in the different countries in accordance with national conditions. In European regulations with regard to the following lighting parameters: * The illumination zones of visual performance * The illumination problem areas of the immediate environment * A generalized index of discomfort * Colour […]


included in the device to improve the accuracy of cut and cutting thin strips (optical cutting line illumination, etc.), is also a feature of this type of devices. Guillotine cutter is the most difficult type described here, the cutters – guillotine. This precision equipment is not afraid even the average circulation of paper products. They […]

Gas Mixture For Welding

In some cases, to expand the technological capabilities of arc welding advisable to use a mixture of argon and helium. Addition of helium to argon promotes proplavlyayuschey ability of the arc and improves the seams. Widely used mixture of argon and active gases following compositions: 1.Smes Ar + 10 30% N2. Addition of nitrogen to […]