Basic Experiment

While we are not intervening in the nature of things, just look, listen, remember and learn about the world around us, we are seeing. Here are just at the time, as small child touches, breaks, or tries to toys on the taste, the parents of this kid with joy watching him, noting how he grows […]

Psychology Humanist

In recent years the cognition is come close detaching as a central concern of the psychological teorizao. Although it is seen many times as something innovative, the cognitiva emphasis is part of the theory of the learning has many decades, with exception of some radical behavioristas, particularly Skinner. (CLONINGER, 1999). The futurist helps readers to […]


All this technology had but a economic recital that of social identification, but as no process if develops separately in the social processes, was in this scene that the capitalism could develop and influence the too much processes – ‘ ‘ This bio-power, without the lesser doubt, was indispensable element to the development of the […]