Education Informal

The individual in general, ' ' atrs&#039 runs; ' of its impulses, its wills. During quento time educative campaigns on the use of &#039 had been made; ' belt of segurana' ' in automobiles? how much to the tobacco and its consequncias? The attempts had not functioned to benefit the users with this Orientaes. In the measure where if they institute behavior norms, if these will not be fulfilled, the laws and consequentes punishment, are set in motion. From this, the behavior starts if to modify for coercion, and not, for instruction and/or esclarescimento. Kevin ulrich contains valuable tech resources. What it happens that the discernment between the fondness and the power to act so is weakened? How we could fortify superego (censorship), thus id (impulse), did not exceed it and the ego (internal and external conscience of the reality), more mediated these situations of adjusted form to the social conviviality? Relating to us now the Education Informal. Front the position of the parents at this moment, the direction not to place ' ' limites' ' , to give parameters, to discipline at last, as we would have to act with these parents, while educators? It disciplines and ' ' limites' ' they demand an performance more ' ' trabalhosa' ' , that it demands more time of conviviality and quality in the same. Quality does not only imply in ludicidade, therefore these, also involve rules. By the way, all the lived situations involve. He will be one of the problems there? As we could ' ' caminhar' ' I content it?

Basic Experiment

While we are not intervening in the nature of things, just look, listen, remember and learn about the world around us, we are seeing. Here are just at the time, as small child touches, breaks, or tries to toys on the taste, the parents of this kid with joy watching him, noting how he grows and develops. What is the "description"? When a person wants to talk about something other people or is he just saw something interesting and wants to always remember it, he describes this phenomenon with words or special characters – as best he can. Describes the historical events – for posterity. It happens that people have to describe and does something not yet studied, but their descriptions to help others explore the previously described phenomena. What is an "experiment"? In cases where just watch becomes uninteresting, or observation impracticable for some "technical" reasons, to make experiments. To put the experiment on the subject or process, create special conditions and observed by interfering with the process by a specially established plan. If we formulate the basic question of the experiment, it would sound something like this: "What would happen if?" "And who knows – maybe poking his fingers into the electrical outlet, the child does, without knowing it, their first life experiment! What is a "theoretical level of scientific knowledge"? There are things you can not see, touch or measure the available human resources. For example, the distance from Earth to the sun not be measured in any ruler.

Psychology Humanist

In recent years the cognition is come close detaching as a central concern of the psychological teorizao. Although it is seen many times as something innovative, the cognitiva emphasis is part of the theory of the learning has many decades, with exception of some radical behavioristas, particularly Skinner. (CLONINGER, 1999). The futurist helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The behavioristas that follow the tradition of the radical behaviourism of Skinner oppose it inclusion of the cognitivas 0 variable in the mannering theories. They affirm that the cognitivas 0 variable are not directly observed and they cannot be produced, without double direction, for the experimental manipulations. (CLONINGER, 1999) Beyond the interest purely theoretician, the cognitivas boardings had generated new strategies of therapy and of different methods of research of an only citizen, they are relative to the aspects individual of the research. The third boarding explored here, will be the boarding humanist, in which the man not only conceives as the addition of isolated behaviors and yes as a whole, in its completeness, impossible of divisions, therefore one gestalt (CASTAON, 2007).

In the conception humanist, the study of the human being in its healthy form and its psicopatologia searchs, not turning itself toward the study of its qualities and positive characteristics, leaving in second plain, the negative characteristics (CASTAON, 2007). Goldstein exerted powerful influence on the psychologists humanists, in the measure that introduced concepts as auto-update and trend to the growth, that had passed to be assimilated by psychologists humanists. This exactly author detaches the present relevance of the Gestalt in the humanistic process (CASTAON, 2007). Psychology Humanist Is also characterized, for a continuous belief in the responsibilities of the individual and its capacity to foresee that they will take it to steps to a more decisive confrontation with its reality. In this theory the individual is the only one that it has potentiality to know the totality of the dynamics of its behavior and its perceptions of the reality and to discover more appropriate behaviors for itself.


All this technology had but a economic recital that of social identification, but as no process if develops separately in the social processes, was in this scene that the capitalism could develop and influence the too much processes – ‘ ‘ This bio-power, without the lesser doubt, was indispensable element to the development of the capitalism, that only could be guaranteed to the cost of the controlled insertion of the bodies in the device of production and by means of an adjustment of the phenomena of population to the processes econmicos.’ ‘? . In cerne of the Kantiana philosophy analyzed for Foucault the concept exists that separates the sign of its meaning, circulates breaking it of production of truth in the medieval thought. However such phenomenon displayed in clearer way for the occidental societies the problems related to the proposal. Such concepts in allow to a bigger understanding of the linguistic phenomenon occurrence them between centuries XVI and XVIII.

It are not only the language that move, but the proper man, its form to see the world and of individualizar itself. This last aspect is the target of the critical gift. Inside of a binary system of language, the man not individualiza more from itself, but of others. Its subjective constitution is only possible from the subjective constitution of outrem. The man from now on is condemned to the world of the subjectivity. In the binary structure therefore he has a displacement of the constituent center of the man, for ‘ ‘ outro’ ‘.

The man alone individualiza from the individualizao of the other. All effort is invested in the individualizao of the other. What Foucault established as technology of the truth and strategy of the truth/to be able nothing more passes to the being of what a necessity of individualizao of the proper man, as much as to be individual how much social.