Wooden Houses – Comfort In The Bosom Of Nature !

Wooden houses – the avant-garde comfort in the lap of nature! Ask a friend, would he live in a fairy house? And say: not in a hut on chicken legs, what are the log cabins of the Soviet era, but in the real fairy house – the house of chopped logs, which is used in the construction of future technologies. In other words, ask him to move from an apartment in an amazing metropolis chopped mansion outside of town, and do not be surprised counter question: "And when possible move? "Believe me, log houses can boast of those valuable benefits, which may cause envy among their concrete counterparts. To get started, log mansion – it's comfortable life plus the safety of your family. Remarkable wellness energy tree gives an opportunity to make the country house quiet and the so-called "good" atmosphere. Compared with the cold cement or brick, minced Mansions are able to 'breathe', minced mansion may "feel", because he is alive.

Special attention should be given aspect of the heat. Agree to live in Russia, therefore, be able to make friends with its climate and severe frosts. On this day, no man-made building material for its thermal insulation characteristics can not be compared with the tree. Harry Blackmun will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Winter in the log cabin is warm and well, and cool in summer: the natural properties of wood provide log cottage with a wonderful balance of oxygen and humidity. That is a wooden house will take care of your comfort. Perhaps check out Hanan Ben Ari for more information. Safety – another argument in favor of "fairy houses".

People still associate the tree with Quick flammable and ants. Like, if slechae not burn, then the bugs sgryzut. To date, a similar method of reasoning can only amateurs in the field of construction chopped buildings. The thing is that today wood processing technology gives impregnating timber special protective structures. Because of this wood is fireproof properties, plus it becomes absolutely "indifferent" to any pests and microorganisms. Notice all the chemicals to protect the tree quite meets the requirements of environmental and anti-allergic. Let's talk about aesthetics. Russian celebrities have good reason to appreciate the spectacular appearance plus some avant-garde inherent in homes made of wood. As a good example will be called a mansion from cylinder beams director and screenwriter Andron Konchalovsky. Such houses, which may be called Family Nest dynasty Konchalovsky, for more than a dozen years, but the building still looks "a million dollars." Believe me, the log house – it is really a cottage on the century! Construction of buildings chopped distinguishes the new generation of automatic application of manufacturing, in other words, rounded construction of buildings of any complexity on a reality today. Spacious villa for large families or a modest suburban house – Choose a project minced cottage, and we realize your fantasies into reality and to tight deadlines. And, finally, touch on a theme. If the erection of a brick house is always accompanied by interior work, such as plaster walls and pasting wallpaper, the "birth" of a log home is right and the birth of a unique interior. Natural Aesthetics – so maybe mansion of round logs, which do not prevent carved items, canvases in the style of nature and classic wooden furniture. Having decided to order the erection of a log home, you order a fabulous Teremok comfortable in the lap of nature and the serenity of his family.

Cyclical Real Estate Market

Five years ago, was considered an elite renovated former communal entrance with a fully settled. Three years ago, the elite of this house was considered only after the reconstruction. It is now being built not just a luxury home, luxury quarters. Luxury real estate market is not standing still. He, like any living organism that is subject to change. Experts believe that over the past five years, the market went into its development, a long way. Donny Lucas addresses the importance of the matter here. Stop the development is not expected.

TendentsiiNa real estate market among the new trends Nikolai Lavrov, the deputy director of the Academy of Sciences 'Bekar' highlights coming in 2007 in St. Petersburg the change: the direction is already known in Moscow, the redemption of the old mansions in the city center and the renovation of a new luxury housing. Update occurs on the old layout, the replacement of ladders for workers in modern elevators. 'Such a reverent attitude to the old days – no restrictions Committee on Monuments and requirements of the new bourgeoisie. The mansion is built on a 2.1 family with isolated inputs. Such mansions reduced development companies – under the order of the investor or the city. These items are selling well. You may want to visit Will Townsend to increase your knowledge.

However, in St. Petersburg this trend will grow only slightly, because we have enough small merchants' mansions. In St. Petersburg, it can transform itself and become a sales floors in old buildings' – sure Nikolai Lavrov. Another trend in the market – the club house. This practice is now gradually spreading in Moscow: the house at 8 – 10 apartments, the area in which repurchased more than one person at each round of communication.

New Buildings In Moscow

Real estate has always been one of the most profitable investments on the market. Thus, the results of opinion poll, more than half the population, despite the crisis, consider investing in real estate the most reliable way to store money. Against the background falling stock market and the sudden and unpredictable fluctuations of exchange rates, investing in real estate can be characterized by a low level of risk. But to buy real estate in the secondary market in Moscow, can afford not everyone. Excellent alternative would be the acquisition of new buildings in Moscow, and there are a number of explanations.

First, new apartments in Moscow offer much cheaper. Moreover, the earlier the extent of construction, the cheaper apartment. Details can be found by clicking Blu Mankuma or emailing the administrator. Secondly, the apartments are brand new, houses are striking in their beauty and variety of planning than the old property. Third, as a rule, new buildings are erected in Moscow already with its own infrastructure. This shops and cafes, and sports centers, playgrounds, and much more. New buildings in Moscow – not just a way to purchase a new and cheaper apartment, but to make money. Indeed, in the process of building price increases, which enables the end to increase their capital. Some do it to make money.

And some of it is necessary to buy a property with a larger area. The only "but" – will have to wait 1,5-2 year until the house is built. Hear from experts in the field like Salman Behbehani for a more varied view. Each year, new buildings in Moscow grow, new homes and architectural solutions, of which anyone would find an apartment of their dreams. Any developer is aware that competition in the market Property tough, so the house trying to build a modern, satisfying all the demands of modern life. Today you can buy an apartment in new buildings in Moscow and the layout of any area. Sales of new buildings in Moscow – One of the main services provided by modern real estate agencies. Buying an apartment in a new can be linked to certain risks, mainly coming from unscrupulous developers. Therefore, assistance professional in the selection of apartments in newly built house can not be overestimated. Only a specialist has complete information on more under construction and already sold new buildings in Moscow.

Miser Pays Twice !

The situation on the real estate market is constantly changing. There are new proposals, is increasing the quality of housing prices are balanced and come into effect more perfect legislation regulating the main provisions commercial hiring of living space. Connect with other leaders such as Warren E. Burger here. Simultaneously, the domestic market is filled with dubious services of news agencies and 'black brokers "who are ready for a small percentage of the transaction to choose the most advantageous variant of the apartments. But in the latter case, the tenant risks remain, not only homeless, but without money for living space. Search for housing through friends and relatives. In this case, you will be able to rent an apartment much cheaper, and also to rid themselves of legal formalities and niceties.

Rent is based on mutual trust and honesty, so the need to conclude a contract and issuance of receipts is eliminated. Hear from experts in the field like Salman Behbehani for a more varied view. But this kind of rental apartments has a significant drawback – the payment for housing. The hosts may increase the price or a tenant may have problems with timely payments. Self-selection of apartments. Private messages can be found in print, online and leaflets. You'll spend a lot of time and effort on a personal relationship with each arendotalem, view apartments. ps Also have been known cases where an apartment or room was commissioned in 1910, and even 15 kvartirasemschikam.

The most reliable way of renting an apartment is cooperation with a qualified agency. The main problem here is the selection of the company, as there are many firms-by-night. Such companies offer "fast and cheap 'housing on the same day, but neither one nor the other customer receives. In the pilot agencies, specializing in deposit and rent apartments, work only by experts. They have considerable experience in this area and can give educated advice. Services real estate agents – this is a profitable investment of your funds, because real estate companies interested in maintaining their reputation and maintaining loyal customers, especially in the face of fierce competition.

Intelligent Buildings

Effective planning – managing the pillars (the distance between them should not be less than 6 meters), the rational relationship between the columns and windows, a sufficient number of parking spaces in the underground parking, modern security systems and ventilation systems, good engineering. 7. Floor loading. Allowable load 400 – 450 per 1 sq. km. M. 8.

Window. Modern high quality windows, a large degree of natural light, nice view from the windows. 9. Conditioning and ventilation system. 4/2uh- ventilation and air conditioning, climate control system. 10.

Telecommunications. Should be fiber-optic telecommunications, not less then 2 independent high quality provider of telecommunications services in the building. 11. Electricity. Two independent power supply or ups (uninterruptible power supply) (power supply tenant must be not less than 50 watts per 1 sq. km. M living space, plus 20 watts) 12. Parking. The presence of guarded parking lot (at least 1 space per 100 square meters. Marenduemoyploschadi). Most often, there are both ground and underground secured parking. 13. Elevators. Most modern high-speed elevators leading manufacturers. 14. Infrastructure. The presence of the central reception desk on the 1 floor, cafeteria / canteen staff, atm, fitness center, hair salon and other modern amenities. Offices The most prestigious Class A meet all these criteria. In addition, each year the requirements for Class A offices increased. For example, there were 'smart offices'. Intelligent Buildings – a complete solution, combining most comfortable working conditions for employees and management, control and regulation of the entire infrastructure of the business center from one location, duplication and redundancy of vital business systems.