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In this case we can see that in process of paradigm shift is determined ex-rational irrational or even rational, irrational and sometimes rises to the sound. Each new paradigm serves as a goal the entire preceding development of psychology and serves as the basis of specific rational reconstructions of history. Kevin ulrich takes a slightly different approach. This is a rewrite, rebuild history will continue as long as there is objective knowledge. Accordingly, our evaluation of various phenomena of history of psychology can never become final, they are constantly changing, because they are just as relative as all our knowledge. It follows that the question of which line is rational line of development psychology, which irrational or irrational, is largely meaningless. Accordingly, the task of rational reconstruction of the history of psychology is very valuable relative.

In the development of psychology at any time you can distinguish a rational line in terms of the dominant paradigm, as well as latent and rational line of development, but the future of these lines can not be rational. So when it comes to choosing between competing paradigms, the choice of which strategy would be to recommend? One could say, to choose the paradigm that dominates or today, or tomorrow will win, it will make your behavior is rational in the eyes of the modern scientific community. But the answer is not quite honest, because what is rational from the perspective of a private, intermediate purpose, it may be irrational from the standpoint of a common goal. Therefore, to maintain and should fight for the paradigm in which the truth you believe. This is the only rational behavior. If you believe in the truth one paradigm, but refuses to support it and start winning, or one that will win tomorrow, then you are doing is irrational. Let the defending dropped a paradigm of the truth that you are confident you will be look in the eyes of supporters irrationalist winning paradigm, in the eyes of the entire scientific community, but in his own eyes you – a rationalist. And when the next stage of learning will lead to new re-evaluations, you can only call a rationalist, remain committed to the truth in the period of confusion.

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Russian Western Siberia

Russian citizens have observed a rare natural phenomenon – a total solar eclipse of the first of August the inhabitants of Western Siberia, and many tourists have seen a rare natural phenomenon – a total solar eclipse. The total solar eclipse began on Earth at 9:00 21 minutes 7 seconds of Greenwich mean time (13 hours 21 minutes 7 seconds GMT), when the Moon's shadow touched the surface of the planet in the Gulf of Queen Maud. The band went through a full eclipse of the Russian Western Siberia, affecting Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Gorno-Altaisk, Nadym and November. More than 10 000 people watched a total solar eclipse in Nadym (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District), more willing to see this rare phenomenon gathered in Novosibirsk. On the solar eclipse had come to see over a thousand Russian and foreign tourists, mainly from the Netherlands, Austria and India, as well as from Russian regions, including Moscow.

And if simple people of the world perceive the solar eclipse as simply a rare event, scientists are trying to find out any important points that occur during an eclipse. For example, a total solar eclipse has given astronomers a unique opportunity to detail 'see' the Sun's corona – the outer, the hottest layer of the solar atmosphere. But scientists and enthusiasts from Germany, Spain and Finland have studied animal behavior at the time of the Novosibirsk Zoo total solar eclipse on Friday. Physicians have studied the impact of the eclipse on the human body. And one of the insurance companies of Novosibirsk even put into an insurance contract item on which the fault accident could have been solar eclipse! The total solar eclipse – a phenomenon very rare indeed. The next such eclipse will occur July 22, 2009, it will be seen in central India, Nepal and Bhutan.