In the business world, these findings have had a strong impact, since the traditional form of recruitment, based solely on the brilliance of a curriculum, is giving way to a broader and more open conception which raises the need for a qualitative leap towards the incorporation of professionals open to teamwork, able to tolerate the discomfort and frustration, and open to the constant search for solutions to the challenges posed by the market. There is need of a new design of companies and the redefinition of the thought of business, around some of his key themes: leadership, training, relations with the customer, how to create value, the role of women or the ability to redefine constantly the object of work. So intellectual competition says virtually nothing in the forecast of the personal and professional efficiency, since these have more to do with emotional competencies, that determine the degree of skill in the use of other powers and potentialities, incidentally, included the intellect. After knowing the differentiation of minds, which in 1995 drew D. Goleman: a mind that thinks and another mind that feels, and after conclusive of all subsequent studies, it seems evident that the mind feels is something to keep in mind when interpreting the success of the vital trajectories, or design processes of formation of persons. In this regard l.

e. Shapiro in his book The children’s emotional intelligence writes that in the paradoxical form, while each generation of children seems to become more intelligent, emotional and social abilities appear be declining rapidly. In conclusion, we would say that a person the more developed emotionally is, more you will enjoy an advantageous situation in any of the fields in which faces, more will tend to feel satisfied and will be more efficient for being able to manage the mental habits that determine its success.


Naturally, the base has been centralized. After some time in the database has collected information on thousands of devices, the performance has fallen sharply and become resemble a turn-based strategy. Continued use of this product has become impossible. I had to do "debriefing." The base itself was implemented as a DBF files. In essence, customers are not treated to the database server data and worked with the base as with regular files, which increases the size of the latter resulted in a sharp loss of productivity.

Moreover, when analyzing the structure of the database revealed the error data corruption. Such problem is especially severe in large organizations. For smaller organizations, performance issues may not be as significant. Now, about data security. The question that many simply ignored, and absolutely nothing. Data security is dependent on the choice of database technology and work with it. Clearly, if the database is considered part of the client in the form of files, anyone can make it unauthorized changes or even completely destroy the base. This is the case, for example, all products 1C version 7 and below – any user can at least get all the data base.

This situation exists in many projects. I would like to remind their owners that the 21st century. Optimal in terms of security situation – is to use a client-server technology to the imposition of control of user rights (and the business logic) on the server side. If your organization has IT equipment accounting program used by several people, the question arises about the division of rights.

Economical Printer Cartridges

As soon as Russia started to grow interest in computers, the popularity gained from the configuration printer and scanner. Most often, computers are sold in a set with these devices and at a lower price than the cost of all individual components. Inkjet printer that uses a printing ink and ensuring good print quality, well suited for home use. In the twenty-first century, computer firms have moved production to integrated systems in which the modern inkjet printer was combined with a scanner or copier and guarantee a satisfactory print quality. Such multi-function devices a few years ago were very expensive and their quality was not always on top, but thanks to new technologies could create an apparatus of very good quality.

If you need to print multi-page documents in the home, it is best to choose a printer that uses a scalable printing technology (SPT), without changing the cartridge enables to print approximately 200 pages longer than usual. Technology SPT was present breakthrough in printing technology. HP has developed a structure in which the printer head is used optimally, since the supply of ink in the cartridge is carried out under pressure. This allows you to type faster and cheaper due to the fact that the reduced frequency of replacement cartridges. The head of the cartridge consists of a pump, tank and exhaust valves, balancing. All elements of the head has to be done separately, which lengthens manufacturing process, but the functionality of these printers is much higher.

Initially, SPT technology uses such as photo printers, but as the improvement of the production process was possible to use it in monochrome inkjet printers. SPT technology avoids the situation where at the time of printing on ink since before the printing head is fed as much ink as need to print this document. In large companies and government agencies are most commonly used laser printers. When office work required device adapted to print in large volumes, Inkjet printers so in such cases do not fit. In laser printers are used completely different technology, so they are fundamentally different from inkjet printers. Thanks to laser printers Such printers are far superior to inkjet printing speed. Therefore, choosing a printer, you should determine what exactly it will be used. Today even small companies find it useful to buy laser printer with fast print speeds. A laser printer can also be useful to those who need to print in high volumes at home.

Web Resources

In this case, advanced users of Web-resource can be divided into two groups. The first group includes project managers, division, department, etc. Managers perform an analysis of the overall process tasks, the sequence of their implementation, the search for places to improve the effectiveness of the projects they lead. Also on the change process can be affected by changes in technology, product manufacturing, the introduction of innovative technologies and other factors that may initiate removal or formation process and the tasks to be approved by the governing bodies. The second group – it's mostly staff, who play the role of artists. This group may be affected already at the very course of the implementation of specific tasks for which they are responsible, based on their experience, or perhaps by changing equipment, which the user uses to perform its task. Analysis of the work and the initiation of procedures to improve the process – this is another important function of experienced Web-resource users. Accumulation and implementation of requests to improve processes – these are the main tasks that are in maintenance and support software.

If finding opportunities to improve processes in the ground – it the users of Web-resource, then the realization of these possibilities should be defined one or two members. Necessarily give them only the power to support processes, better, when the employees themselves processes are active users, and that it is desirable to act as the leading, and in executive roles. In other words – it is desirable that the staff accompanying the resources themselves to make proposals for improvement work done.