In the business world, these findings have had a strong impact, since the traditional form of recruitment, based solely on the brilliance of a curriculum, is giving way to a broader and more open conception which raises the need for a qualitative leap towards the incorporation of professionals open to teamwork, able to tolerate the […]


Naturally, the base has been centralized. After some time in the database has collected information on thousands of devices, the performance has fallen sharply and become resemble a turn-based strategy. Continued use of this product has become impossible. I had to do "debriefing." The base itself was implemented as a DBF files. In essence, customers […]

Economical Printer Cartridges

As soon as Russia started to grow interest in computers, the popularity gained from the configuration printer and scanner. Most often, computers are sold in a set with these devices and at a lower price than the cost of all individual components. Inkjet printer that uses a printing ink and ensuring good print quality, well […]

Web Resources

In this case, advanced users of Web-resource can be divided into two groups. The first group includes project managers, division, department, etc. Managers perform an analysis of the overall process tasks, the sequence of their implementation, the search for places to improve the effectiveness of the projects they lead. Also on the change process can […]