Helen MacKenzie

I could feel the ship responds to the rudder turn to feel the water rising from the waves, slow on the block. Robert L. Carter might disagree with that approach. I could see what was happening as the gusts hit and the sails or stirred in the header or the boat capsized in the elevator. And that was my problem. The boat capsized. I guess I'll eventually get used to, but I can not be comfortable sitting at an angle of 25 days, watching the black waves that seem dangerously close to my feet. Inflatables do not fall, or at least if they do, they are not too difficult to bring back upright.

Yachts are different. It supposed to turn over, and was not supposed to swear blindly and gibber at the head when they do. And the noise! I thought the candle is supposed to be quiet! What with the wind in the sails and the boat slooshing through water and the depth gauge beeping every two minutes, was not peaceful. So I learned a lot: I learned that there were many things I did not know. And my husband learned a few things too – most especially, there are some things you just do not say to reluctant sailors who have agreed to come aboard, "Amuy good! Well, why do not we try to invest outside the square and then we remove them from the sea! "It's only a tiny loss? no worry! "No, yachts, of course, not anxiety? Not unless it is really windy! "" I know the depth gauge is ringing.

It is not really functioning properly at the moment. "eMirelo this way, the boat really can not dump more than it already is." "When I said 'aim of the buoy, I did not to hit that! "I, on the other hand, we now know is not good to say:" So, these cabins are great, right? "" Which way is the wind comes again? "Is this a tack or a jibe?" I want to go home! "" Wow! The engine is supposed to emit much smoke? "AO! Sorry! Hatches are supposed to close?" What happens if I press this button? "'You told me not to tie it on! "And finally," Well, it was not so bad? "It seems I have another lesson outlines for next Tuesday. Previous article – July 2005 – In support of the reluctant sailor. Helen MacKenzie is a freelance writer. She contributes to the website in website offers articles, guides and news on sailing and cruising on the west coast of Scotland.

Permanent Hair Removal – The Solution For Body-conscious People

Light cosmetic treatment as the most effective method for permanent hair removal. Many people have problems with hair: when the one (main) hair thins out, others don’t know on which body part they should start with hair removal. Shaving, epilating or grow long since the market is full of healing promising products, creams or Epilierern. So what to do? Outdated hair too much hair on the body no longer fit for many of those affected in the modern ideal of beauty. Hair on the head and in men in the face, Yes, maybe even in the genital area, but otherwise? No thanks! The desire for smooth skin without fur, the aversion to consequences of shaving, epilating and grow (skin irritation, pain, etc.) and striving raise the question for aesthetics and well-being after a long-lasting and gentle hair removal method. Hair effectively and permanently remove the most effective way, permanently of unwanted hair to get rid of, is a light cosmetic treatment. Many cosmetics and Beauty salons specialize in this method.

Nelson, for example, treats his customers with the so called intense pulsed light methods (IPL). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Steinhardt on most websites. This heats the used xenon flash light hair follicles and abandoned them: the Xenon light is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair, melanin, and headed up in the roots of the hair. There, the energy is converted into heat. Irreversibly damage the hair follicles and the hair growth is formed. The treatment the treatment itself is very comfortable.

At clean skin, customers can relax, listen to music or talk. Depending on the affected region of the body takes a session between 30 minutes (bikini area) and 3 hours (abdomen, back). The body points should be shaved prior to treatment. The area to be treated is cleaned, then rubbed with a cooling gel to prevent pain. The treatment is done with high-quality Aloe Vera products. Thorough preparation is half the battle interested should always a consultation in claim take in the Just discusses the treatment, taking into account all factors (to treat the body, hair density, skin type, etc.). Patients should be aware of some principles: allow no sunlight of the skin, body care, etc. Customers should be in the run-up to a treatment education and qualification certificates of the / therapist/acupuncturist show and let themselves do not curl with false promises: there is no guarantee on permanently smooth skin. There are a number of providers on the German market. Alone the quality of treatment, training, hygiene standards and the satisfaction of our customers make the difference. And the factors on which Nelson can be measured in each of the 50 stores are just that. cleanskin.de – love your skin ++ clean skin is your specialist for permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal! When it comes to you beautiful and smooth skin to the theme, you are right with us. The brand clean skin”Germany stands for best quality treatment to the Permanent hair and tattoo removal. As experts in the field of light cosmetic treatments, we have the highest standards of quality and safety. That is State of the art technology and excellent service in our certified professionals. Every year, many thousands of people give us, the value on an attractive appearance put their trust were a skin, free of hair and tattoos. For more information visit free of charge and without obligation under contact: Cleanfix skin franchise GmbH Cornelia Fried (public work & marketing) worm Street 11a 82166 Grafelfing Tel.: + 49 89 8986779-55 fax: + 49 89 8986779-99 email: Web:

Skin Protect

The dark side of the Sun bright, intense, brilliant, strong, vital, warm, that are just a few of the features that I can think of, when I think of the Sun. That the Sun is doing well and lifts the mood, has been tested extensively on a scientific level, but the bright heavenly body that warms the Earth, hides a dark and dangerous side to its wonderful glory. The dangers that hide behind the Sun’s rays are most felt in the summer. Summer is the time in which the skin is most directly exposed to the Sun, when the families on holiday at the seaside or in the mountains in the intention of taking the one or other soothing sessions for the children for the calcium build-up in the bone is so important, because due to the sunlight vitamin is formed in our skin D. But the dangers lurking in the background.

The rays of the Sun, which so positively affects our mood, contain also UVA and UVB rays, which can cause serious health problems if you them does not meet. You are responsible for the increase of free radicals that promote premature skin aging, because the UVA rays damage also the elastin and Collagen fibers of the skin, favouring the appearance of wrinkles, but the greatest danger lies in the UVB rays that attack the skin: these rays can unsightly dark spots on the skin (hiding the not and become stronger even with increasing tanning), Erythema and burns cause, cause even changes the cellular structure known as melanoma. It is extremely important to use Sonnenschutzcremen, which considerably restrict the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays and exert the Sun thus only its beneficial effects on mood, and can promote the formation of vitamin D to protect themselves from the dangers of the Sun. The selection of Sun protection should be left to chance, but depends on skin type and age.

Oracle Way

Very frequently we are impulsive to make the things. Very we are occupied trying to give haste us and to arrive at where we go or what it is that we are trying to do like really paying attention to all the details to our surroundings. Although this is certain, equal we know that throughout the way we were whereupon we need much necessary information. When we allowed ourselves to go more slowly and to enjoy the process we are more able to discern which is that one necessary information, that it is to our disposition, and thus, like following the advice of an oracle free, to obtain a greater understanding of the world that surrounds to us. If nonloans attention to all the possible signs in the way, do not matter how small or very small that can seem at a certain time, then, how it is possible to be hoped to understand completely what happens in our lives and the world? One of the most important aspects of the tarot is its capacity to concentrate the attention to all the small details, without mattering in what it forms are pronounced. Not everything what a is applied a distance of decks comes directly through letters, sometimes there are impressions that can be gathered around the person, which can help to interpret with more exactitude the situation, providing therefore one more a more customized and authentic reading. It is important to remember that the tarot is only one tool to help us to extend our brings back to consciousness in this way and, our capacity to discern landlords, cycles, symbols, numbers, influences, elements and present energies that harms to us and give sense him to everything. We think it this way: the tarot decks are images in miniature that reflect the world that surrounds to us.

Each letter is a piece of the puzzle that is our life, symbolizing its numerous aspects. When the tarot studies, the superficial interpretation can be memorised that is in the majority of books, or an understanding more detailed can be studied the symbolism and be obtained one more than each deck it represents. The study of the tarot is not a fast course. It is rather an oracle, free if we consider the magnitude of its reaches. It has the purpose of examining in depth from all the angles and means possible to totally understand the true associated meaning with the tarot. It also keeps the intention to be a constant process of learning on we ourself and the way that there are to take in our lives. Juan Carlos Montillo Oracle Free

Open a Store in Sevilla

Andalusia paddle fans are in luck. And is that PadelVip () has just opened its first store in Seville lands. More specifically, in Bollullos de la Mitacion. Thus the things the until now virtual store, known by fans to this sport to buy any product from paddle to best prices and make it through a VIP service in which advice makes it a group of professionals of the paddle, goes one step further as brand and opens up to new business opportunities. Not only on the network and is that PadelVip has could not resist it to the real world. We have decided to begin this new business venture because we consider that padel, besides being the best sport in the world, is also a good choice for business, says Alejandro Conde, responsible for Marketing.

After two years of career and more than 10,000 clients in the network, we believed that now was time we respond to the demands of having a physical point. Why we have chosen to make a good throw and open our first headquarters in Seville, he adds. Since then the PadelVip in Bolillos la Mitacion bet is big. It has created a more spacious paddle stores and with a showroom of more care of Spain. In addition to the variable a good and wide offer classic, it has gone beyond, trying to give the most exclusive treatment and the most innovative products of the market.

Upon entering we offer customers a drink then advise quietly and comfortably on the sofa that presides over the showroom. They can also try the latest trends in sportswear, from the most exclusive brands, until the most widespread, ultimately professionalize the customer, stresses Jose Lopez, Manager of the center of Seville. PadelVip on the occasion of this inauguration also gives a bucket of balls every day to the first visit of the day. You can visit the shop on youtube and Facebook). However PadelVip is not satisfied with this opening and goes everywhere. His plans are to go out and win. The expansion is Our goal. In fact we are in negotiations to open soon in other geographic points of the country. We believe that our brand and concept have very good forecasts of growth in the Spanish market, it ends. For more press information: SALVIA communication Nuria Coronado Mirian Lopez Tfno: 91 657 42 81 Coca Cola presented Hugo, the new healthy drink with the seal of Cepita sitemarca Syke, gamers drink Pixfans Agoo, sportswear for children, clothing for sport of Agoo, kidswear Minimoda.es smart fabrics for sportswear The Union of Catalonia, day then do passionate even about social networks?