Saint Augustin

Dualista If I was you If I was you its life I would not be thus if you were I If you were I My life As it would be It you there! That deferred payment underneath of the viaduct and to at least asked for me It did not consult me Me, citizen who wants to see its city pretty, free of outlaws, assaults, crimes, immense corrupes, strikes, lines in ready socorros, where many die at least without having been taken care of Of beggary, children in the people lighthouses, liveing as you Enfeando the city. Skirt from there and comes to be where I am and I look at daqui to see the quo depressing is the place where you deferred payment. Deferred payment? Not Where you are with its imundice, its dirty body, dog to the side, so that you if feel owner of something or somebody, in an oppressed relation/oppressing, that she makes of you a being living, participant of the life so its, so nothing and at the same time so full of the little that is enough to it. Of the everything in the nothing that you possess. Ernie Barbarash addresses the importance of the matter here. You not if of the account that it is if forgetting to live By-product of the life, paralyzed for the impotence of being somebody. It comes, it comes to be of the side of with me and sees here what the life made with you. It took off its dignity, its proper love, its pride, its vanity, the desire to live deeply its possibilities It made of you a stranger for you yourselves, a Joo nobody, transformed it into thing none, any thing Paralyzed for the impotence of if modifying, being somebody, leaving that the course of its life to lu? What you think of this, if is that it thinks? – He is me that you flame woman? You want that I have left daqui and am its side? Of the other side? Why? Pra that? Who is you, who you thinks that she is creature? Why you desire that I act in accordance with what you want? The magnificent one? For Saint Augustin, the magnificent one is not largeness is swell. . Follow others, such as Salman Behbehani, and add to your knowledge base.

Literature World

Already I read innumerable chronicles regarding the chronicles and confess that me saciei a little in each one of them, of this form, steal could not me of this solemn moment, of this metalingustica. To write chronicle is to run risks. Risks of if embebedar for the emotion, the dynamics of the text and of abrupt form, or not, leaving to slide the sort of Ruy Castro, Luis Fernando Verssimo. To write chronicle is to homage these names and many others. It is to see the Literature in a next and accessible way. Stoning of a chronicle happens in the instant that if the step of the waltz between the story discovers, with its introspection, and the daily facts illustrated by the language that says implicit and explicit who is really the man of the age of the social nets. Check out Lewis F. Powell Jr. for additional information.

To write chronicle is to discover the imponent power of the language. It is to see to be born of each word the latent feelings and impressions in the mind and the heart of that it is sensible to the steps of the world, of the beings that inhabit the world. The chronicle is the wakening of the writer and the delight of, before the chronicle, almost reading. The chronicle allows bailar of the emotions in serenity device, therefore he is soft, comic, opinativo to say. It demarcates the figurative one through the Real, not inverse it. To write chronicle is to display feelings as many displayed times already, but never noticed for this prism. It is to cut so common situations, but with glamour that the written art allows. The chronicle with its sliding freedom risks between the literal sorts, in the permeia to the strange pleasure to be always to a step not to make a chronicle and finally to make a chronicle. The chronicle, in its fullness, denotes the slightness of the dreams collated with (perhaps) the regrets of the conflicts why it passes the man. Thus, to write chronicle is if to get passionate for what already it was said and to say it, getting passionate for what already it was felt and sentiz it with the intensity. is this limit (adrenalin? it would say the young) that it provokes in the cronista the sensation of that if cannot live without this craft, the honroso and pleasant craft.

Sustainable Development Educational Theories

The four pillars of the education, and education for a sustainable development, educational theories of century XXI? Brazil, 22 of April of 1500, ' ' civilizados' ' Europeans arrive at Brazil and find in our land the four pillars of the education structuralized well for ' ' selvagens' ' of the tribal communities. Exactly without the scientific knowledge of ' ' civilizao' ' , the wild said ones practised also, the education for the sustainable development. In the communities that they inhabited Brazil, to learn to learn age a social rule, younger they learned with the example of oldest of natural form, without requirement of time or definitive space much less hierarchy imposition. The children learned to make observing the technique of the adults, however this did not hinder them to use its creativity at the moment that they had abilities to execute its tasks. The members of the community learned early since coexisting of harmonious form, therefore they understood that all depended on all. To learn to be it was only consequence, the human development happened the measure that each one inside understood its function and its responsibility of the community social to guarantee the welfare and the survival of the group.

In the Brazilian tribal communities, it was learned since infancy through the empirical education, the respect the nature, therefore for them all those resources belonged deuses, superior beings, and therefore, could not usufruct of these resources with disrespect not to run the risk to be punished. said wild they had full certainty that they depended on the nature to survive. Our ancestor did not judge deuses. Brazil, 27 of January of 2012, when reading the text written for Moacir Gadotti on the quality of the education, published in 2009 we are carried Brazil Colony, when the European invaders with its supposed intellectuality, they had implanted its model of predatory civilization in our country, with the proposal educational of Jesuits. Such proposal to the implanted being it destroyed model simple efficient of education, the here existing communities. Without the intervention ' ' inteligente' ' of our colonizadores, today we could be living deeply another educational reality, we would be well happyer if we continued being a Land of ' ' selvagens' '.

Throughout our history we try to copy American educational models north and European, nothing compatible with our condition economic partner, and this is one of the reasons of as many failures. In full century XXI with as many educational theories and technologies we feel lack of the education of Brazil of March of 1500, and we try to occult the education of quality practised for the tribal communities. We speak on the four pillars of the education and the education for the sustainable development, as they were unknown ideas, of contemporaneide. It has some hope of that one day let us be capable to recoup lesson of education, of our ancestor ' ' selvagens' '? Little probable, therefore our pride does not leave in to perceive them that the flag of the education defended for the theoreticians of the present time, as goal to be reaches, already it was displayed for the tribal communities, and torn for the same intellectuals, that now they try to patch. Rejane Paradella Silva


The Nightmare In that night I woke up some times knowing why of that dream, it tried to sleep as well as a child I slept in the col of its tender genitora, but already would not simply be enough to sleep done a cold and insensitive rock. But I did not obtain my mind I worked and then me enguei to the dream horrendo, better to the nightmare. He always started of the same skill, I arriving of long day of work. She was journalist, was not famous still, however he had good reputation before my periodical colleagues. Gregory Jacobs oftentimes addresses this issue. It starts with trainee and soon I became a good investigativo reporter therefore did not have better fear of nobody or of almost nobody. My wife was meiga and candy with the honey until the month if to approach to the end when if it became a little bitter as the strawberry, still thus for me is good for being with it and after one day tiring it would not have something better. It was when entering in house, something was strange, until the face expression of loved mine was different I do not know to describeit seemed mewith a shady air. From there I saw a countenance leaving the room, what he was that? I did not obtain to believe what he was seeing, what I had made to deserve so great cruelty? what I more feared happened, my wife if raised and gave a sarcastic smile and said: – Mother arrived and will be with us the weekend! then I woke up. – Ufa! Still well that it was a dream! The cellular one already despertou, is 6 hours of the necessary morning of friday to go to work.

Bergson Occupation

There this, therefore, defined delimited, the substance of which I must clip a subject and, its service, to tack some consideraes. Of course avesso to the treatment of the violent substance, I discard soon since the question of the security guard in the campus of the USP. I prefer to keep well far of me any cogitao has taken that me to suspect of the infiltration of dealers in those private spaces to the reverberaes of the spirit. Another subject liminarmente is of cogitaes gutter of being the strategical presence of the Policy to patrol not random enemies. I want the cost all to save me it the dissabor of, in the course of the reflections, to be forced to recognize the necessity of ' ' pacificao' '. They remain two possible subjects that, for coherence, I had equally to discard. I mention the occupation to it of the building of the Reitoria and to the commentary that the Director expendeu regarding it.

For coherence, I say, because as much the occupation of the Reitoria, it says how much it of the Director has in common invasive nature of the violent acts. Both they are aggressive and retaliates trias. It happens that, if to discard these two remaining subjects, the article aborts. Or, worse still, the article falls in the common ditch of articles without subject. Happily time I give account of that the violence of the occupation, can be brightened up or same to deprive of characteristics itself, in case that let us lead the serious a speaks of the Director. With effect, the violence of the occupation loses force from the moment where if it perceives, as the Director denounces, its mechanical character.

Thus seen, the occupation, that if repeat automatically have twenty and five years, it leaves of being an alive act of hostile intelligence, leaves to configure articulated belligerent reply with the reality of the moment, to changed itself into one cacoete sazonal, or, if to prefer, in a species of ready, applicable frame to any landscape. Sight with this roupagem, the roupagem in the mechanical ways of being, the occupation, that before it seemed to reflect the flashings of a vibrant idea, assumes, suddenly, the rigid feio of one careta maquinal, virtually comic. If somebody doubts this baffling one metamorphosis, has the goodness to reread with me this law of Bergson: ' ' The attitudes, gestures and the movements of the human body are risveis, in the accurate measure where this body makes in them to think about simple mecnica.' ' But interesting of this the everything is that, to admit the occupation as subject of this article, I will have necessarily to admit also in the same functions says, it of the Director. Clearly! It says it of the Director, when disclosing the comicidade subsumida in cacoete of the occupation, it is placed service of the truth, and the truth still when it seems to retaliate, never will be violent