SKV Configurator

After implementing the SKV technology – device request (SKV technology reported on the 02.05.2013), the technicians of the SKV technology team Plauen one implemented new SKV Configurator. With customers, tests showed that the search time for the appropriate side channel blowers will be reduced on average half of the usual time. This has once again achieved an increase in customer satisfaction and improved the shopping experience of customers in the SKV technique online shop. Customers prefer simple configuration options in the online shop. The SKV Configurator enable customers in the situation, to set the selected parameters on the side channel blowers by clicking.

The SKV technology Configurator is similar to a car configurator in the automotive industry. The search became again decisively easier according to the desired side channel blowers. What was changed? The technology relies on the now proven system of “One Step to Conversion” on. With the aim of making the selection of the desired side channel blower with a single click, is consistently implemented. How does it work? Each side channel blowers has certain characteristics which determined its appearance and performance, for example, its size.

These parameters are laid down. The customer has specific parameter requests the device, which must be necessarily exists to fulfill a particular work. The SKV technology Configurator now has a logic in such a way, that the customer inputs are permanently matched with the parameters of machine stock. The Configurator is always exactly the questions that would be also a seller locally. In this way, customers choose safely and precisely to the desired machine. Should the machine not in stock, dodging the Configurator on the request mode and automatically creates a request to SKV technology. SKV technology service takes immediately to the customer request (opening times note!). What is the benefit for the customer? Customers save themselves at SKV time, which actually do not have technology. Cumbersome search in many different Online shops are no longer necessary because SKV technology immediately can meet either the machine request or a corresponding device implemented in due time on the market. The most important drive of the team by SKV technology is and remains the satisfaction of its customers. Customers save time and have clarity in the selection of the side channel blowers, and rely on the delivery time. What is implemented in the future in the SKV technology online shop? SKV technology – callback service against end of may 2013 when SKV technology of the callback service implemented. Problems in the implementation of side channel compressors in system solutions by the customer are not always alone can be solved. Systems become more complex and require the skills of an engineer experienced with the use of side channel compressors. The SKV applies technology callback service in action here. Customers get help! SKV will report technology. Contact: side channel blowers / SKV technology after the three mountains 60 08527 Plauen Tel.

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Telecontrol ACOS

The need for small – and micro remote work stations has evolved rapidly the new remote work unit of ACOS 711 with TETRA-modem with the integration of distributed generation in the distribution networks and the related expansion of local network stations in recent years. The IDS GmbH, specialist for network management, control systems, automation, telecontrol and communication technology, ACOS now offers with the standardized remote work unit 711 a cost-optimized solution for network operators, who can use private TETRA radio networks to the process data. To achieve the generation facilities and local network stations, utilities have to rely on public networks. The incurred costs, as well as the discussion on the security and availability of communication in critical infrastructures have led however, that more and more utilities invest in building their own networks. These are largely based on TETRA standards and serve both for the voice – and data communication. The IDS GmbH expanded its remote work product line of ACOS 7 series with ACOS 711 to another unit with integrated TETRA modem specially for small and Kleinstanwendungen.

It is suitable in particular for the following areas and tasks: power management for EEG/CHP Anlagen(z.B. PV-, Wind-, Biogas-Anlagen, BHKW,..) Local network stations in electrical distribution networks, water / wastewater sector (valve stations, pump stations, tank) Verkehrsbetriebe (mast switch, switch heaters, infrastructure) measuring systems (level equipment, environmental stations, radiation measurements, weather stations) General remote working applications (goals, object protection,..) It is transmitted using the standard protocols IEC 60870-5-101 in the TETRA-SDS-mode. For the coupling of the ACOS 711 manufacturer any at command and control centers comes the TETRA gateway ACOS 750 used. The device can be configured easily for any applications and for use in TETRA networks. Also a vorparametriertes according to customer specifications, ready device can be supplied on request. The IDS GmbH is a company IDS group. IDS group holding GmbH, the IDS group is a specialist in IT and automation solutions for smart grid and smart metering is geared for the German and European market of supply and waste management, its innovative portfolio of products and services on all aspects of the technical operation of the network, geo-data-based information processing and the counter being. With more than 630 qualified employees in the fields of development, distribution, manufacturing, project management and administration, the IDS Group achieved consolidated sales of about 90 million in 2012.

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