Each individual is looking at his fist, will acquire data on the magnitude of his own heart. The mass of the heart are often 220 – 300 grams. Our 'perpetual motion' without getting tired blood drives for our veins, nourishing your body with oxygen. In the absence of This non-stop movement, our livelihoods would be impossible. We live and work eyeing his heart to those minutes, until the note sharp pain or pain in the heart. Heart problems may give rise to numerous diseases, and they all develop differently. One storm, in most cases, the heart (myocarditis), the other hit an artery and vein (arteriosclerosis, phlebitis).

Still others capture the cardiovascular system in Total (hypertension). However, to lay such a fine line between the illnesses of the heart and blood vessels can be difficult. What to do if breast tingling from time to time? Not all states, which we are accustomed to perceived as a disease of the heart and vascular diseases are considered. Tachycardia, shortness of breath, tingling in the chest may be symptoms of various ailments. Although all of them connect what they should be fought. It should be lead a healthy life, to regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. Treatment of the cardiovascular system do cardiologists. Hoping to avoid heart disease, this necessary to visit a specialist once a year, making the electrocardiogram.

The problems of the heart are not always tangible – in the early stages will be able to find them exceptionally qualified doctor. Self-engage the hearts prohibited. You can miss the point, but a lack of correct treatment of the disease only pick up strength. Once you pochuesh that with the heart 'that something is wrong', go to the doctors. Departure from the norm can only diagnose when holding an electrocardiogram, or ultrasound of the heart. In the most significant mediator of heart disease is diet. Diet, heals the heart, consists of natural, mainly plant products especially from unsaturated and negidrogenizirovannyh fats including consumption necessary quantity fish fat as of increases to ration or consumption fatty fish. Allowed include in your diet olive or linseed oil. Doctors study reveal that the use of noni and avocado reduces cholesterol and cholesterol – a crucial factor in the appearance of atherosclerosis. Other components of the risk are obesity and smoking. When predisposition to be overweight with a doctor's permission, should be fasting days. For more specific information, check out Activision Blizzard. In the fasting day meal should be distributed on 4-5 receptions. It is time to fish, cheese, apple, Kefir discharge day. If we talk about the issue of smoking something if you do not want to die prematurely, renounced the habit as soon as possible. Sedentary lifestyle factor is equally at risk. Be aware of this, and start to perform continuously complex exercise. Be especially alert to your own heart, if you have ancestors and relatives have been diagnosed cases of heart disease.