Academy Award For Artists Of RCTV

Ceremony by mass of the Academy Award for artists of RCTV. If you are reading and are coordinating a mass ceremony of the Oscar statuette to the Academy, will award to the artists and the production made on May 27, 2007 the last kick of the channel coup in where they observed the most diverse faces of tragedy, spite, with the mucus loose, impotence and among others, such as fiber drawing his last performance and represent the dramatization of a disgrace to come the entire planet, as taken from the film Armageddon , where an extreme magnitude asteroid would collide with the earth and blot out all humanity from the face of the globe, if I belonged to the panel of critics give awards so precious, I swear I would grant up to 10 this colossal statues Farewell super production ever seen ever in the history of the Mecca of film, which only seeks to touch the deepest feelings of the various differentiated unwary, who were mesmerized by the rays cathode and subliminal messages with the sole objective of these come out to express violently for no reason and smear the image of our Bolivarian process in different global scenario. But I swear in the next hours to this entire cast of fascist liars mask them imperialistic fall, when the signal becomes again be seen by Venezuelans in cable technology and is where the people were wondering what happened? Why go back? Does the government had not closed? Why lie and continue to lie? Tell the truth by God, because you no one closed the canal, just denied again renew the concession of radio public domain where the state is sovereign to decide to whom or has not been renewed. So Mr RCTV executives, not to continue with their policies embasuradas and if you love both the nation's north, because hell do not they go and a television mounted in place, as traitors to the land of Bolivar, must live under shadow the beast. And if they continue the attack on our sovereignty or our interests when setting its signal cable again, I assure you that the Bolivarian government keep her pulse to draw his sword and take more drastic action.

Venezuela takes control now. Mr. Omar R. Camargo Cordero "If any country, to come out to defend carajoooo"