Communication Process

Most components of the communication process have the ability to create disturbance, and therefore, affect the goal to communicate perfectly. The distortions depend primarily-psychological state transmitter and receiver, the channel used and the type of encryption. For example if the channel coding used are oral language through face to face communication of the message then the success depends largely on how they handle the sender’s facial expression, tone of voice, etc. and his see these depend largely on the psychological state of the issuer. If you want to get a group of individuals the need to immediately undertake a task as the fate of the company depends on the completion of this task and it is transmitted to the receiver in a tone of voice and facial expression or body not show the urgency and gravity of the case then the receiver can immediately deduce that the word means a longer time than you tried to convey.

Francisco Marin on this topic indicates that participatory forms of governance and transparency in communication and develop into believing the organizations and their members in a friendly working environment within the overall framework of relations is primary goal achieve the objectives of the organization (company, institution or corporation) effective. The concept of effectiveness of the achievements should be seen in terms of plans or projects of the organization and the scope and quality of outputs (products, goods or services to users or recipients of those shares). However, the role of management is not necessarily restricted to the technical and economic..