Most Popular Gadgets

In terms of innovative devices, this year has been very entertaining and dynamic in terms of the competence of the technological market, this way creates an infinite number of curious Gadgets. The world of technology (and all their network marketing) increasingly is reaching more break barriers of the imagination, creating things that only the imagined in science fiction movies, but that fiction increasingly this losing validity. 1 – Light Touch the top of the list for being an invention of film, it’s a laser projected keyboard, but not as those of us at home who use keys, but that these can be used on any surface in an impressive manner.Developed by Light Blue Optics this device is an interactive projector that turns any surface into a 10-inch touchscreen, this uses a technology called holographic laser projection. 2 iPad polemical invention of Steve Jobs, is a device very similar to the iPod itself, just that in increased proportion, includes many important applications. 3 Plastic Do Logic E-Reader Te imaginas reading your newspapers and favorite magazines from a same device ultraslim as if it were a type of digital glass?. To do this this this invention that is like a single iPad that more slim and has Alliance with more than 300 international newspapers.

4 Microsoft CourierMicrosoft did not stay behind in the competition of tablets, this electronic book offers the same capabilities of the iPad, but unlike this brings two touchscreens and more elegance. 5 – Toshiba Cell TVs this television is the dream 2.0, contains a system that makes changes to visiton 2D to 3D, and combined with your Blue-ray system 3D BDX-3000 without a doubt are going to feel the reality in our eyes. 6 Zyxio Sensawaft this gadget between our devices more curious, since Zyxio company launched a type of microphone than blowing in, achieved that the cursor moves as if you would with a traditional mouse. Very useful for people with disabilities. 7 iPhone 4 the iPhone became revolutionary in the world of mobile phones, and this year 2010 released its version 4, which promises better visual quality, mucha interactivity, as also new interesting applications faster. 8 – Lenovo IdePad U1 Lenovo a bit before Apple announced this interesting model, the IdePad U1, a hybrid between a common notebook and a tablet.It is not more than a notebook can be removed to which the screen very simply and it transforms into a tablet PC. Trying to win a double market in an all in one. 9 – Optimus Tactus Keyboard a keyboard very interesting for not having keys if it is the keyboard does not have a physical surface, everything is transmitted by video and 100% configurable to your needs. 10 Parrot AR Drone this device is a very interesting for our iPhone accessory since the same is controlled 100% by the same through WiFi. A quadricopter type device.A simple toy but very fun to play with our friends, and the good news that the same will your application also for Android as you already have it for iPhone at the Apple Store.