The Paint

Pay attention to the quality of treatment of facial surfaces They bought zagotovok.Na unacceptable traces of the realties of cutting tools: scratches, waves, and snags t.d.Poverhnost obyazatelno should be polished, polishing is not allowed prischem peperek volokon.Takaya grinding leaves traces of abrasive material are not hidden lakom.Takzhene should use return no fillers for repairing defects obrabotki.Neredko market you can find the details with the ends filled in with oil paint ends, ostensibly to keep our best drevesiny.Na actually under the paint very seriously, pryaschut defects. The other question-possible iskrevlenie detaley.Pokoroblennost reversible and can neobratimoy.Neobratimaya Crook- production-distribution brak.Obrativnaya Crook phenomena occurring at the wrong store fragments of the stairs to her montazha.Ona occurs when its opposite ploskostiderevyannogo products take on a different humidity. Click William Hughes Mulligan for additional related pages. For example you can lightly spray the dry side of the water and wrap the product in politelenovuyu plenku.Primerno 2-3 chasapokoroblenost ischezaet.Takzhe can lean product convex side to the battery convex side to the water-filled radiators, but assuring nada closely monitor the process and time to rearrange convex part to heat the place. In all seriously, rodavtsov blank stairs are packed into one politelenovuyu film to not gathering dust and not dampened by hranenii.Raspechatyvat film when you buy should not, through its surface details can be seen quite well. World of stairs and sauna

Repair Of Apartments

You want to repair the apartment? But do not know where to start? On the pages of our magazine we will give you all the necessary advice on repair. Each person has their own idea of comfort: it depends on his aesthetic views profession, age and other factors. In the modern and comfortable accommodation to be created a microclimate that will help preserve and enhance our health, good mood, increase creative activity, and even the preservation of our property: furniture, books, works of art, of clothing, food stocks. Microclimate depends on the air, heat, light and acoustic modes. Huge value for comfort and also has interior decoration. The extent of human exposure to each of the modes is different, but it should be emphasized that only their cooperation and compliance with the comfort and convenience in an apartment and a fully satisfy physiological needs. At home, where the third of human life, the constant exposure to adverse factors (excessive humidity, or, conversely, dry air, noise, cold or heat, excessive sunlight or constant opacity), even in small doses, affect the health of living.

It is therefore necessary to maintain an optimal level of each of the above modes. School repair our site will help you solve the housing problem in the alteration of the apartment cozy and comfortable. World of hobbies a man! It is large and diverse. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger pursues this goal as well. Before we can open the treasures of the wonderful world of museums and libraries, theaters and concert halls, and inspire passion for the art easel or workbench home studio, the excitement of original collector, stamps, ancient coins, paintings, songbirds, roots or buds. Finally, you call the forest mountains, rivers, hiking trails, meet interesting people. All this will enrich your spiritual world. For even more opinions, read materials from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. You with other eyes look at your house, you have a desire to decorate his new. Yes, and your whole life will be richer, more interesting.

We help to pick up materials to deal with new trends in design and methods of repair. You will find that to repair the apartment with his hands is not so difficult. Doors-accordion: ideal for small kvatir. During the repair kitchen self is necessary to consider that the design must absorb the functionality and aesthetics ernogomichnost. Modern fireplaces, cozy in the house. The demand for fireplaces in Europe remains stable. Now we are there. Salman Behbehani gathered all the information. So when doing home repairs with his own hands and advised roof design overlaps. Making the repairs yourself, will be useful knowledge about the design of the roof. It consists of a load-bearing elements, batten fixing cover and the actual roof. The carrier portion may consist of wooden beams, trusses or prefabricated trusses. build their own advice better to paint window sashes from early morning to the night they are drying. When wallpapering their hands, high-gloss surface of the wall "rougher" went fine sandpaper-fovalnoy – to the new wallpaper is better behaved. The optimum temperature for labels Wallpaper – 18 C. At low temperatures, they long to dry, and when high may come unstuck refurbish furniture polish on their own turpentine – 250 units; alcohol – 150; shellac – 40; linseed oil – 50, alcohol-soap solution – 10; water – 450. Newly plastered wall tile veneer is not less than a month later. We hope our tips on how to make small repairs yourself can help you. After making repairs on their hands is never easy.

Appearance Flooring

Parquet or laminate? That lay in the apartment? Each of these options has the right to life. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mitchel Resnick. But it should be taken into account in the first place that the laminate is a Nonrecoverable coating, but it is easy to lay a new one. Laminate flooring is easy to install cover not low-cost during installation. But the laminate is one major flaw, it's not a natural finish. Parquet, in turn, is a natural and frequently updated coverage.

Laid parquet updated many times during the update process can be carried out toning (change form), more environmentally friendly, has a better view. Parquet laminate will last much longer. If the parquet floor has lost its form, then you need to work hardwood (Scraping, sanding, perhaps toning, varnish and oil) and he will find his lost form, and may acquire a new quality and appearance. Thus we can conclude that the cost of laying parquet higher than the cost of laying laminate, but this cost will justify itself in the process of further exploitation. How to remove parquet flooring from stains and dirt? We all certainly know that the operation may appear on the floor stains and dirt different origin. These spots may substantially impair the appearance of parquet flooring, especially if they are to be seen. 'Fresh' to remove stains easier than the 'old', so do not delay the case in the long box and must immediately begin to remove without losing time.

The methodology of removal depends on the origin of the spot and thus to remove it to use various means to udaleniya.Novye stains can be removed easily than long-standing, so do not delay cleaning hardwood floor tomorrow. Depending on the nature of the stain is better to use various tools to remove them. Stains from fruit, milk, wine, soda, tea, coffee cleaner to remove based soap. Stains from oil, rubber, shoe polish, chocolate, butter removes the usual alcohol or thinner. After removing the stains should be wiped with a wet hardwood floor with a clean cloth. How to care for flooring? Rules for the care of parquet floor a bit, but compliance with these rules will help you maintain the beauty of your hardwood floor for a long time and do not require remediation work (sanding, grinding, filling, painting). It should not be immediately after the coating of parquet lacquer or oil to make and install furniture, and preferably should wait about two weeks. Parquet lacquer takes time not only for drying but also the time to complete the crystallization and respectively for the acquisition of the varnish film of the manufacturer's characteristics (abrasion, impact, etc.). Do not use when cleaning a parquet floor wet vacuum, do not spend cleaning badly wrung cloth as this may lead to swelling of parquet flooring. When cleaning the rooms with parquet vacuum cleaner should be used a special attachment for a vacuum cleaner. You should not walk on the parquet floor in high heels and shoes in general, as it can lead to scratches and dents. The biggest enemy of a hardwood floor in time has not cleaned the floor with sand and women's shoes for 'high heels'. The best home on the parquet floor to walk home in soft slippers, in this case and comfortable for you and your parquet floor. Remember that it is easier and cheaper to care for the literate parquet flooring, parquet than a complex of works. Contaminated sites on the parquet brush away the best solvent or lacquer gasoline. Parquet works

Assess Long-term Thermal Thermal Insulation

In developed countries, plastic foams for over 50 years are used as thermal insulation products in the form of rigid plates. Long-term heat-engineering parameters of plates made of extruded polystyrene (XPS) were improved the evolution of blowing agents (BA). Products made of polystyrene foam without Freon (CFC, HCFC, HFC) to until the end of 1950. XPS did not churn with the addition of Freon CFC-12 as the "eternal", the long-term component which improves thermal performance XPS. It was found that the diffusion rate of CFC-12 from the XPS boards is very low.

At the same time, it became known that the CFC-12 negatively affects the Earth's ozone layer. In the late 1980s. XPS foaming with Freon CFC-12 was replaced by HCFC-142b, which is equivalent to the CFC by thermo-indicators, but less harmful to the ozone layer. It was found that HCFC-142b has a low coefficient of diffusion through a film of polystyrene. As a result, boards XPS, foam that gas, show the same long-term heat-engineering parameters as thermal insulation, foam CFC-12.

Currently, the developing countries of XPS boards produced mainly using HCFC-142b and HCFC-22. These foaming agents while (until 2010) are used for production of boards and XPS in North America. In connection with the prohibition of the use of CFCs HCFC group have developed a variety of substitutes. One of the best alternatives for long-term thermo-indicators in the production of plates XPS was HFC-134a. Freon HFC group does not contain chlorine. They are much less dangerous to the ozone layer and have a small period of life in the atmosphere. In Europe, where a ban on the use of HCFC-agents used for foaming XPS or carbon dioxide (CO2) in its pure form, or CO2 in combination with hydrocarbons, alcohols, etc. Using CO2 to foam – technically difficult task that requires substantial investment in the reconstruction of existing production lines.

Carpet Waterproofing

Feature exploited in the roof that its base should be rigid. Otherwise not be able to maintain the integrity of waterproofing. The base may serve as a concrete screed, which creates the necessary slope for drainage, or decking. Insulation on a roof will experience increased static and dynamic loads, and therefore must have a high compressive strength. In case of insufficient rigidity of insulation on top of it should be cement screed. For unexploited roof rigid base for laying the carpet waterproofing and insulation are not required strict. Therefore, use of soft.

A service for constructing bridges or roof ladders that help distribute the load on its surface. Such roofs are cheaper, but their life is less than that of the exploited. The design of the traditional flat krovliChto need for a reliable flat roof? In the first queue – the optimal design solution. For its implementation it is necessary to choose a reliable type of coverage and quality materials, high-performance, as well as competent performers. Traditional flat roofs consist of a base on which is laid a layer of vapor barrier that protects the insulation from moisture diffused from the premises. Vapor is a fiberglass-reinforced bitumen-polymer membrane or parobarernuyu film, which is placed over the tie, and at the edge of the roof plant on the vertical plane at a height greater than the height of the heater.

Seams are sealed. Vapor barrier over insulation layer is placed, and it – A protective blanket of waterproofing materials on the basis of bitumen. If the heater is used concrete block, it should be done on a cement screed, and then put two coats of waterproof mat. If, however, make an easy roof design does not provide for loading, roof waterproofing fabric glued around the perimeter of the roof. Aerators on krysheKonstruktsiya traditional roof is not always reliable. When tightness vapor barrier in the insulation gets wet.

Classic Wooden House

The classic version of the log-wood house – the structure with self-supporting walls, or, more simply, a wooden frame. These log homes are classic wooden frame. Of course, they are different projects appearance, methods of logging and log technical parameters, but building them on a common pattern: the same flat logs stacked on each other in a horizontal direction at the corners of their associated special vrubkami – peculiar timbered locks. And obtained self-supporting wooden walls. In the corners of a log blockhouse of the future combined with residue and without the rest – these are different methods of logging in the future depending on the trim and siding.

Cutting walls with the remainder of practice for log homes, not sheathed on the outside, cutting the walls without a trace – at the outside wall sheathing. This technology is cutting a log house tradition thousands of years, and the classic wooden frame of the whole logs have always been and will be, despite all the wealth of advanced materials and technologies, their lovers, which is now more and more. Wooden frame holds heat well at the expense of large diameter logs (22 to 35cm), of which by tradition it is folded. Traditionally in Russia to build a house used softwood – pine, spruce and larch. With conventional technology involves the use of mature forest conifers.

Straight trees are selected the same age and size. Wood ate richly and evenly saturated with resin from a very early age of the tree, the wood is saturated with pine resin only well into adulthood. At the same time predominantly saturated its outer layers. On this basis, the use of small-diameter logs is better to use fir, pine as in this case is still not saturated resin and hence less durable. On the other hand, the richness of wood resins may do a disservice, for example, bath or sauna, where the heat and high humidity so the wood begins to 'weep'.

Laying Solid Wood

Laying solid wood – a new birth with new technology. Massive board is likely ancestor of all modern covers of wood flooring. Wooden flooring solid wood arranged long before the the first mentions of the floor. More recently, solid wood just born again in his new application. Board recently was synonymous with the cheap and low quality wood floor in auxiliary buildings, but Today board has found a second birth and returned to the houses and apartments.

With new technology today is solid wood is the elite and environmentally friendly coating. First you need to define clearly what is solid wood (Array). Massive board is nekleenaya, solid board, made of solid wood. Massive board should not be confused with just another cover – a three-layer parquet. Modern solid wood quality differs from its predecessor, the quality and technology, wood drying, manufacturing techniques, and used the original material (precious wood). Modern solid wood along the edges of ridges and grooves is that allows you to dock the floorboards tightly. Massive board today is a throwback to the old wooden floors in a qualitative change in technology. Solid wood flooring also looks great.

Laying solid board. Premises where solid wood is placed, must meet the technical requirements for installing solid wood. Before laying solid wood stacked material (solid wood) to mature in According to the room (kind of acclimatization). Humidity installable solid wood has to be 8-10%. Massive board is placed in the final stages of repair and decoration. Solid wood can be placed on different ways: a floating mode, laying on the joists, laying on the bottom of the draft tree with fastening nails, laying on the bottom of the plywood with screws and fastening on the parquet glue, laying on the joists and plywood laying on adjustable floor and plywood. More reliable basis for laying solid wood, the more durable and easier to operate it. Cost of laying solid wood on plywood base is higher than the laying of such floating way, but believe that these costs are justified. At the final step necessary to scraping and sanding solid wood floor laid. Then make solid wood finish lacquer or oil, you can do tinting the floor. Oil and wax is a new word in the device, a wooden floor, but is gaining popularity with great intensity. Cover oil provides many benefits and bonuses, compared with lacquered. But even in perfectly laid-quality solid wood over time, the gap may appear as this is real wood, which has its own behavior depending on the time and measurements of the microclimate. But in this kind of charm and natural board. The Germans say for example that these signs only underscores the value of the floor of the wood and the more the board. In our country, of course seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity are very important, and the board may be a serious expansion and contraction, this in particular between the stacked sheets of plywood left special expansion joints. But in any case, buying a solid wood, never forget that you are buying natural living tree, which may be different, variations in structure, texture, and cracks. But all the shortcomings of a solid board and its dignity. Massive board is now one of the most popular practical, environmentally friendly and luxury floor coverings made of wood.


Facades of produce, based on aesthetic, technical and economic points of view. Aesthetic aspect is not particularly worth explaining about it speak eloquently unfinished rows of houses in the villages. + With the technical in terms of delay stucco facade on the walls leads to many defects. Precipitation is impregnated with the surface of walls, masonry elements become wet, do not force yourself to wait and trouble arising due to frost. economic aspect. In the wall, especially if it is composed of smaller elements penetrating moisture, which reduces its thermal insulation and heat. The cost of the additional energy expended in heating a home exceeds the cost of performing plastering work.

Damp walls with ledges mold affect change in the composition of air in the room. All defects inside the plaster can also be found in the device outside, but there are errors that are unique to the exterior. 1.Oshtukaturennaya surface often appears inhomogeneously colored, because the facade area is unequal to the surface water absorbing capacity, its plastered different layers in thickness, then plaster and dries unevenly. In order to prevent this defect acting on the surface of the brick wall of reinforced concrete beams cover any item of fired clay roof tiles for example, forming the same on the properties of the brick surface. The same process and outside surfaces of monolithic reinforced concrete bridges.

2. Make a mistake when you do not prepare the surface under plaster. The joints between the bricks do not cut into enough depth, concrete surface is left too smooth, not obespylivajut surface and do not moisturize it at the required level. For untreated surface of the plaster adheres poorly, the deposition of the 'Dutikow' and it falls off large areas. Similar defects are weak on surfaces. With that occur during reconstruction, when the plaster work is being done to old walls or on surfaces that are subjected to long-term effects of frost. Often make mistakes due to incorrect determination of the thickness of plaster. Too thin plaster can not hide the uneven surface of the wall and in contact with it quickly gets wet precipitation, and the facade through her show through the seams between the elements composing. Too thick plaster cracking during solidification. Through the cracks penetrating moisture and under the influence of cold plaster falling off the surface. 3.Oshtukaturivaniyu facade is not conducive to either very hot or very windy weather. Due to very rapid drying of the material shrinkage occur tension cracks, and the solution before reaching the necessary strength. In the crack gets wet, breaking the surface. If the work is carried out in the heat, it is necessary to obscure the plastered wall. 4.Rabotu on surface, which is plastered with one color, you must perform without interruption and to prepare material directly for the amount of work. If the material is not enough for the entire workload, the solution with the exact same make Kohler virtually impossible. As a last resort place of conjugation renders different batches should coincide with the angle of the wall. 5.Shtukaturka completely spoiled, if immediately after the freshly applied surface beats the wind and rain. Later it will not be able to withstand weathering, and the plaster will have to convert ..

Internal Affairs

In winter, a layer helps to remove water vapor migrating from the premises, and thereby prevents moisture insulation. Ventilated air space reduces heat loss, as her temperature about three degrees warmer than the outside air temperature. Ventilated thermal insulation properties Facade help reduce temperature fluctuations in the bearing wall, which reduces the risk of fractures. The construction of the ventilated facade, which meets all the requirements for reliability and durability, using almost half a century of experience in building and renovation of various facilities throughout the territory of Russia, developed and implemented the specialists 'Soyuzmetrospetsstroya'. The system is intended for facade at a distance Wall-to-200 mm in the first place, with slabs of natural stone – the most durable and most have decorative value material. Such a system is facing facade, designed to reduce the cost of facing materials, is a complete Russian analogue of the Western ventilated facades for fixing porcelain and has no analogues in the case when using natural stone.

Mounting on the relative allows operation at positive and negative air temperatures, eliminating the use of mortars and cements. Domestic materials and components used in the system, significantly reducing the cost and duration tiling. The fastening system is extremely simple (which is an advantage) and consists of mortgage details, the vertical guide and horizontal elements. Structural elements are lightweight, easy mounted. After breaking with the standard plugs for wall mounted fixtures. Runners exhibited in the vertical plane over the entire area is coated surfaces are attached to the mortgage galvanized screws M6. Simultaneously with the installation of brackets and a vertical guide, plastic anchors with a stainless steel nail to the wall mounted heater, which is used as: RockWool, mineral wool facade Butts – Hard and dense insulation panels, thickness from 20 to 150 mm, resistant to deformation. They are made on the basis of basalt rock and non-combustible material (fire safety certificate number MTBF, RU-UP 001.V00925, issued 7/8/99, the Fire Protection Research Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs) have low water absorption (by volume not exceeding 1%).