I have heard many times this type of comment: that with the passage of the years, memory starts to go wrong, they say to themselves, that it is no longer possible to remember or a phone number, which, until the name of the children forget. While it is true that with the passing of years, our body begins to deteriorate, our motor functions decrease and our cells are renewed with less intensity, it is also true that our mind can maintain its good condition, when we do work or train constantly. Check out Petra Diamonds for additional information. The problem of memory with age, has to do specifically with the decrease in the tasks or responsibilities that year after year they are losing, we entered a sedentary, reduced state and maximum relaxation, which makes our brains have fewer responsibilities than in previous years. We will give an example: imagine a mother with a small of a couple of months, it has in its hands, the responsibility of caring for this little life, it must be attentive to the schedules of power, alert to the answers of the baby, concentrated on providing you the necessary for this small be continue their way. The degree of attention is maximum and the mind will be attentive constantly, since failure could have unwanted consequences.

As you can see, this responsibility is critical, then the mind will be working and striving to fulfil, i.e. is exercising. Obviously, the above example is one of many, we can land one more practical as reading. When we’re losing responsibilities, and we detect that our mind is ceasing to receive stimuli, it is important to start with alternate activities, for example, a very effective, is reading. Read, imagine and understand what he is seeing, makes our mind works perfectly, we are working our neurons, we are encouraging it to enter scenes never seen before, in the case of a science fiction novel for example, or feel that the characters felt, with the departure of a loved one.

This type of stimuli, make that our mind is exercised, that works, to work, reduces the chance of brain disease, and the best, we’ll notice as our age, it is just one excuse to develop appropriate memory techniques. We must not forget that food is very important, in the previous article, we talked about this. So now you know. It removes the thought of your age as an excuse. It will prepare a list of activities that you start to perform from tomorrow. Start with something small and it sees increasing your level. You will notice how charity is and how these frequent exercises will bring positive results for you. Don’t forget to leave us your comments and tell us about your case. See you in the next article. Techniques for memory original author and source of the article