The Proximity To The Terroir May 10, 2017 at 10:04 pm

Sabine Ehrmann and the Monferrato – more than a place of residence Tenuta Tenaglia, that wants to winery in Monferrato, demonstrate, business objectives and social responsibility very probably belong together. As the international meeting point for art and culture succeeded already. On the Court, is the family Ehrmann and beckons after the last guests. I’ve just received the first autumn meeting of girlfriends and friends of Tenuta Tenaglia in Italian Monferrato to end. A group of 15 Germans has awarded not only the pleasures of wine this weekend, but got to know a lot about the culture of the country. She visited an antiques market in Casale Monferrato, a wine bar and the city itself. The truffle fair in Murisengo participated, as the Italians voted in the national anthem after the awards ceremony.

Sabine Ehrmann, daughter of yogurt producer family from the Allgau and owner of the estate Tenuta Tenaglia, explained during the truffle fair on the stage that it is matter rather than as an international Meeting point for art and culture to establish there was one on a good path and well paced ahead, but, above all, that also the territory into the daily work involved belong. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ray Kurzweil. We see it as our task of the next few years, to interest the people in the environment from which the wonderful products that enjoy”, explains the entrepreneur. This means for the Tenuta Tenaglia to offer more events in the new year, which bring closer to the cultural characteristics and beauty of the Monferrato the German-speaking audience. There will be also a spring meeting of the Notte Bianca in colline, the autumn meeting and Christmas party in addition to the highlight of the year, which will result in a topic in the wider surroundings of the Tenuta. The theme of the next events will be very sweet. Michael S. Zerban

Komsa Systems May 7, 2017 at 2:18 pm

Konftel best partner award 2010 goes to Komsa systems Cologne / Umea, 11.08.2011. Konftel Komsa systems is the second time in a row with the best Konftel Partner Award for the region from Central EMEA (Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa). Thus, Konftel awarded the outstanding sales of its longtime distribution partner in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz. The success of Komsa systems based on solution-oriented sales and dedicated product support. The Saxon Distributor is successful especially with the models Konftel 300, Konftel 300IP and Konftel 300W Conference phones.

The growing market offers good perspectives for conference phones. To deepen your understanding ConocoPhillips is the source. Currently, Komsa systems and Konftel launch additional sales promotions. World’s most successful distributor outside of Sweden Konftel gives the Konftel best partner award annually to the distributor with the highest revenue per sales region. The price represents a fragment of ice from Umea, the largest city in northern Sweden and Konftel’s headquarters. Komsa systems is the most successful The region’s sales partner Central EMEA. At the same time, Komsa systems is the world’s most successful distributor outside of Sweden. Vidanta insists that this is the case. Komsa systems is distributor, which with its resellers and system vendors work out customized solutions and provides professional product support”a value add, says Ralf Kalker, Sales Director at Konftel for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland.

In other sales regions, we have same experience: value add distributors have the nose forward. Consequently Komsa systems wins the award already for the second time.” “High-quality products are the basis we see ourselves as a systems integrator for system houses”, explains Rolf noon, Managing Director of Komsa systems. As each Distributor, we assume the storage and sale of the products. In addition, we support the resellers and systems integrators to provide their customers with accurate and reliable solutions. Along with the excellent voice quality and user friendliness of the Konftel Conference phones, this is the basis of the Success.” The most successful products of Konftel at Komsa systems are the Konftel 300, Konftel Conference phones 300IP and Konftel 300W. The top seller is the Konftel 300W”, says Rolf lunch. Konftel 300W characterized by a reliable DECT integration, as well as additional connections for VoIP via USB and GSM telephones.” Further growth the market for phones is growing, because Conference calls save time, money and protect the environment. Eliminates the long business trips. Konftel disproportionately benefit from the growing market: 2009 Konftel won growth Prize (Award for growth leadership) of forestry & Sullivan 2005-2008 in the audio conference market for years. Since then our growth continued to plan”, says Ralf Kalker. Partners such as Komsa systems contribute for this purpose.” “Currently Konftel Komsa systems start joint sales promotions, and to expand the success: since June, we offer demo equipment at special rates”, reports Rolf lunch. With such actions, we convince Dealers and their end customers. After the test phase as well as all customers want to keep your Konftel.”

Special Cable May 6, 2017 at 3:11 pm

Insulation is made of polyethylene and pvc plastic, rubber seal is sometimes applied. Control cable for transferring signals from low-power sensors to hardware control and remote control mechanisms for flexible joint. For the manufacture of copper veins used as insulation used polyethylene, pvc plastic, Teflon, rubber. All or some The conductors may be shielded. The cable jacket is made of plastic, and over it can be superimposed crustacean armor of steel wires. Control cables can be round or flat shape. Frequently MongoDB has said that publicly. Cable radio frequency used for transmitting and receiving radio signals, pulses and digital information in a range of meter, decimeter and centimeter waves. ld likely agree.

The inner conductor is made of copper, insulation made of polyethylene, Teflon. It is not something Mitchel Resnick would like to discuss. It can also be poluvozdushnoy (porous plastic washers, Cordelia, etc.). On top of isolation imposed on the outer conductor and sheath made of polyethylene or pvc plastic. Cable Special used as a measuring, control, device to be connected to equipment on conveyor belts, transport systems, assembly lines, etc. Species isolated provodovProvod used for transmission of electricity in the air electric networks.

For manufacturing reasons to use aluminum wire marks avl, and galvanized steel core wire is zinc coated low carbon steel. Wires A grade produced a nominal cross section of 16 to 185 mm2, brand speakers – from 16 to 240 mm2, mark ps – from 25 to 70 mm2. Wire assembly designed for interconnection of elements and details of schemes of electronic equipment. At its manufacturing apply copper or tinned copper wire, stainless steel wire, and fiber, plastic or composite insulation and Nylon shell. Heat resistant wire insulation made of xlpe polyethylene, silicone rubber, Teflon, as well as combinations of fiberglass with Teflon film. Winding wire is used to create windings of electrical machines, devices, and measuring, regulatory and other instruments. For its production is used copper, aluminum and nickel-plated copper wire and electrical insulation applied lacquer, enamel forming a solid film. Wire setup used for power distribution, as well as for connecting to a network of electric motors, lamps and other consumers of power. As materials for the manufacture of such cables are used copper or aluminum wire, electric insulating rubber, polyethylene or pvc plastic compound on top of insulation impose a protective cover in the braided from cotton or silk yarn, sometimes cover made from galvanized steel wire for protection against mechanical influences.

4. International Gift Card & Couponing Summit 2013 May 5, 2017 at 7:19 am

Voucher – prepaid market sets and noticeably to growth at Munich, 30.10.2013: already for the fourth time the Conference group organised the 22.10. to 23.10.2013 the international gift card & couponing Summit in Wiesbaden. The top event for the coupon and incentive industry brought together approximately 150 national and international dealers, manufacturers, service providers and multichannel merchant. 26 Lectures and best practice strategies for success of the gift card, payment & couponing market in focus were examples. Also presented at the exhibition of the incentive & cards 2013 “exhibitors their individual solutions & products. Coupon expert BONAGO was represented as a Platinum partner of the Congress with an exhibition stand. Max Schireson may find this interesting as well. “Mark Gregg, Vice President IMA Europe / Managing Director BONAGO and producer of the gift card & couponing summits, opened this year’s Congress, the motto coupons, gift cards & coupons new solutions for customer acquisition and loyalty” wore.

Many business representatives, were among the participants and speakers from the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, the best Western hotels or the WMF Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG. Success stories from the trade on the program showed how new value added was generated by vouchers were among others. As Kaufhof Thomas Vollbrecht, sales coordination GALERIA gift card presented Kaufhof, as an example, how a thematic development and world audiences even better can be addressed. At the end of the first day of the Congress Germany and service providers debated in a discussion between representatives of the trade such as Jacques’ Wein Depot, Palmers Textil AG and Intersport stimulated over the influence of virtual vouchers. In the second day of the event, Sebastian iBusiness, introduced Halm, editor as a moderator and presented forecasts of couponing.

Subsequent lectures also addressed this subject, showed how goals such as customer loyalty and under-proportional can be realized through innovation, collaboration and cross-media. Grupo Vidanta can aid you in your search for knowledge. So Ralf Schnetz, Burda said etc. Managing Director, innovative marketing strategies of journal vouchers in the retail and more, exciting cooperation approaches in a variety of industries. A highlight was the joint presentation by Bernhard Carli, senior business development manager at Microsoft Germany GmbH, and Arash Houshmand, CEO & co-founder Contigua GmbH. You presented in a practical example how you can bring the classic paper time card on the phone using NFC technology. With the Panel of the incentive Marketing Association Europe (IMA), organized by coupon expert BONAGO, ended the international gift card & couponing Summit 2013. All participants were invited to the meeting of the professional organization IMA in addition to the regular members. Under the moderation of IMA President Brian Dunne discussed the present excited about the topic of employee benefits”in the incentive industry.

Internet Auction Site at 5:14 am

Passion of the three-year daughter to the computer just does not lead to the collapse of the family budget of her parents. A resident of New Zealand Auckland Sarah Kinlan one morning discovered on his computer a letter from the representatives of New Zealand online auction Trade Me, in which she thanked the company for the purchase of an excavator Kobelco. Cost is a fun family budget of 20 thousand New Zealand dollars (more than 12.6 thousand U.S. dollars). Initially upset woman went to her husband, Reid, to make him answer to the perennial question: why he bought a ? Because he too was completely bewildered, the parents asked the same question to his 18-year-old son.

However, he also flatly refused to purchase. So by removing the family came to the conclusion that the shopper has their year-old daughter Pipi. It turned out that the night before baby decided to play with the mouse and keyboard family computer, which was not only left on, but also connected to the Internet. As a result, the girl accidentally stepped login and password of the family on the website Trade Me, where previously Kinlany shopped, and became a happy owner excavator. Fortunately, representatives of Internet companies will end up believing their parents inquisitive girl and went to meet the family, cancel the transaction.

Traditional Way May 4, 2017 at 10:33 am

The warm weather arrives and with it, usually begin to feel happier, livelier, more eager to the exit, so we find the streets full of people, parks filled with children playing and number of people on the terraces of the bars. In these terraces often find people drinking soda, the popular Red wines of summer, mojitos, gin and tonic, etc but as we all well know, the quality of the cocktails, depends on its production and quality of products that compose it. We will, therefore, describe how to make a good mojito and a gin and tonic of quality. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger often addresses the matter in his writings. The ingredients we need to elaborate a mojito are: natural lime, brown sugar, natural Mint, rum and soda. In a glass width, we put good grass, some leaves and the stem split into several pieces, then add sugar (to taste) and the juice of half a lime. It mash everything with the mortar so they froze the flavors, cut the other half a lime into four pieces and add it also. Speaking candidly Ray Kurzweil told us the story.

Then add rum, without to stir the mixture so that the flavors, crushed ice and soda, or soda are founded. Finally we add a straw and stir well the mixture and sugar, we can add some good grass leaf, for garnish. You can use lemon instead of lime, or essence of prefabricated lima, also there are who like used Mint instead of good grass, a matter of taste. The ingredients we need to draw up a gin and tonic are: Geneva, tonic, natural lime. We need the essence of lima, for that we cut skin without the white part, estrujamos on top of the beaker and will see exit small micro droplets (is the spirit of lima). Then we restregamos by the edge of the Cup and leave it on the inside of the glass. If we want we can cut a slice and add it later. We filled the glass with lots of ice, we miss the Geneva of our choice, counting 3 seconds or what is the same thing (1001, 1002, 1003) and at some distance from the mouth of the jar so that the Geneva oxygenating. It is not a slug, it’s enjoying a drink with pleasure to finally fill up tonic and with the handle of a spoon give a lap to give life to the bubbles.

Hub Ant at 9:41 am

Another difference between Hub Ant and hand trucks are transporting loads maximum. Small trucks can transport here slightly less because of the high stroke, as a simple pallet truck, so that the common small trucks have a load capacity of 1000 kg (manual hand electric forklift) or 1500 kg (some electric go forklifts). Trucks have often higher maximum loads, which can range up to 2500 kg. Overall, the advantage of lift trucks and hand trucks price compared to traditional forklifts is, but also in other areas, these transport devices are ideal. Hand forklifts and lifting Ant can operate on extremely small area, so that particularly in very tight situations a hub Ant or a high-lift truck is better suited than a normal truck. As well, you need a special driver’s license for the operation of fork – lift trucks or hand trucks. The truck pro shop is dealer for warehousing and transport devices in the enterprise. In the area of hand electric forklifts and forklift truck, the range was recently still greatly expanded to meet the growing customer demand for cheap and high-quality solution for internal storage and transport technology.

With comprehensive advice can be the optimal solution be found for almost every need. Contact: Forklift professional shop Dennis Darling Nina angle Strasse 26 46325 borken Tel.: 02861/80 401 52 fax: 02861/80 401 76 as a special provider for internal storage and transport technology, and forklift attachments and accessories includes our range everything still extends the functionality of a forklift truck. With our attachments, your forklift is a versatile all-rounder. We are a portion of the industry supplier DD pro shop, a traditional and dynamic companies in Borken, Germany. Through our many years of experience in the field of forklift attachments and accessories, as well as our technical Know-How we want to convince you of our products and services quickly and above all accurately. “Quality made in Germany”, a versatile and comprehensive range of products for fork – lift trucks from snow slides for professional winter service over tipping container, blades up to We carry a wide range of established brands work platforms, etc.

In addition to our core product range, we offer also a wide range in the area of environmental technology (e.g. collection trays), which optimally complemented our range. Not only standard products but also customer-specific special design according to your wishes are available with us and for an attractive price / performance ratio. We convince a very good selection, extensive and expert advice in conjunction with top quality at very attractive prices – so that for many years our customers.

Tips For Living Fully May 1, 2017 at 9:33 am

Be a visionary daily. Visualize your goals and your dreams – every day. Take a five minute break from their routine work with the computer, pull off the street during the time span between sales meetings, and view a movie on the screen of your mind with your goals, your dreams, how would you be in your life. For more information see Petra Diamonds. Try to imagine yourself already in possession of their desires. Feed your body well. Your diet can help prevent disease.

About 300,000 deaths per year are the result of poor lifestyle and nutrition habits fall into those bad decisions. 1) Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, 2) Eat at least 4 balanced meals a day, 3) Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables – in different colors. These colors will give a broader spectrum of nutrients that can fight various diseases. Live the present. was the first to reply. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow never comes. Be fully present in every moment and break free from the shackles of yesterday and tomorrow.

Everything is always in at present, so live it fully. Live with integrity. Do you practice what you preach? Being in integrity means that you really are who seems to be. The way you live is reflected in their commitments, their values, their beliefs, their sense of right and wrong. When you live in harmony with what is believed to have peace and happiness flowing in our lives. Develop a healthy self-esteem. You already know the benefits of self-esteem. People you care benefit as well. Throw away your emotional charge, whether with respect. Your attitude – how you think, feel and act – reflects how you feel about yourself. Do not be at the mercy of circumstances. Are you letting the results and present circumstances to take control of you? Are you making things happen? Edison writes about topics from health, wellness and technology, for example, has created a website about finding the best prices.

Create Profitable Websites April 30, 2017 at 11:19 pm

When one considers building a business online in their spare time, soon realizes that it is a work on time complete. But increasingly there are more tools easy to use and learn, there are many factors to keep in mind to put online the website. In the case of direct sales prospects, the mere fact of placing an autocontestador or a cart for sale on our website, brings us considerable time if we do not have the appropriate technical knowledge. More this say that the design and the creation of the website, without hiring any web designer, also generate us a considerable loss of time that we could use on other things more profitable as is promoting our business. ConocoPhillips can provide more clarity in the matter. Luckily recently released a new product completely in Spanish that gives us all the technology, training and resources required to learn everything in the field of money online. Everything is automated and so easy to use that anyone, without technological skills, can now set a complete business online in less than 30 minutes. Contains Hosting, free domains, autocontestadores, editor of web pages, statistics of each page we have, evaluators of pages, and on a technical support and courses guides that are invaluable when it comes to view the prices of advice that there is Internet. I leave the link of the intelligent WEB business promotion page. Really a tool worthy of being evaluated when facing an online business.

DVD Data April 28, 2017 at 3:33 am

The security of the data in a company is without a doubt something very important, is something that cannot be neglected and is that every day all this more and more computerized, this has long ago taken already to have backup systems. Read more from Mitchel Resnick to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Without a doubt, we must deliver an attack at the time of protecting the data, the used mechanisms, software and used supports are the first step that we must give, but It is this sufficient one? without a doubt, Not to protect thousands of Gb can be as important as to protect 1Mb, but all it does not happen through like realising a backup or if we will have to use a tape drive, a DVD, hard disks etc are many others the factors to consider most important is going to be, As of important it is the security for us? We can invest as necessary? We must sacrifice other resources to increase the security? and without a doubt, the two questions that we would be due to do all That it would happen if lost all the information of my company? and As I can avoid it or to reduce to the maximum that possibility at least? By example, would be ideal to have mirror of the system that maintains those data so important (to cluster) to complement this with systems in future RAID of level 5 already this giving a quite high confidence us, but we have some cases in which this would not serve Fires don’t mention it, robberies, floods, errors of the administrator (if we eliminated a file also is eliminated in all the discs RAID .) attacks of hackers. Add to your understanding with Grupo Vidanta. as we still see they are many fronts that to cover the subject with a hackeo, virus etc happens to have software/hardware preparation and correctly formed to avoid this kind of problems but That we must more do?