Subliminal Technology April 16, 2017 at 9:18 am

Subliminal technology, through subliminal messages and subliminal images, is in television, film, software, Internet and maybe on the radio. Subliminal technology has been used to achieve changes in behaviour in the masses. The military have used it since the end of the 1800s. The subliminal programming appears on television as something hidden to normal consciousness and that tends to produce a particular response on the part of the subjects exposed to programming. This response is usually linked to preempt certain products promoted in advertising campaigns.

It should be noted that subliminal advertising is prohibited in United States of America and many other countries. This gives us an idea of its effectiveness. Since by that ban something that doesn’t work? We all know that to pass a law requires a broad debate and extensive research. We ask ourselves then is subliminal advertising as effective to the extent of prohibiting it? From which we can conclude that if the advertising subliminal has been forbidden it is because, it is indeed very effective, to the extent that is required legal protection for individuals in the mass. See more detailed opinions by reading what Eliot Horowitz offers on the topic.. A question that might arise is why is subliminal advertising so effective? The answer is that subliminal technology, used in subliminal advertising, is so effective because jumps the barriers that the mind puts toward everything comes to normal consciousness. Since subliminal technology escapes to the normal scrutiny of consciousness, hence the sub (by below of; in this case below, or out of the ordinary consciousness), then comes direct to the subconscious. And to get directly to the subconscious then it achieves a very fast of mind reprogramming. And this reprogramming has been used for questionable purposes, but this powerful technology can also be used to achieve profound changes in people’s subconscious minds. Grupo Vidanta may help you with your research.

Desired changes, tracked changes. Changes that will bring you to the life you want. For example, if you have limiting beliefs about money, the abundance, living well, etc. This technology can reprogram your mind to turn it into a powerful magnet that attracts everything you want. Each video must be designed for a specific purpose. For example the subliminal videos living in luxury, are designed to reprogram your mind with patterns of extreme wealth, absolute luxury, total opulence, success and exquisite relaxation. These specific videos will make you to be a person who feels comfortable, cheerful and happy living in the midst of luxuries: yachts, mansions, havens, beautiful cars, etc. This is what will form part of your subconscious reality and arriving deep in you, will emerge to your daily life, to your every day life.

PostgresSQL April 15, 2017 at 8:06 am

HGsystem has released a new program: QuickOrder, the first professional free software for the administration of restaurants and pizzerias. The program works through some hardware components: touch screen, printer and wireless handheld computers. The application runs on the operating system Linux (Ubuntu), Windows and Mac. Simplicity and functionality are its characteristics. The program is not only easy to use, but also has a very intuitive graphic, a module for pick up orders at the table with a portable digital assistant use is simple: for example, the waiter takes the order with the handheld, which is sent from the system, simultaneously to the printer in the kitchen and the box.

The program is based on a system of wireless communication (wireless). In addition, with this program you can store any information, from the order of cash, stocks of inventory, can know which waiter serving table. You can keep track of reservations, the status of the tables in the dining room menu. You can add new dishes and drinks. The application records the order and instantly see the management of the premises. Computerize the management of a restaurant, pizzeria and Brewery means not only expedite the work, but also to improve your business. The software was developed with C + +, to improve the efficiency of data processing.

Although almost all software for restaurants are prepared with Java language and the web-based platform. QuickOrder PostgresSQL is used in the database, so it is fast and strong. The application is developed in the same production environment used by Nokia for the award-winning mobile solution. The program is open source license that allows access to the source code.

Biometric Systems Biometric Employee April 14, 2017 at 10:41 pm

In this era of technological change, the business environments grow and grow. For this reason, emerging companies, as well as the veterans, need safety and control, that are accurate and reliable mechanisms. Biometric clocks are suitable devices, which comply with the requirements mentioned above. You may ask: what is a biometric clock? And the answer is very simple: is a device of control of employment assistance, similar to that agujeraban cards, but automatic. It is possible that at some point we saw that traditional assistance controls had some shortcomings, with biometric clocks these shortcomings are things of the past.

Well, a biometric clock is an advanced method of attendance control, but can that thing of biometric still is not very clear. Get more background information with materials from kevin ulrich. Biometric refers to physical qualities or behavior that are specific to each individual. This is best understood with examples, in this way, fingerprints, iris, the retina, the voice, how to talk, how to write or type; they are biometric qualities. Biometric clocks work to receive a biometric quality, that is usually a digital fingerprint. Imagine that an employee arrives at their work site, what is the first thing that makes? Register your attendance. If you have a biometric clock employee goes to this and puts his finger on a reader. The reader sends the recorded information into a spreadsheet, where you post the employee name and your arrival time.

When an employee ends his working day, the process is similar. As you can see, an employee can only give account of its entry and exit. You can not report income or output of a partner, since one fingerprint is something personal and non-transferable. Many cards or access passes had this inscription: personal and non-transferable, but this was not the case. In contrast with biometric clocks this if applied, no matter beliefs about thefts of traces or clones of them: not possible to circumvent to the System. Thanks to biometric systems, and in particular to the biometric locks, it is possible to have better mechanisms of security in business and even in homes.

Buenos Aires at 9:26 am

River Plate took another step toward the scaffold, towards the worst moment in its history. One of the two most popular teams in Argentina, and that most leagues has won (33), yesterday lost 2-0 to the Belgrano in Cordoba in the first match of the promotion to settle what will play next season in the first Division and what in Nacional B (second). Papelon River was completed when three members of the barra brava entered the playing field to reprimand between insults and jostling his players. Learn more at this site: futurist. The match should be suspended for 20 minutes. The Buenos Aires club fans began throwing objects and kick rattan fence separating the stands from the field. See more detailed opinions by reading what Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa offers on the topic..

Cordoba police only wise to call for calm, while the faces of the players from the River, the young majority, show the fright. It was no longer only fear to lose a game but to finish beaten. He was one of the most unpleasant scenes of Argentine football, such that this League is sadly accustomed. Source of the News:: the River takes a step toward the worst moment of its history.

Hardware Software April 13, 2017 at 12:00 am

This topic is of great importance too, once we know the types of computers that exist and we know in broad terms of its capabilities, role according to the needs of the company, industry or end user is necessary to play more the world of computers, were to close the two concepts that make up you ask then because I’ve placed three and they are the HardwareSoftware and Humanware as well this last concept very little headdress is of equal importance that the first two there that has included it this topic then being parts Material logic human in the world of computers. All computers are made up of 3 fundamental concepts: Hardware: according to the dictionary – a set of components that make up the material part of a computer. HardWare are components or material elements of computer, physical parts, which we can see and touch, the computer itself as such in both internal and external components. Software: According to the Dictionary – joint programs, instructions and rules computer to run certain tasks on a computer. SoftWare the software refers to the system, programs, applications, data, and information that works a computer, unlike the previous concept is the intangible part, i.e. that we can not touch, it is only possible to observe them in their role and as a result. HumanWare: The term as such is not in any dictionary expressly, there dare to put it since it is possible to find it on various computer topics and computer documentation. It could be defined as the human factor that is involved in a system. In the field of information systems, it usually refers to the people involved and they range from users, application developers, administrators, operators Etc.De General might say that it is any person who participates in a process whose outcome is a product or service related and focused towards information technology and computing. In this way then knowing the physical concepts of the computer, the logic part is the one that puts into operation and finally the part where we as users please contact taking care of managing the resources of a team of computer will be able to better understand the real purpose of the data processing by today so far left him, in the next post we will drill down to the HardwareWe will discuss the categories that compose it and the role played by each of their units; so as you can see we expected something increasingly more interesting Te hope!

Software For Reading Tarot April 10, 2017 at 4:02 pm

It contains 12 chucks whose interpretation has been carried out by experts and corresponds exactly with a correct reading of the Charter provided as it would be in a physical query, is not a definition of the Charter but a reading where you can answer your queries, so it is currently the software on most full tarot readings tarot. Both in normal position or inverted, Tarot of love v1.0 is able to identify that letter is and give the correct reading according to the situation of the letter for each case and person. 1 General Chuck about love based its reading in the interpretation of 6 cards, past, present and future of the consultant. 2. Consultations on specific questions are served to the letter of the signifier to perform a reading on a specific question, contains 10 consultations on couples, dating, cheating, future relationships, etc 3 – La Consulta of the letter of the day, where you will receive the reading on the day that you consult it, showing results and reading so that you can act accordingly to the reading. 4 Includes book of Tarot, a unique guide to learn the secrets of the arcane, performed by the expert and professional Marcela Cancino, this guide unveiled you masterfully everything that enclose the symbolic Archetypes of the Marseille Tarot. In it you will know since its symbolism to its interpretation. The guide is included in the program and also in EBOOK-PDF version to be able to print and read wherever you want.

The tarot used for Love Tarot deck v1.0 is the Tarot of Marseilles. 5. The help, where you can see how the program works and how to usuarlo. You browser by menu discovering everything you can do with this Tarot Software. 6. It includes a section of websites where you can have access to all the websites that have collaborated and produced the application. All of them stand out on the Internet by the quality and quantity of contents that you can consult free of charge. Articles, guides, esoteric dictionaries, courses and all kinds of information related to the world of the Tarot. Have you calculated how much is worth a call to a professional Tarot reader?

Ramon Sabella Survivor at 4:11 am

In October 1972, an airplane carrying 45 young people, many of them players of a rugby team, crashed in the Cordillera de los Andes. Twelve killed in the fall. The survivors had to endure extreme cold, thirst and hunger among other things. They tried to resist but his hope fell when he heard a radio, that the search had been abandoned. Grupo Vidanta is open to suggestions. It was the 10th day after the accident. They endured very low temperatures (30 degrees below zero at night), avalanches of snow, then anguished by the continuos deaths of his companions, two boys decided to cross the huge mountains to reach Chile.

Thus on December 22, 1972, after having been for 73 days isolated, the world learns that there are 16 survivors. One of them is Ramon Sabella. Then Ramon Sabella was 21 years old, was a student of agricultural engineering and was on the plane for being friend of some components of the rugby team. Today it is an entrepreneur and shares their business with the facet of the speaker, giving lectures around the world. For me, the essence of your message can be summarized in this phrase: after the accident had a passive attitude: we expected to us rescue. The 10th day hear on the radio is leaving search, because we thought that was dead. First reactions were total decay: we suffered, we cry, we feel abandoned after our attitude has changed and we decided to take action. Mitchel Resnick helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. We begin to act to try to save us ourselves.

Our goal: live. (Ramon Sabella) Ramon, what you think it was the key that made that you were one of the survivors? They were many things, mainly the education that I received from my parents, Ramon and Martha. Known as Chiquito made us very independent and encouraged our power of adaptability. I was working and studying. It worked without need, because I liked to do things.

Chinese New April 9, 2017 at 1:02 am

Specific activation of certain brain regions, including some of the centers of pain perception (such as the limbic area and hypothalamus) can be demonstrated in the application of acupuncture. Also in the West are considering new ideas about acupuncture to explain its operation, leaving aside the theory of Chinese medicine.According to this new scientific stream, the needles inserted into specific points of the body makes the brain segregue various types of endorphins in the brain which causes raise the pain threshold and generate us a true welfare State, explaining, in part the because it is a very effective treatment against pain and why it is effective in cases of anxiety and depression assistance. LEGO Papert Professor is open to suggestions. If embargo is still much to investigate, there are still few quality studies that have some scientific weight both in favour and against this therapy, however millions of people around the world ensure their effectiveness. However, it is important to emphasize that acupuncture is fairly safe when applied exclusively by professionals properly trained in this technique, what makes this therapy more difficult (and expensive) apply. Mitchel Resnick often expresses his thoughts on the topic. However new advances in this regard are underway, as for example acupuncture Lifewave patches, designed from modern techniques of nanotechnology, than applied on certain points of acupuncture in the body, perform various functions by raising the quality of life, either by reducing the pain to increasing levels of energy and vitality. Advances in the so-called energy medicines are really spectacular and the coming years will give us pleasant surprises, but today we already functional and useful therapies such as acupuncture and its derivatives, such as the acupressure or Lifewave patches. Speaking candidly Grupo Vidanta told us the story. Daniel Sa original Autor and source of the article.

Standard Definition April 8, 2017 at 8:11 am

Proceed as in the case of the 2D-animation. But usually come simpler or shoot 25p (progressive scan cameras are far more common than 50p), or treated with interlaced video filters 'de-interlace', which, however, reduces vertical sharpness twice. Transfer video: video compression algorithms are very sensitive to a large number of small elements in the image and the horizontal notch edges of moving objects have a thickness of just one line. The screen is filled with small leaves, waving in the wind – a nightmare for mpeg. Approx. Auth. Frame format.

Or aspect ratio – for the plasma is 9h16. When viewing a TV broadcast, 3×4 format, the edges are there black bars. Due to a phenomenon known to time as a CRT phosphor degradation, it does not always go unnoticed. Especially in the first-generation model. Phosphor in these areas remained more 'fresh' in long-term view images 3×4. If you then turn on widescreen image, you may have noticed a higher brightness at the edges of the image. Must either stretch the image horizontally, or cut the band above and below.

In some models, you can change the color unused areas when viewing 3×4 format from black to gray. Advertising tricks. The brightness of the panel. First, it is lower than the brightness of the TV – in the finished product before the panel is a light filter. Secondly, the brightness point, in order to protect the panels, decreases with increasing background area. A single point of light is brighter when she lit one (or in a small area) and a somewhat less bright, white lights if the entire panel. Contrast. Its value depends on how brightly lit room, in short there is a panel. Contrast in a completely dark room and a brightly lit can vary by tens of times. How can that be? Carefully viewed in the store model of interest – because we ultimately are interested in image quality, but not the values of technical parameters. Beaten and unmanaged pixels on the 'plasma' is not allowed, what would we have spoken to shop. Drops of tar. Plasma TVs consume considerably more energy than LCD, as a result of which model is seldom complete without cooling fans. In the store or even at home during the day extra sounds at first and can not notice and then wonder when you watch a movie late at night. Someone did not notice a little boom, and someone annoys even subtle sound flowing air heaters. 'Burnout' phosphor. In recent models TV is not so important as in the first place, the life of the panel is 60,000 hours or more (while the brightness of the phosphor will not go down twice from the original). Nevertheless, there remains the problem of uneven brightness reduction across the screen. Manufacturers are struggling with this in different ways, however, it is difficult to recommend a plasma to display static images. The budget model should pay attention to the graininess – should carefully examine the picture on the screen at this distance, with which you want to watch TV at home. If the grain from this distance is too obvious, it is best to choose a smaller diagonal, or TV higher class – for example, HD-Ready model. The advantages of plasma televisions, of course, more than disadvantages. When choosing the right long it will please the consumer with its bright, juicy picture. * Standard Definition TV (Standard Definition) – 720×576 or 720×480 and higher, 'extended' (Extended Definition) – 853h480.

Buy Fagor Washing Machines April 7, 2017 at 4:02 pm

In the market of sale of washing machines, the brands of different products is a distinct value that often influences the purchase and sale of washing machines. Many of us, at the time of purchasing a product always resort to brands that are known to us and we know about its quality, ensuring peace of mind and confidence to buy them. When we decided to buy washing machines, washing machine Fagor is a brand that we can buy with their eyes closed. Their quality and effectiveness are warranted by their excellent products. The Fagor washing machines, besides being very simple and practical to use, possess a very nice design and systems of protection that will allow you to protect it from the reach of children. On some models of front-loading, washing machines has a door which prevents direct access to the charger and command functions is located in the upper part. In this model, can give you the washing machine Fagor F3712P Panel Mount White 7 kg 1200r.p.m. Has also an interactive LCD display that you can obtain information of all the processes that are being developed once it has switching on the washing machine.

There you can control the duration of the program you selected, how much is missing the end and all the other functions you’ve selected for washing. You can choose between intensive washes for those work clothes or jeans jeans that require a stronger washing. You also have the option of extra linens for rinse and clear hues. And the easy iron that will perform cleaning of garments but generating little shake so that your ironing is less difficult. Other bids that I can provide them for Fagor washing machines, is the Fagor washer load sup. 1 ft-311 this model comes in a small size, very comfortable for departments with little surface or homes without laundry. These washing machine Fagor even though they are smaller load allows a capacity of 5.5 kg of laundry, have Display screen and its spin speed reaches the 1100 rpm. Finally, I also have to offer, as an adjunct for sale of washing machines, dryer Fagor SF70CB condensation 7 kg front load. Check out kevin ulrich for additional information.

This device will allow you perform a perfect drying your clothes without generating excessive wrinkles. To dispose of the REVERSING system, ironing your clothes will be much easier. In addition, this dryer has a stainless steel tanks for a correct location of all your clothes and a large door with opening of 180. Here we come, but many products we have more to offer.